highway act


“Fuck you.”

“Fair enough…”

Favorite lines. – Video belongs to the makers of the Highway to Havasu movie.

From Constellations to Fiddler! Looking Back at the Playbill Covers of 2015

Highway's Gonna Be Popular
Mack (iamabagfullofcats) and Sushinfood
Highway's Gonna Be Popular

This sprang up from a Skype call with @sushinfood last week or the week before, during which the idea of Highway singing selected pieces from Wicked came into the discussion. Seeing as the poor pumpkin and cloud have been rather put-upon of late with more than their share of woes, I thought it’d be appropriate for them to have some time to be cute and roustabouting brothers. HALPY AND HIGHWAY ARE PRECIOUS GIFTS AND THE MOST RIDICULOUS GOOBERS AND MY HEART IS BOUND TO THEM NOW.

Highway belongs to Sushi, Halpy belongs to @bluedew12, the song comes from the musical Wicked - this video in particular - and the voices are sushi’s and mine! COLLABORATING WITH HIM IS THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE ENDINGS.

EDIT: New and improved album art by the magnificent @thewitebear! IT’S ADORABLE <3