“Stones and words cannot be taken back” reads the title of Manuela Ribadeneira’s 2006 participatory art piece. A glass pane, an array of rocks leading to a pile, and an instruction manual on how to throw said stones were placed in an open square a few blocks from the presidential palace in Quito, Ecuador. This intervention encourages the public to break the glass, invoking political engagement with a somewhat open-ended metaphor. Participants hurled rocks at the transparent medium until it shattered and fell, an act of playful resistance with an emphasis on the irreversibility of the action.

Posted by Laura Hillegas
Manuela Ribadeneira (Ecuadorian, born 1966) Piedra y Palabra Suelta No Tienen Vuelta (Thrown Stones and Words Cannot Be Returned), 2006 Courtesy of the artist. Installation photo: Brooke Baldeschwiler

Just got home from spending last night at Sounds Live Feels Live in Cincinatti and it was literally the time of my life.


Michael Fucking Clifford?

Luke wore the striped shirt

Boys said we were the loudest concert of the entire North American show so far

The guitair battle at the end of Castaway

The fact that it was real?¿?

I swear I had a religious experience. Best night of my life. I’ve never been such a fan, and I’ve never been so damn loyal to Michael’s lane.