I feel so good today. I sassed my colleague all day long and we kept on teasing each other. I sing and am goofy again and my mom said right when I came back home “damn I suppose you’ve spent a good day sweetheart” and it’s been a while wow! I feel goooooood 🙌🏼

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It's monday. Freshman and seniors alike grumpily step through the halls of the highschool, save for the blonde who had a wide smile on his face and one cup of coffee and one cup of tea in his hands. He walks through the halls, looking for his beloved boyfreind. Once found he places a kiss to his cheek and hands him the cup of tea. "Hey baby." He spoke softly, thinking of how he was going to ask the question on his mind and when.

Ciel was looking at his phone, grumbling to himself and going through his phone lazily, dark circles under his eyes from how tired he was, annoyed he had slept in quite a bit this morning. “Mm.” He grunted in return to Alois, taking the tea and taking a large sip before quietly mumbling his thanks, pulling Alois closer to him and kissing his cheek affectionately. 


Jungkook holding Tae’s V balloon, it was given to him by his fan 

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