highway 42


Word Count: 1526

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Suicidal ideation

Series Rewrite Masterlist

A/N: Part 9 to the backstory. Reader is 17 Dean is 21. You do need to read the first part of the Pilot to really grasp this. The rest of the series rewrite, including backstories can be found here. Feedback is welcome! As always! 

“What the hell do you mean she’s missing, Bobby?” Dean freaked out, throwing his bag down at the door. “You know what today is, Bobby how could you let her leave?”

“Well I’m sorry Dean.” Bobby snarked. “But have you ever tried to keep an eye on that girl? The only way anyone could keep her where she doesn’t wanna be is to knock her out! You can’t cuff her! She just picks the lock!”

“I know. I know.” Dean ran his hands down his face. “We need to find her before she does something stupid. Did she take her phone?”

“It ain’t in the house.” Bobby said. “But it ain’t turned on either. I tried it. Straight to voicemail.”

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we have fallen asleep to this album. we have cried millions of tears to this album. we have driven down the highway at 12:42 am to this album. we have had so many moments to this album. we have grown to this album. this album will always be in our hearts, reminding us of the best/worst times of our lives, providing a guiding light to help us keep going. 


Grayson Capps - Highway 42.

Here`s a tune from the new album. Check him out on tour with his new band, The Lost Cause Minstrels. Coming to the East Coast real, real soon! #graysoncapps