hightop sneaker

You & Me
  • You: black coffee to go
  • Me: vanilla latte in a mug
  • You: Nike hightops
  • Me: converse sneakers
  • You: math class and long equations
  • Me: literature and analyzing text
  • You: working late hours ~ three jobs
  • Me: carefree afternoons ~ late nights
  • You: an armful of cats
  • Me: a dog in my lap
  • You: a flirt
  • Me: a hopeless romantic
  • You: girls with warm laughs
  • Me: guys with sweet smiles
  • You: a simple hello
  • Me: a shy smile
  • You: love you
  • Me: I'm in love with you
  • You: goodbye
  • Me: no... please

Forest green Converse high tops.  #converse #hightops #allstars #sneakers #baseballboots #plimsolls #sneakerporn #lifeinchucks #chicksinchucks #chucks #chucktaylors #converses #cons #

So… RGB has taken heroes of varying ages… I don’t think TOby was any older than Hero,Dial might have been a teenager or something, given his hightop sneakers, and the others different adults… But Assok is who I’m most concerned about. With his speech patterns and how he doesn’t have his own voice, he needs to “use” others voices to speak… I wonder if he was an infant or a toddler?