You’re the good different, you’re the good strange.

Alice & The Mad Hatter + Moodboard

Things that I associate with the types (by an ISTP)

ESFJ: foreign music, aesthetics, makeup on point, mother figure, olive green, sunlight through trees at sunset, laughing till you can’t breathe

ENFJ: upbeat music, childhood, colorful bedspreads, suntans, bright pink, running around outside all day and coming home still full of energy

ESTJ: organized playlists, pie charts, schedules, greyscale, glass, speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people without faltering

ENTJ: classical music, corkboard, dayplanners, warm greys, leading small teams in difficult situations

ENFP: BUBBLES!!!!!, edm, highlighters and markers, teal, reuniting with old friends and everything being just the same

ESFP: best day of my life on repeat, youtube, pale pink, big cities, always wanting to be around people and yet always feeling alone

ENTP: instrumental music, Pinball machines, go-karting, edgy jokes, winking, coming up with different ways around rules but not acting on them

ESTP: pop rock, large groups of friends, black ripped skinny jeans, dark grey hoodies, glass buildings, running outside at night

ISFJ: Disney soundtracks, sunshine through windows, sundresses, pastel pink, reading a book in a tree at sunrise

INFJ: soft rock, flower crowns, kittens, dresses with combat boots, staying up late having a really deep conversation with a friend

ISTJ: electronic music, computers, film theory, greys and blues, instruction manuals, editing videos till 3 am

INTJ: cultural music, memes, ripped skinny jeans, politics, art, dark blue, a little bit of knowledge on a lot of subjects

INFP: just music, inside jokes, purple, smirks with raised eyebrows, headphones, either being very social or disappearing for months without a trace

ISFP: fairy sounds, mythical?, do you even exist????, literally, I’ve never met one of your kind????, smiles, running through a field of sunflowers

INTP: heavy music, cool af, I want to be you, alone a lot, dark purple, books smart, but not street smart, converse hightops, doing bad in school but you’re really f-ing smart

ISTP: rock music, graffiti, black, combat boots, BASE jumping, doing stupid shit smartly, running around at night with friends, always feeling alone, either really deep or shalow af

Birthday calendar March

1st: Wonho (93) (Monsta X)

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9th: Suga (93) (BTS)

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13th: L (92) (Infinite)

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17th: Changsun (96) (24K)

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18th: Takuya (92) (Cross Gene)

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19th: Hightop (94) (Bigflo)

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20th: Casper (91) (Cross Gene), Sandeul (92) (B1A4), Jeunguk (94) (24K)

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26th: Xiumin (90) (EXO)

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28th: Hoya (91) (Infinite), Jackson (94) (Got7)

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31st: Yongguk (90) (B.A.P)

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