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2015 highlights (kpop ver.)
  • shinee view comeback
  • shinee
  • namjam’s(rapmon) automatic dick/automatic bitch
  • “what the flower”
  • big bang comeback after 3092341 years
  • seventeen debut
  • ikon debut
  • black nut smtm4 audition 
  • jungkook knows what taste good in busan
  • vernon on smtm4
  • jonghyun’s solo debut
  • jin and taehyungs “kiss” durin trb
  • mino smtm4 audition
  • verbal jint
  • verbal jint memes
  • verbal jint posting his meme
  • woozi and yoongi father n son
  • seungkwan on running man
  • mama 2015 “xf”
  • mama 2015 big bang wins
  • mama 2015 ikon wins
  • mama 2015 in general 
  • 2NE1 AT MAMA 2015
  • seungri on sehun’s lap
  • BTS X GOT7 dance 
  • Seventeen X Monsta X Dance
  • Bom
  • bts goes to six flags…jhope dies
  • bts watches porn
  • ex..EXO member Tao debut
  • Luhan’s Lu
  • EXO Sehun 19+ V app video
  • Jhope 1 Verse release (mixtape!!!!)
  • Zico Gallery album
  • Red Velvet Dum Dum
  • Unpretty Rapstar 2015
  • Yezi 
  • Hyorin on Unpretty Rapstar
  • Basick smtm4
  • Jay Park, Cha Cha, Beenzino, and Stefanie #EXPOSED
  • Yoon Mirae mv
  • GOT7 glow up 
  • yoongi priest
  • SNSD You Think
  • mamamoo
  • 9Muses
  • Girls Generation
  • The Ark debut
  • G Friend Debut
  • Oh My Girl debut 
  • DAY6 debut 
  • Day6 Jae tweets
  • N. Flying debut
  • Monsta X debut
  • UP10TION debut
  • Bastarz debut
  • CLC debut
  • MyB debut
  • TWICE debut
  • BAP Comeback
  • BAP Comeback Stage
  • BAP
  • lotto by vernon
  • Psy Daddy
  • SNSD Comeback
  • RaNia new member Alex Reid
  • EXO
  • Anda Touch
  • Got7 Yugyeom in Dallas TX
  • FX Amber said the dress was black and blue
  • Super Junior comeback
  • “play your own race”
  • ken flips off ravi

if ya got anymore, feel free to add


61 days till the IB exams // fml, how do the days go so quickly?

on a one week break atm (well needed) and mocks are coming soon (12 days). got quite a bit done at a cuuute café with the cutie ( @iblikewtf ) to the left ☕️💕

so. in about twenty four hours we got

  • tom cavanaugh praising the writers for not dwelling on the will they/won’t they dyamic, thous supporting westallen 100%
  • grant no-chill-friendly gustin retweeting captain orlando jones “say snowbarry again. i dare you, i double dare you motherfucker”
  • a twitter trend
  • a gorgeous picture of grant and candice hugging, clearly different from the other 2 picture we got, that were strickly similar for a reason
  • a tremendous, horrible joke that 1) got us excited 2) got us angry, REAL angry 3) made everyone laugh because the writers have no chill either. and if you have yet to recover from the joke: they made all of this mess making us believe it was control damaging… just to make it into a big ass joke, because the ship war on the flash it’s so useless even them don’t care about the usual will they/won’t they media praising

westallen is strong in us and them, young padawans