hightop sneaker

So @hopelesslehane got me seriously loving FS!Lexa’s style specifically in the Big City Clexa au because it’s hot and spiffy and studly but not super expensive and fancy 100% of the time. I’m thinking Ashlyn Harris meets Kristen Stewart. Like she rocks v-necks and vests and she’s a big leather jacket hoe and she’s got some of the nicest boots and hightop sneakers. She loves to accessorize, she rocks aviators and snapbacks/beanies/the occasional fedora-type hat (BUT SHE’S NOT A FUCKBOI) and OF COURSE watches. She likes simple necklaces and bracelets. She lets her hair hang loose a lot and somehow it’s always the perfect kind of fashionably unkempt. When she dresses to impress, she’s all sharp slim-fitting suits and skinny ties. She miiight have a motorcycle. 

Like seriously I’m gonna give y’all visuals cuz this style is HOT AF!

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