highway life


Nevada State Route 375 (The Extraterrestrial Highway)

State Route 375 (SR 375) is a state highway in south-central Nevada in the United States. The highway stretches 98 miles (158 km) from State Route 318 at Crystal Springs northwest to U.S. Route 6 (US 6) at Warm Springs.

The top-secret Area 51 government base is near SR 375 and many travelers have reported UFO observations and other strange alien activity along this road. Such stories prompted the state to officially designate the route as the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996. 

In 1989, an engineer named Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on alien spaceships and to have viewed saucer test flights in Tikaboo Valley, telling his story to a Las Vegas television station which was subsequently broadcast as an exclusive report. By the 1990s, stories of the top-secret U.S. government base at Area 51 had become mainstream, and many books and personal accounts had been published regarding extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien activity in the region surrounding Groom Lake. Rachel, being the closest settlement to the restricted facility, attracted people in search of UFOs and alien life. (x)

Highway Life

It’s bad when the express bus
Has to take the highway
To get me home in Twenty

This commute is more stale
Than the gum on the bottom of those seats
I’ve seen people with crooked faces
Toddlers taking their mom’s phones
Snapping a crotch shot
then looking at me like
“What’s good?! ”

Not this dude

An old lady couldn’t buy a free seat
Ten college kids on their cells
Slaves to the digital age

If only we were more aware
of the real one

Life is an adventure. Of course most real adventures end in premature death, crippling injuries, and tragic loss. As well as emotional trauma and distress, PTSD, lingering phobias and the occasional random panic attack. Plus possible financial ruin, societal ridicule, and questions as to the extent of your intelligence and common sense. But hey, not boring at least

All the nights we spend talking seems so surreal in the sense, too good to be true. Someone so startling just comes along by coincidence and literally occupies your thoughts, day in and day out. In your dreams, you can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination, it’s that good. This moment is that special.

But nothing lasts forever as they say. So why not make the time we have worthwhile? That is if you are willing to on this adventure together. Let’s live the highway life; carefree.

Tell me something personal; tell me something you wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. Tell me things you dream of, tell me what you think about day and night. The intimacy of the words and thoughts put on paper is far more valuable that of any other kind to me. Like a tattoo, permanent and sealed.

The hindrance of not knowing where we stand exasperates me. So tell me. I need to know. Will you be with me through this journey? I don’t want to say that we could have been, I don’t want to regret and I don’t want to hold on to just one moment. I want to make you smile, because it makes my day that much better. There’s never been someone like you, there will be no one like you. 

I would never let you down. Just know that I’m yours to keep.