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For the first time since I left middle school, I went to Geneva without makeup (okay, I have lipstick), a tank top, oversized shorts, and hightop sneakers.

I can’t emphasize enough how I NEVER DRESS LIKE THAT out of my house.
But I only had to move my ass for fencing, and it’s over 25.

Seriously, I tend to always think my outfits out, do my eyebrows, brush my hair. Today is ‘idgaf see you all tomorrow’.

So @hopelesslehane got me seriously loving FS!Lexa’s style specifically in the Big City Clexa au because it’s hot and spiffy and studly but not super expensive and fancy 100% of the time. I’m thinking Ashlyn Harris meets Kristen Stewart. Like she rocks v-necks and vests and she’s a big leather jacket hoe and she’s got some of the nicest boots and hightop sneakers. She loves to accessorize, she rocks aviators and snapbacks/beanies/the occasional fedora-type hat (BUT SHE’S NOT A FUCKBOI) and OF COURSE watches. She likes simple necklaces and bracelets. She lets her hair hang loose a lot and somehow it’s always the perfect kind of fashionably unkempt. When she dresses to impress, she’s all sharp slim-fitting suits and skinny ties. She miiight have a motorcycle. 

Like seriously I’m gonna give y’all visuals cuz this style is HOT AF!

Cozy Up, It’s Winter

5 Style tricks we learned from Olivia Palermo

Last weekend we had our first cold chill on the east coast, making it super obvious we’re not quite wardrobe-ready for the winter yet. So instead of going shopping immediately, we’ve taken a good look at what winter essentials we need now, and decided that street style icon Olivia Palermo has got it all figured out. 

5 Style Tricks We Learned from Olivia Palermo

1) Pick a parka that doubles as a neck warmer.

BCBGeneration Tweed Toggle Coat with Fur Trimmed Hood

2) Leather pants provide some warmth and look pretty damn stylish.

Lucca Couture Faux Leather Pant

3) Leather hightop sneakers make darting from indoors to your next destination warm and dry.

Nike Blazer High Top Sneakers

4) Even though it’s cold, it’s still sunny out there. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses


5) Take all your winter accessories (mitts, ear muffs and scarf) with you in an over-sized carryall bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel

What are you wearing for winter?

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