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I’m sure nobody cares about this while our dashes are full of a very distracting Whitecaps game, (honestly I almost forgot to post it) but here it is anyway.      List #15 covers Captain Swans fics that were written or updated between 9/10-9/16. As always if I missed something feel free to let me know and I’ll add it. Happy reading! The authors and artists would love a like, reblog and/or comment. ❤️


Stealing Secrets  ch.13  by @itsalostgirlthing

The Rose and Thorn  ch.18  @qqueenofhades

We Can Find a Way  ch. 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  by @asthewheelwills (complete!)

Perfect Fit  ch.19  by @hooklineandswan

Wednesday’s Child  ch.10  ch.11  by @dani-ellie03

Highway to the Danger Zone  ch.1  by @distant-rose

Serendipitous Melody  ch.16  by @killiancygnus

Another Broken Soul  ch.1  by @suwya

MissMatched.com  ch.5  by @lenfaz

Through to the End  ch.7  by @whisperofgrace  (complete!)

The Right Place  ch.9  ch.10  by @jarienn972

Through the Hat  ch.10  by @ashar663 

The Promise  ch.6  by @flslp87

If Looks Could Kill  ch.27  by @wellhellotragic

The Reason  ch.13  by @xemmaloveskillianx

Frozen in Darkness  ch.4  by @tomeandflickcorner


I Thee Wed  ch.6  ch.7  by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived  ch.3  by @thegladelf

Echoing Souls  ch.3  by @like-waves-on-the-beach

The Graceful Path  ch.6  ch.7  by @unfolded73

Tripping Over the Blue Line  ch.9  ch.10  ch.11  by @welllpthisishappening

Nuuk  ch.6  ch.7  by @wellhellotragic

Part of the Narrative  ch.3  by @emmaswanchoosesyou

Family Ties  ch.3  by @a-winterprince

Not in the Game Plan  ch.7  ch.8  by @onthecyberseas

Drowning is too Late to Learn  ch.7  ch.8  by @accio-ambition

A Wing and a Prayer  ch.7  ch.8  by @xhookswenchx

Waiting For the Moonrise  ch.4  by @lifeinahole27

       —Art  by @clockadile

The Long Way Home  ch.4  by @pocket-anon

To Everything a Season  ch.4  by @icecubelotr44

     —Image set  by @optomisticgirl

     —Image set  by @ab-normality

If the Stars Align  ch.4  by @swanslieutenant

     —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

Model Behavior  ch.4  by @shippingtheswann

      —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

When the Tide Turns  ch.4  by @trueloveseyeroll

Heathens  ch.4  by @mahstatins

Assassin’s Creed: Misthaven  ch.4  by @delightfully-difficult-pirate

       —Art  by @cocohook38

One Shots

Stranger on the Ground  by @evil–isnt–born

Straight as a Arrow  by @nightships

Play the Game  by @lifeinahole27

Anything  part 2  by @artistic-writer

A Part of Something  by @laschatzi

Fluffy Anniversary Smut  by @initiala

Accidental Eavesdropping  by @lillpon (daemon series)

Prompt  Prompt  Prompt  Prompt   by @thesschesthair

Evil Queens Curse  part 1  by @xhookswenchx and @gusenitsaa

Sharpening This Hook  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

The Swan Princess  by @xemmaloveskillianx

Playing Footy  by @alexandralyman

anonymous asked:

is it too late to send in happy headcanons? oh well. so they all miss earth music desperately. well they somehow manage to find some (either bc pidge elite hacker skills or at some space mall) and its like full of pop music from the 70s and 80s so they hook it up to the pa system in the castle and spend the entire day sliding around the in their socks scream singing along and dancing to stuff like "dancing queen", "i will survive" and "eye of the tiger"

anon it’s never too late for happy voltron things thank you!! :,D And yes very good this sounds amazing. I’m sure either Pidge or Hunk could rig up something on their own, but I also think it’s really funny if that one Earth fan shop was like “ah yes we have the latest in Earth entertainment” and it’s just a speaker system that only plays songs from decades ago

Please tell me Keith and Shiro sing a duet of Highway to the Danger Zone while they air guitar 

Headcanon: Tracer loves the movie Top Gun; so much so that she fought the Overwatch brass tooth and nail to install a sound system in The Slipstream so she could blare Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” during the test flight. She was downright ecstatic when they okayed it.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.

Oh, man. SO HOT. I woke up to a nasty thunderstorm, so I decided to head back to bed and take my chances after work.

Still pretty nasty at 7pm. Probably even worse this evening than some of the humid mornings lately. I was proud of the fact I was close to my 6:15 goal through 4 miles, but I could tell I was on a highway to the danger zone if I kept it up. Backed off the pace even though that 6:08 was a nice split.

So I’m bummed all my tempo runs lately have been slow or reduced. Can’t do much about the weather except put in my best effort and hope it’s enough once the fall rolls around.

You’ll never know what you can do,
Until you get it up as high as you can go.
Out along the edges, always where I burn to be
The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity
Highway to the danger zone

- Danger Zone   

Gift for @saberghatz
I wanted to say thank you for being so supportive and, most importantly, happy birthday!

Ghatz © - Saberghatz || Art © - SnootSnooter
Please do not edit/re-upload on other sites without proper credit & source

Highway to the Danger Zone - Prologue (1/8)

Notes: Okay, I’ve been wanting to do this fic for a long ass time. Like I think I told Laura of my interest to do a Top Gun AU back in like April. This is more of a Crossover than a rendition of Top Gun though. If you haven’t seen the movie, you don’t really need to but I will stress that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not seeing it because it’s the best goddamn Tom Cruise movie in existence and it’s so quotable. SO QUOTABLE. Anyway, thanks to the wonderful @welllpthisishappening​ for listening to me and reading all of my text. You are the light of my life. I have really no beta for this so all mistakes are my own.
Summary: The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. It’s a true accomplishment for any pilot to be chosen to be sent there to train; a true badge of honor.

For pilot Killian “Hook” Jones, it’s more than that. Killian comes from a family of renown navy pilots. His older brother Liam “Jewel” Jones was once the navy’s best pilot until he disappeared during a classified dog fight in which no one knows what happened except Liam’s wingmen Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Tom “Iceman” Kazanski - two instructors at the school who only participate in the final element of the training. When Killian is sent to the school alongside his RIO Robin “Hood” Locksley, he is given a chance to finally confront Maverick and Iceman about what happened to his brother, only his reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put him at odds with pilots and instructors alike. 

But Killian isn’t only competing to be the top fight pilot and discover what happened to Liam, he’s also fighting for the attention of his beautiful fellow pilot Emma “Swan” Nolan, a cool and collected pilot who is having none of his nonsense.
Rating: T+
Chapters: Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven
Word Count: 6,500+
Tagged: @kmomof4​, @teamhook​ 

Killian Jones didn’t have a lot of constants in his life except for his older brother Liam. His mother Elizabeth had been diagnosed with primary fallopian tube cancer when Killian was four years old and spent most of her time in a hospital bed or a wheelchair than raising him. His father Brennan had been naval aviator on the USS Hornet and spent more time on a naval carrier in the middle of the ocean than he did home. When Elizabeth found out that Brennan had been stepping out on her and fathered a child with an eighteen-year old girl in Honolulu, she divorced him and Killian saw him even less. When they moved in with Elizabeth’s sister Keegan in Montana three years after the divorce and Killian didn’t remember seeing Brennan after that.

His brother was the only warmth that Killian had truly known. Elizabeth had been too sick to hold Killian, much less love him. Aunt Keegan, a former nun who little patience for children, had left Liam and Killian to their own devices but would occasionally snip at them for being too loud or too messy. Her house, just like her, was felt a museum - cold, beautiful and you weren’t allowed to touch anything. Liam, who had been five years Killian’s senior, had been more of a father than a brother to him. He made Killian’s lunches, corrected his homework and bought his clothes. Instead of playing football like he always wanted to, Liam got a job at the local gas station and worked long hours after school to make sure that there was food on the table and Killian had new clothes to wear to school while Aunt Keegan worried about the astronomical size of Elizabeth’s care bills.

No one was surprised when Liam is accepted into the Naval Academy in Annapolis, especially not Killian, but he had felt some resentment towards his brother leaving him in a frigid town with their dying mother and stoic aunt. He never told him this though, just hugged his brother and reminded him to visit once in a while. They exchanged letters throughout Liam’s time at the Academy. Though Killian knew it was bullshit, Liam made the training and the schooling sound like paradise; maybe it was compared to being stuck with your sick mother and left virtually alone to parent your annoying younger brother.

Killian had mixed feelings when Liam decided to become a naval aviator like their father. He knew that if anyone is capable of it Liam was, but the concept of pilots has long been soured by Brennan’s actions and willful absence in his sons’ lives. A part of him sympathized with Liam’s fiancée Elsa; naval pilots didn’t make for the best of husbands. 

Though Liam excelled at being a pilot and if Elsa was to be believed, he flew like he was born to do it.

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Confession: Real talk though? I bought the Origins Edition for both PC & PS4 solely to get the Slipstream skin for Tracer. I couldn't help myself, it looks so badass! The aviator shades, the scarf, it all just screams “badass," and Lena rocks that look so well, unf. I just had to have it! Now, if I could just play her well (lol XP).

- Submitted by erikhowlett.