highway life

Highway Life

It’s bad when the express bus
Has to take the highway
To get me home in Twenty

This commute is more stale
Than the gum on the bottom of those seats
I’ve seen people with crooked faces
Toddlers taking their mom’s phones
Snapping a crotch shot
then looking at me like
“What’s good?! ”

Not this dude

An old lady couldn’t buy a free seat
Ten college kids on their cells
Slaves to the digital age

If only we were more aware
of the real one

More Plains, A drag strip between the valley and at the average elevation of 15,700 feet.! #BRO (Border Roads Organisation), the #architects! Astonishing highway with #breathtaking views.! 😍 On such #Himalayan roads it’s not about the destination, it’s about the RIDE.
⛰🏍💨⛩ 📷 @vinaysinghrajput
Riding on #highways of #Himalayas is good for our soul. For the thrill being scared and excited because it’s one of life’s greatest #freedom to find out who we truly are. By being falling and getting dirty makes us #happy because it makes us feel #alive. It’s one of the greatest stress buster’s because it helps us forget our problems and prepare us for the challenge #life throws upon us every now and then.
And we #ride together for the post-ride #beer. For our #heart and #soul. Cheers and ride on… (at More Plains)

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Numbness (Taehyung)

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Summary: He inhaled deeply, admiring the peaceful quietness of the suburbs of Seoul. Living in the city provided Taehyung an escape from everything; it was nearly impossible to hear his own thoughts at any time of day because of the thriving night life and highways running through the city, something he was more than grateful for. Brash honks and car engines were like reversed saturation levels: the more noise there was outside, the less loud it got inside Taehyung’s mind.

Type: Drabble, angst

Series: BTS as Emotions

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       As cliche as it undoubtedly sounds, it’s been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. She’d been late to wake up,
 her car hadn’t started, Bells was already gone ( punctual as ever ) and by the time Emmie FINALLY
 strides into school, she’s 20 minutes late, vaguely winded, and SOAKED to the bone with the sort
 of soggy chill you can only catch in Forks. As much good as her rain boots, umbrella, and jacket had
 done her, one might imagine she’d just run two and a half miles in little more than a SUNDRESS.

         She’s expecting the halls to be EMPTY, at least, allowing her time to pull her appearance up to
 some higher standard ( what was five more minutes out of class, right ? ) and so EXHALES a HUFF
 when she spots another ——- until her focus sharpens, and she makes out tousled blonde locks.

        ❝ Not in class. I expected more from you, Newton. ❞ the Swan girl CHASTISES, though the
 teasing grin that alights her features displays more amusement that disappointment. Her own locker
 is just down the ROW, quickly unlocked, books extracted …. and a dripping jacket SHOVED in all too
 haphazardly. Door slams, and she SHIVERS in the air conditioned corridor. She hates this place. 

           ❝ ———- y’know, they should just cancel class on account of FLOODING today. I’m like, 90%
  sure Noah ignored by hitchhiking plea when he sailed by the freaking ark. ❞ she grumbles.

An excerpt - (III, the Shrine of the Waters)

There is a motorcycle leaning at a gravelled pull-off spot along the highway. It’s the first thing I notice as I am *suddenly here,* flung out of bright light into a postcard vignette. Motorbike: dusty black, low-slung and old. Mountains. The smell of pine. The road.

I swing my leg across the bike and kick it to life. The highway runs up, into pine forested peaks and I follow.

In the light that washed over me as I shifted from the place [where I had been before], there had been for a bare instant a voice, a knowing. You must go to the Shrine of the Waters, it had said. Go to the Shrine of the Waters and be washed clean.

The [cop] who questioned me had told me that I stank of blood. I don’t think he meant it literally, but rather that it clung to me in a miasmatic cloud. Most of it was mine (ha!), but it didn’t matter. It meant that certain people, certain things could smell it, could track the sorcerous scent as a shark follows shed blood across leagues of open sea.

The pines that lined the road cut the bright midday sun with bands of stark shadow, the highway flashing whiteblack whiteblack white as I climbed. There was no one else, only the sound of my engine echoing from the forested hills, a few clouds in a clear and ringing sky.

At the top of the knob the road ended at a small stone-paved lot in a dappled clearing. Nearby was a single small building clad in mossy cedar that looked the way I imagined a Russian country bathhouse would look, though I had never before visited a Banya in the waking world or here.

I parked my bike and approached the structure. My legs were stiff and the new-healed flesh from my grazing bullet wounds pulled, still tender. (If [my assailants] had been shooting to kill they would have done, I thought. They must not have meant to kill me but they *certainly* wanted me and the skin I wore. I still didn’t know why, or who. But I know I smell of blood).

Warm cederwood, the petrichor of forest. On the far side of the open building, the sound of bubbling water. A set of wooden planked steps led down to a courtyard where a spring burbled forth from smooth stones, into a clear pool. Near the riffle of water there was a single stone column topped by the bronze bust of an ancient stag. I touched my fingers to my forehead and inclined in a slight bow. ‘Hail unto thee, Guardian of the Shrine of the Waters.’ I spoke barely above a whisper, not wanting to disturb the serenity of the boreal clearing.

I dipped my hands in the water, and it was cool enough but not shocking cold. I sat down on the smooth stones and pulled off my scuffed and dusty boots, then the rest of my clothing, folding it all neatly beside the water’s edge. Then there was only me, in this Hame pale and slim and marred by new-healed scars, with spidery runes crawling along my forearms (elhaz-elhaz-elhaz, life and death like the signs that in a foreign land, in a foreign time were marked upon the graves).

I lowered myself into the water, hissing at the sudden shock of cold. Cold water purifies, I thought. Cold and clean like the water given to the dead.

I sat there up to my chest in the spring pool, leaning back against the smooth, sun warmed stones, for a long time. I just sat, and didn’t think of anything, neither past nor future nor trouble, until my body grew hazy and dissolute, the runes on my arms fading almost to nothing. ‘No,’ I thought. 'I like this form, I want to keep it’ and then I steadied and grew solid once again.


Thus was I washed clean in the Shrine of the Waters, clean of the smell of blood, and before I departed I left offerings at the base of the stone pillar for the great stag of the forest with moss-grown horns, the ancient spirit who watches over this place.

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Part 1

  1. Nickname: Maggie (among several others)
  2. Star Sign: Virgo
  3. Time rn: 3:08 pm
  4. Last thing I googled: Movie showtimes for tomorrow
  5. Favorite musical artists: So many I really wouldn’t know how to choose
  6. Song stuck in my head: Life Is A Highway thanks to @scorpion-life and our Disney jam sesh via snapchat :)
  7. Last movie I watched: Mean Girls
  8. Last TV show I watched: New Girl
  9. When did you create your blog: Last summer
  10. Why did you choose your URL?: Because of that DoS dungeon scene that has imprinted itself onto my very soul

Part 2

  1. How tall are you?: 5′7″
  2. Hair color/style: Brown with swoopy emo bangs
  3. Eye color: Brown
  4. Glasses/contacts: Nope
  5. Braces: Those Invisalign retainer thingys because apparrently my first round of braces was unsuccessful in middle school
  6. Fashion style: Very boho when I bother to put forth effort
  7. When were you born: 1991
  8. Siblings?: A little brother
  9. What kind of student were you?: A neurotic one :D
  10. Favorite TV shows: Scorpion duh. Also The Office, That ‘70s Show, Futurama, Parks and Rec
  11. Fav book: Ooh. I think probably the Harry Potter series just because it was so formative for me. But it’s hard to pick.
  12. Fav past-time: Probably fanfic things. It’s what I spend most of my free time doing
  13. Any regrets?: I am a human person so yes
  14. Dream Job: I would have said author, but I need more human interaction every day than that allows for. So counseling :)
  15. Would you like to be married: Someday I think
  16. Would you like to have kids: Yes but at the same time I’d like to be the dorky aunt figure to my friends’ kids. That sounds more fun
  17. Countries you’ve visited: Just the USA 
  18. Scariest Dream: I tend to dream about my loved ones dying, which is maybe not scary but definitely unpleasant
  19. Enemies: Nah, too much work 
  20. bf/gf: I’m in a pretty committed relationship with grad school, but that will be over soon :)

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So sorry cause I want some headcanons that probably no one else wants to hear: I want to hear your version of the worst days that are yet to come for them? The days when they come close to breaking, either individually or as a couple? The obstacles we can't see from this current blissful vantage point, that nonetheless are strewn like litter across the highway of their life together, waiting for impact?

Honest to god this is the most beautifully written question I think I’ve ever gotten. I really hope you’re writing because my word. I kinda want to keep this message. It’s so beautiful. Just re-read it people. It’s wonderful.

RIGHT! Who doesn’t love a bit of angst and fighting?

I can definitely see Robert getting antsy as time goes by. Yes he loves Aaron and he loves Liv and he wants the family but at a certain point all this bull with Liv is gonna get to him. It’s gonna get to Aaron as well but Aaron’s her brother. Robert has no ties to Liv except for Aaron and at what point is it gonna become like he’s fighting a losing battle? He will never win the fight for Aaron when it comes to family and although he accepts that I can (personally) see it becoming too frustrating for him.

Speaking of family- the issues with Chas and Paddy and the rest of the Dingles are never gonna be resolved. Not really. Robert had spent most of his life feeling like he’s not part of a family and as the years go by with Aaron’s family not welcoming him it’s bound to get to him. He’s gonna stop trying. As much as he loves Aaron there’s only so much you can take.

I can see Aaron’s trust issues coming up. Maybe Robert flirts too much with business associates. Maybe he thinks Robert will look elsewhere. Knowing Emmerdale I’m sure that they will throw in some sort of misunderstanding and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Aaron that makes a mistake.

I think trust is gonna be a massive issue with them both. Aaron will never 100% absolutely trust Robert because he’s seen how far Robert can and will go. I think that’s gonna be a factor that causes issues later and could lead to them having massive rows. Robert feeling like crap because Aaron doesn’t trust him will lead to him beginning to feel like it’s not worth it. I think that, that could lead to Robert being incredibly low in a relationship that’s meant to be the world to him.

I think they will row, badly. Something will happen which will lead to a massive argument and Robert being who he is will lash out and use Aaron’s past against him. He’ll immediately freeze as soon as the words are out of his mouth but then it’s too late. They’re out there. Aaron will feel sick to know that Robert still thinks these things, Robert will feel sick because he let temper get the better of him and he hurt him. That’ll be a very low point because not only will Aaron be pissed and hurt but the entire family will be against Robert.

I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for but those are the things I can see leading to dark days with them. Bar cheating of course :)