Headcanon: Tracer loves the movie Top Gun; so much so that she fought the Overwatch brass tooth and nail to install a sound system in The Slipstream so she could blare Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” during the test flight. She was downright ecstatic when they okayed it.

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How 'Top Gun' was a formative part of my childhood

1) Top Gun is my dad’s favorite movie ever.

2) Even 10 year old me knew Tom Cruise had crazy eyes.

3) Back in the day of cassette tape, my father replaced his ‘soundtrack’ tape three times from excessive play.

4) to this day, hearing someone yell the chorus to 'highway to the danger zone’ is not unusual

5) I often have a running track of 'take my breath away’ in my head when writing most love scenes.

6) for years, I had no idea why Meg Ryan wanted Goose to take her to bed. It was the 90s and I was very sheltered.

7) Great Balls of Fire was the best until someone told me about Jerry Lewis

8) My fascination with Kelly McGillis as Charlie should have been a big red flag over the no-hetero, but I was oblivious.

9) I’ve seen Top Gun ten times at the very least.

10) we went to see it in the local theater when I was a teen. We were jazzed, then disappointed to realize they were playing it from a VHS and the audio was horrible.


Star Wars Rebels: highway to the Danger Zone

Confession: Real talk though? I bought the Origins Edition for both PC & PS4 solely to get the Slipstream skin for Tracer. I couldn't help myself, it looks so badass! The aviator shades, the scarf, it all just screams “badass," and Lena rocks that look so well, unf. I just had to have it! Now, if I could just play her well (lol XP).

- Submitted by erikhowlett.

The Danger Zone

Famous musician Kenny Loggins is planning to tour in Beach City alongside his band Blue Sky Riders, and has his old friend Greg help organize the show. Greg, wanting to make his old friend and inspiration happy, takes all precautions to prevent a disaster from happening, even asking Steven and the Crystal Gems to act as bodyguards for Kenny and the band. However, the bodyguard duty distracts them from searching any Gem activity, resulting in a Gem monster attacking right on the day of the show. Will they be able to stop it or will the show be ruined?