fluffy pre-relationship shallura headcanons

- allura pointing out the new galaxies to shiro while after hours in the control room in front of the giant window
- shiro taking her to the decontamination room to show her how rain feels on earth (and then allura chasing him around/throwing trinkets at him to simulate the altean rock showers)
- platonic bed-sharing thats initiated when they both pass out after a long night of strategizing in allura’s room (it just becomes a regular thing and neither of them ever openly question it)
- touching their foreheads together after one of them wakes up from a nightmare, the room is totally silent except for heavy breathing that slowly calms down
- watching lance and keith bickering via the security cameras and lip syncing over it
- allura finding preserved juniberry seeds and shiro helping her grow them
- coran barging in on them sleeping in alluras bed and alluras skin turning bright red as coran quickly hightails it out of there without waiting for an explanation
- pidge doing the same thing after they decide to move their situation to shiro’s room

i didnt know how to end this list, if you have any more ideas, send me an ask!!

(K)Langst where Lance dies. He literally dies, and not in a heroic last stand. He dies needlessly, without purpose. Maybe he was kidnapped and killed by bounty hunters. Maybe he dies in a free accident. Maybe he gets sick. However he goes, the team is left devastated. Blue is devastated. Keith is devastated. 

It’s only when he’s gone do the team realize how much life Lance had provided the team. How his silly and playful attitude empowered them, gave them the sense of hope they needed to keep moving forward. It takes a long time for them to pick up the pieces, for Blue to open herself up to a new Paladin (Allura), but they never manage to put themselves back together completely. 

Skip three years after Lance’s death, when one day Blue starts going all fidgety. She stops communicating with Allura (not that they ever had the strongest bond in the first place). Then she just hightails it out of the Castle, flying to some random planet. 

Blue comes back later that day, but she’s not alone. Climbing out of Blue, looking incredibly confused and exactly as he did three years ago, is Lance. Lance, who smiles at them with the biggest smile before demanding to know what’s going on. And why are they pointing their weapons at him, seriously guys, what the quiznack?! 

Faced with this stranger (because it can’t be Lance, they buried his corpse back on Earth), they lock him in the cellar in a whirl of chaotic emotions. Keith in particular is enraged that someone would impersonate Lance, pretend to be him. The team debates over what to do with this impersonator. Keith half-sarcastically suggests throwing him out the airlock. 

That night, Hunk can’t help but go down to see this Lance impersonator. He sensed something about him, something so so familiar. Lance is overjoyed to see him, if a little miffed because he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He insists that it’s him, it’s Lance, and Hunk, despite himself, wants to believe it’s him. He asks Lance questions, personal stuff only Lance could possibly know. And Lance answers all of his questions. He tells Hunk all about his family, his older sister and brother, his little brother and sister, his mother, his father. He talks about the Garrison, talks about secrets Hunk had only ever told Lance.  

By the end of their talk, Hunk is convinced. Somehow, someway, this is Lance. A DNA test later reconfirms his genetic identity when compared to an older DNA sample of Lance. And with Blue’s behavior, there is no other explanation. It’s Lance, back from the dead. A Lance who doesn’t know he died in the first place. 

Hunk and Coran are overjoyed. Allura and Shiro are more cautiously happy. Pidge is obsessed with finding out how this even happened. Keith alternates between being obsessively overprotective and hovering and avoiding Lance. He’s not sure how to process this. It took him a long, long time for him to sort of bury his feelings regarding Lance’s death, and his revival brings all of that back to the surface. He never actually coped/accepted/healed from it, and seeing Lance again, it brings all of his grief back to the surface, and he’s so angry at himself because why is he sad when his friend has come back? Why is so scared to talk to Lance? 

It’s Lance who comforts him, who gets him to face those feelings, who helps him cope with what happened all those years ago.   

Lance, meanwhile, tries to adjust to his friends being years older than the last time he saw them. Tries to adjust to how everyone is staring at him, as if he’s a ghost who could disappear any minute. To how much time he’s missed, the adventures the team had without him. It’s hard. It’s hard for everyone. The pieces the team managed to put back together fall into shambles once again. But little by little, all of them together, they reassemble, stronger than ever. 

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Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6, Episode 10: The Reunion with Scott and Liam

The reunion scenes were just the best scenes in thi episode. It almost felt like the actors were reuniting with Dylan almost as much as the characters were with Stiles. I love, love, love Scott’s little giggle when he and Stiles hug. And though I’m not a fan of Liam, I enjoyed him in this episode. Best part? The last gif, when they are hightailing it away from Parrish.

This set was a little harder to color because of the blinking hospital lights and then Parrish’s hellhound fire. That said, I still like how it came out.

going on a date hcs;

Hamilsquad fluff with their s/o please? Maybe dates they would go on with each other or just going on an outing in general? - @cookiepixel

boss’ memo : not to be confused with dating hcs

  • alex has got this odd thing where he wants to go to a fancy restaurant and at the same time he is terrified of being in one (the very moment that he steps one foot through the door, he enters Panic Mode–though it may be difficult to tell with how well he hides it, he’ll be sure to let out a breath the moment you leave as well as mumble something along the lines of “thank you i’m done here”)
    • it’s not that he feels underdressed or self-conscious–hercules would never let him out of the house otherwise. he manages to fit and stand out all at once,, it’s a good look for him
      • your presence (as does the presence of the other boys) does comfort him to the extent that he won’t turn and hightail it out of there immediately, but you can still see in the way his eyes will dart from table to table, and how he holds the tension in his shoulders
    • yet, if you ask him how he felt about the whole ordeal, he’d overall summarize it with, “lots of fun but never again”
      • (though he’d expand that into a paragraph of rambling)
      • (which is fine)
    • alex is skilled when it comes to sneaking kisses and touches in public, so you may experience That,,
      • (especially if you’re on a date, ‘cause he likes to see you get playfully angry,,, he won’t go overboard, just enough so he can savor your expression)
  • on dates in general, lafayette tends to be big on complimenting all of you while resting his head on one of his hands. he wants to see you guys all flustered by him! leaving you all blushy and covering your faces and giggling makes him feel powerful in the very best way possible! (he might make an, “i’m too strong” joke, even)
    • laf would honestly rather stay at home, wrapped up in a blanket with you and watching movies and maybe smiling to himself ‘cause he’s kind of watching your cute reactions rather than the movie. he might fumble over his words a bit if you ask him what he thinks so far may end up admitting the truth or giving a compliment to the movie that he actually intended for you,,
      • “laf, what do you think of it so far?”
        “wonderful. i love yo–the movie. i love the movie. the movie is wonderful.”
    • though, if you do go out, he’s the type to excitedly pull you (and, by extension, the others) over to the window of a store if he spots something that reminds him of one of you that he’d like to buy as a gift,, he’s always looking for gifts, and a frequent question from him is, “i saw you looking at [item], do you like it?”
  • hercules loves going on dates !!! he wants to go on every date!! spending time with you always makes him happy, and he usually defaults to taking you to their (the rev set’s) favorite bar.
    • though, if that’s not your style, and you’re the type to stay up all night / willing to do this for him–he really likes going on late night walks. he tends to stick to areas where the shops and restaurants are still open, and you can hear the excited murmuring of others around you.
      • he’s a big fan of the way the streetlights look,, he goes on these walks weekly and would be honored if you tagged along !! (he’s never alone on his outings, as one of you always wants to go with him, sometimes all of you just go on an impromptu date just like that)
      • he doesn’t really buy anything, he just likes enjoying the moment, but if you seem interested in anything, he’s fine with going over and getting something for you if you’d like him to!
    • generally he’s pretty easy-going, so if you’re the type for fancy dates, he won’t actually mind tagging along! (provided its nowhere too noisy !)
      • he really likes holding hands while you’re all walking, though he usually only holds one person’s hand at a time so he can have a free one,, either way, it’s pretty cute how he plays with your hand and rubs his thumb gently over your knuckles, or traces the lines on your palm,,
  • john’s such a nerd,, he moves quietly and enjoys startling alex by popping up behind him while you guys are out. often he gets separated from the group, but he’s always quick to return (usually with some cool thing he saw,, it’s often a small trinket or another notebook to add to his ever growing collection). there’s also a high chance that he’ll bring you back something nice, too!
    • he usually prefers to go on dates that involve more than two of you, as he finds it easier to keep up conversation with more people, and just listening amuses him in general!! he especially loves when everyone gets into playful debates,, (arguing over the superior pasta, discussing the best powerpuff girl, etc)
      • (it’s especially fun when alex pulls out his phone to cite his sources because of course he does)
      • (he finds it difficult to keep up conversation alone, and while he’s fine with comfortable silence, he’s unsure if this makes you uncomfortable or not–if it doesn’t, then dates with him only are perfectly fine)
    • he’s the one who would stargaze on the roof with you, and he’d maybe bring a few snacks,, he’ll mostly be quiet, as he looks up–but if you’d like to point out constellations or talk in general, he’s all fine with that, too!! he’s just basking in the heavens and in your presence (which is also heavenly)
      • (he might nap? oops. it simply means he’s feeling relaxed around you!)
  • majority of your dates are with all of them, and while they take long to organize, they’re always fun!
    • since they’re easiest to organize, sitting in the living room under a blanket and marathoning your shows / movies of choice is the most frequent kind of date that you all go on ! 
If Gavriel knew about Aedion ...

Imagine a world where everything is the same but Gavriel knew about Aedion after his mother died

  • Aedion’s mom was dying, she knew this. And even if the Fae healers tried to help, she wouldn’t be able to survive
  • So she sent a letter to both Gavriel and Evalin
  • When Gavriel got the letter he dropped everything and hightailed his way to Varese
  • When Gavriel got to Varese Aedion’s mother had just died and Aedion thought he was alone in the world.
  • Aedion was allowed to stay in Varese but it would never feel like home, not without her. So he was going to be going to Terrasen, to his cousin Aelin to serve and protect her.
  • Gavriel first laid eyes on his son in a hallway, Aedion was sitting on a chair, his feet not reaching the ground. He was crying because they had just buried his mother and tomorrow he was to set sail to Erelia.
  • Gavriel came up in front of him and knelt, Aedion looked up and stopped crying. Not because he knew who Gavriel was to him, but because it was Gavriel. Gavriel, the warrior his mother told stories to him about.
  • So he stopped crying if only in awe. But he still had tears on his cheek.
  • Gavriel reached out and wiped his tears away.
  • He tells Aedion, his son, gods above, that he is his father. And that he is now here and will protect him
  • Then Gavriel took Aedion into an embrace and held him for a solid 10 minuets. Only breaking apart when the King of Wendlyn came into the hallway.
  • Gavriel shows the King the letter and tells the King everything, all the while holding his son in his arms. 
    • Aedion falls asleep in his fathers arms while Gavriel discusses where Aedion would go. With him or to Terrasen.
  • After debating all night it is decided Aedion would still go to Terrasen, but Gavriel would travel with him and stay with him when he is able to.
  • So for three weeks it is only the two of them on a boat headed to Terrasen.
  • On the boat Gavriel bonds with Aedion even more. 
    • From eating together, to tucking Aedion into bed, to telling him stories. Gavriel teaches him the basics of fighting, teaches him the constellations and shows/plays with him in his lion form.
  • When they finally reach Terrasen Aedion does not want to leave his father, not when he just lost his mother.
  • But Gavriel cannot stay and he tells Aedion he will write to him constantly and will visit as much as possible
  • When Gavriel gets back to Doranell Maeve can tell and sense that he has a son. 
    • He gets whipped so thoroughly he is incapacitated for months.
  • But Maeve will never go after Aedion, not when he is in Terrasen and is so close to Aelin.
  • However when the King of Adarlan kills the royal family Gavriel goes insane. 
    • Especially once he learns there is no magic, that his son fought at Theralis, of Aedion in war camps and fighting for the King of Adarlan. That his son is called the Wolf of the North. That he is called Adarlan’s Whore. 
  • Throughout it all he is still in contact with his son, but it is not as often as it once was.
  • And when Fae are debating to send aid to Terrasen, he is the one who fights for them to the most passionatly.
  • The only reason Aedion doesn’t get snatched by Maeve and that he doesn’t go to his father is because Maeve will not go to Erelia and Gavriel will keep his son as far away from his awful Queen as possible
  • The first time Aedion and Gavriel sees one another in over 10 years is when he goes to Erelia at Maeve’s orders. 
    • And OH MY GOD !!!! That reunion. Its is the most sad and beautiful reunion ever. Rowan and Fenrys had never see Gavriel cry before and Aelin was sure that Aedion would never ever cry either. But they did. And they stayed by each other’s sides for the next week. Talking, catching up, marveling at one another’s presence.
  • And when Maeve cuts Gavriel’s blood bond he feels broken, he has no honor. But he also feels the happiest he has ever felt in years. For the first time he can be with his son without fearing the dreadful Queen he had once served.

I don’t even know why I’m writing about this. Remember that man who I thought was a whale? The one who bought me a bunch of gifts before meeting? Yeah, it didn’t end well. Plus, he was exhausting. These pictures are from an 8-HOUR LONG DATE. And then he wanted me to go back to his place. Not for sex or anything, but just to hang out more. I had plans with my vanilla boyfriend that I was already late for, so I hightailed outta there after he bought me some liquor and gave me my share of gas money. 

Fast forward a week. I tell him I just got fired (false). He tells me he was planning on getting me a credit card with $500 limit. I told him that a cash allowance would be more beneficial to my situation. He said “Okay, so $500?”. I actually laughed out loud. $500?? A month??? And he expects me to be his girlfriend??? Nope. I politely declined and deleted his number. 

He had been sending his family my pictures and telling them he was in love with me. It was so weird, and I’m glad I’m out of that position. Be careful, babes.

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This is really more of a "duck my co-worker". We were working at a custard place and she spit in some guys cup and got fired. The guy talked to the health inspector and the inspector pretty much said. "That girl has done this before, get calls about her a lot." so that was fun to find out. So whenever I see her working someplace I hightail it outta there. Also she is my cousin so it's pretty awkward.


I just thought of this and had to get it out of my head before it vanished


You raised your book higher to hide from the intense stare being thrown your way.

Sitting two tables across from you was Daveed Diggs who’s eyes been glued to you since he entered the coffee shop. Oak and Anthony were with him, sipping on some ice coffees.

You pushed up your glasses, cursing when your book fell from your hands, pushing your ice filled cup over, causing a small ruckus.

Heads turned to you and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. Your cheeks burned even more when you looked up into Daveed’s eyes. Your mouth opened, exhaling a small squeak, and you rushed to grab your book and purse, shoving the book into it, and hightailing out of the coffee shop.


“Wow. Didn’t know you could scare girls off by looking at them.” Oak joked as he watched you run out the door. “Usually they throw themselves at you.”

Anthony pressed his cup to his face, sighing at the coolness. “Maybe it’s because he’s starting at her like she’s his next to kill.”

Daveed sighed loudly. “I was looking at the title of her book,” he defended weakly.

Oak nudged Anthony in his side, smirking. “Yeah. The book.”


Your best friend gave you hell when you came back home and told her the story. After bouncing around, fangirling at your encounter, she dragged you back outside to try to find him.

After checking the coffee shop and the multiple shops near it to see if he lingered, you both stopped at your favorite gelato place to cool off from the summer heat.

You ordered a German Chocolate Cake and Walnut gelato fusion for the both of you-which is absolutely delicious- and sat down. Your best friend went to the bathroom halfway through the frozen treat, leaving you alone.

You pulled out your book from before when she wasn’t back in ten minutes.

Girl must be reapplying makeup,you thought with an eye roll.

The scraping of chair against the floor made you sigh happily. “Finally. Seriously, it’s been thirty minutes. It shouldn’t have taken you-”

You lowered your book, ready to go off on her, only to look wide eyed at a smiling Diggs.

“Reading again?” He asked, his smile growing bigger, happy to grab your attention.

You nodded. Your breath hitched when he leaned forward, only leaving about an inch of space between you two.

He opened his mouth to speak only to have a spoonful of gelato shoved in it. He quickly sat back, grabbing the spoon as he gagged.

“I’m so sorry!” You grabbed some napkins and dabbed at his chin as gelato slid down it. He licked his lips and moaned.

“That.” He pointed to the gelato cup. “That shit is delicious. What is it?” He asked, scooping up another spoonful.

“I-it’s German Chocolate and Walnut, ” you stuttered. Daveed hummed, examining the spoon before his eyes flicked to yours.

“Well, if you don’t run off again, maybe we can come back here again.” He smirked, moving the spoon to your mouth. “As the first of many dates.”

Before you could open your mouth to respond, your best friend leaned over your shoulders. “Of course she would! Now open that mouth and take that gelato like it’s his-”


Today, I fucked up... by not putting the toilet seat down

My dog loves nothing more than sitting on the toilet seat when I’m taking the shower. The other day though I was having some stomach problems and the world was coming out of my ass. As I sat on the commode almost in tears praying for it to be over, I can hear my dog scratching to get in. I lean over to crack the door not only to let him in, but to let some of the nasty smell out.

When I’m finish I reach for toilet paper and find there ain’t none. With a tear in my eye I stand on up, feeling at least 10lbs lighter, and penguin walk across the room to grab some. Next thing I hear is my dumb dog leaping into the toilet and falling down the bowl.

Everything goes slow motion. My Beagle cross is covered in my feces, he’s freaking out ‘cause he done gone wet and stinks. He leaps outta the commode and hightails it outta the room and runs to my sister’s bedroom across the hall.

Now y'all seen dogs when they get wet right? They be shaking and rubbing themselves all on the carpet and up the wall. I hear my sisters hollering and screaming 'cause my dog is spreading my muck all over their sheets, shaking it on their clothes and none of them wanna touch him 'cause he’s filthy. They can only sit back and watch in horror as he ruins everything and tries to leap up at them. You see, my dog is a big old marshmallow and loves to jump up on people.

I’m standing in the bathroom with my junk still out, still needing to wipe, and all the while thinking it might be worth locking the door and climbing out the window to freedom instead of facing my sisters wraths.

TL;DR Beagle cross leaped into the toilet, got covered in my diarrhea, smeared it all around the house, my six sisters gave me hell.

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So Gavin is the fahc danger/threat/what-have-you barometer right like, if hes reacting negatively to any meeting or to some person the fakes are trying to cut a deal with, you know off the cuff that this person is BAD™ news

I mean, even in real life Gavin is one of the most easy going people ive ever seen, nearly nothing shakes him, even ray and lindsay get ruffled quicker than him he’s just that laid back and Golden Boy Gavino over there takes that and makes it an art form. Nothing phases that bitch, firefights, interrogations, blunt force trauma, the Golden boy grins through it all, in anyone’s face, to anyone

So if Gavin’s visibly afraid or nervous or mad, and there’s a marked difference between the occasional play-acting and the real deal, Geoff knows to hightail it the fuck OUT of there

anonymous asked:

You know, sometimes it seems that it can no longer be denied that GA is indeed dating PM, and I try to make peace woth it and read people from the other side. And I immediately hightail back to gillovny haven, because everyone there is such giant jerks! Is being a flaming throbbing asshole a prerequisite to shipping gillorgan?

Lol! I don’t know what’s going on in Gillian’s life right now, but I know that the Gillovny fandom is my happy place even in times like this. At least this mess revealed people true faces and showed me that I have real friends I can count on in here, so I’ll be eternally grateful to Gillovny for that.

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20 aos mckirk pretty please? x

Alone Time

A/N:  While Len and Jim are at Starfleet Academy, they have to decide how they’re going to spend a free weekend – together, or alone?  791 words.

The first free weekend in between quarter terms, when Len and the other cadets can actually leave Starfleet Academy for a full seventy-two hours, he realizes the only plan he wants is some time with no one but himself for company.

He’s barely had a moment alone since he boarded that shuttle and met Jim, after all.  And while he’d probably have thrown over everything and hightailed it back to Georgia without Jim around to make it bearable, Len figures no one can blame him for wanting a break.   Lord knows Jim is probably more than ready for some alone time himself.

Sure, in the weeks leading up to the break, Jim had rambled about heading out to do some rock climbing together – going on about fresh air during the breaks in dialogue at a terrible holofilm they were suffering through at a local movie place (while the other patrons were hissing at them to shut up), or enthusing about the parks with the best trails when he was sprawled, as per usual, on Len’s bed (and wearing Len’s Medical sweatshirt without permission to boot).  

When had Len told him a week or so later he didn’t want to spend his break worrying whether Jim would break his fool neck, Jim had dragged him off to a little bistro they sometimes visited when they were sick of cafeteria food.  Over dinner, he’d rattled off a host of cities on the west coast they could vacation at instead.

Len had left him a note the next day saying he didn’t want anyplace crowded.  So Jim had taken to messaging Len info between classes about sleepy little towns with quiet inns, talking up the area around Monterey all the while Len was trying to study.

“I was thinking I’d head off on my own,” Len had said finally, the night before the break started. 

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Stanuary week 2- Protect!

This is shortly before Stan and Molly get to Oregon in the Mystery Dad au. Someone tries to grab Stan and Molly to collect on some debts, and Stan defends his daughter before hightailing it out of there. 

Based on this little drabble that @thelastspeecher wrote based on a prompt meme number I sent them.

an-inky-host  asked:

A new guest has arrived. A being in a rabbit mask. They say nothing as they stare up at the angry guy, sliding a hand into their satchel. And what does he do? FLING MINI CHOCOLATE-FILLED CROISSANTS UP AT THE GUARDIAN'S FACE. Of course, the spontaneous action is followed by the being hightailing it out of there. Enjoy your soft delights.


The Magicians is coming baaaack and u know what that meeeeansss

I’m here to demand things I wanna see fam

  • Fillory in all its pseudo-Narnia glory
  • Margo getting a real storyline this time round that isn’t based on her relationship with Eliot
  • Alice kicking ass
  • Quentin and Penny’s friendship getting stronger, a.k.a Penny stops threatening to murder Quentin and later saving his life and then calling him a loser immediately afterwards. Like it’s a bit much bro. chill. play some card games. idk but stop hatin
  • The Beast having not necessarily a redemption arc but humanising him, like him and Julia could develop a bond over what they’ve been through
  • Julia can’t get away with just ditching the Brakebills guys at the end of the s1 finale. Like seriously she wasn’t thinking about them at all. Penny & Alice were bleeding out, Eliot and Margo could’ve been dead and she hightailed it outta there with the bad guy. Not. Cool. and I hope they tell her that
  • The Magician King characters!!! hopefully
  • More talking animals that shit is hilarious
  • Eliot x Quentin, Quentin x Alice, Margo x anyone is gold so more of that
  • My kids being happy for a while, I know it won’t last and it shouldn’t, but Quentin especially spends so much time unhappy in the show and books, it’d be nice
  • more.  gotdang.  magic. I want to literally catch those hands bruh

Thanks u for your time watch The Magicians on Syfy this wednesday the 25th January at 9/8c, support this fab show

((Life update!

So this morning my stepdad woke up and said that he’s willing to go to marriage counseling and my mom said the first thing they’d say is ‘stop drinking’ so my mom has given my stepdad 1 chance and if he gives up alcohol for good we’re staying(the alcohol is what makes him so terrible) but if he messes up then we’re outta here!