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“It’s official. Highway patrolmen are not susceptible to the Jedi Mind Trick.”

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Prison security isn’t a great job, and in most states it comes with basically zero training whatsoever. (Georgia trains guards for four weeks. Highway patrolmen receive 31 weeks of training, by comparison.) Our source recalled, “I worked in General Population, and they gave me six weeks of training and said, ‘There’s your mentor; go and work.’ I had to figure out a lot of stuff alone. The training … they take you and explain what goes on in a prison, tell you the rules, but then when you get there, nobody follows the rules.”

As you might imagine, turnover is incredibly high. In 2011, Florida hired 2,200 new guards … because 1,400 had left during the previous year. Turnover is a problem in prisons all over the country. Hey, quick question: When you think of jobs with shitty pay, no training, and high turnover, what sort of workers do you imagine? Yep! Prisons often wind up filled with kids barely out of high school guarding other kids barely out of high school

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