I think I may have already asked this…but if you’re writing someone with a mental illness, not for the sake of a pairing, how exactly can one write it out in the least offensive way possible? I mean, if you’re giving a character a mental disorder such as Natalia because it’s loosely claimed in canon, how do I write this? Also, for the sake of someone I know, if there’s attempted suicide, but they stop themselves, would that still be considered offensive, or just a trigger warning? Oh, and if you alter a character’s personality slightly in order to fit the mood of the story, would that be OOC or would that be okay? Am I asking too many questions?

Thanks a whole bunch in advance!

the least offensive way to write someone with a mental illness is if you’ve prepared enough information/research about your chosen mental illless! choose your mental illness wisely- a few conditions your belarus could have are: severe attachment/obsession issues (with the whole obsession with russia thing), absence/silent seizures from a type of epilepsy bc of the whole “staring at objects until the sun went down” thing she has done (these are not the type of seizures where you convulse uncontrollably but instead you stare at things for an incredibly long time but it doesn’t seem like you’re thinking. it’s like your mind was absent during that time), or maybe schizophrenia (this is used VERY OFTEN please research it well and don’t use the hollywood interpretation of it). it’s stated in her wiki that belarus can see ghosts so you can warp that around to have a plot in which she can see the supernatural but no one else can, so she’s diagnosed with some type of mental condition that makes her hallucinate.

ok so i went kinda off track of your point (since you only used belarus as an example) but if you want to write a character having a specific mental disorder, look on their wiki bio and see if any odd details about their personality gives you ideas about a mental illness you could portray. obviously don’t blow up a part of their personality to the extreme to write your mental disorder (and don’t blow up the mental disorder to extremes either, as every disorder affects a person in different ways depending on their personality) and do your research, and you’ll be fine!

for the #suicide thing- many people have stopped themselves from committing suicide so it’s a real-life situation that could happen. just put a trigger warning in your fic description or in the beginning of your story.

lastly, i don’t recommend changing a part of a character’s personality to fit the mood of the story because it throws readers off. however if you do want to change your character’s personality, have some character development in your story! if you’re doing character development just for the sake of changing a part of the character to do an entirely new plot later on, i don’t recommend it at all- just do character development to the point where it seems realistic.

I don’t know if this has already been done, but it’s really irritating when I’m reading a human AU for Hetalia and Germany is older than Italy. Guys. If you did your research, Italy has been a country since around the 6th or so century.Germany has only been on since the 19th.See that age gap? And even if you go with the Holy Roman Empire theory, Holy Rome existed in the 10th or so century.No matter how you look at it, Germany is much younger than Italy. So many people make this mistake that it’s not even funny, so you result in a lot of human AUs with Germany being two or three years older than Italy when it should be the other way around. Research, people, please?

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