When Jesus rescues Daryl from the Sanctuary, Daryl is weak and exhausted from mistreatment. Jesus, quick thinker that he is, revs up the nearest available bike and yells, “Daryl, hop on!”

Too grateful, tired, and delirious with adrenaline to object, Daryl wraps his arms around Jesus’ waist and rests his head against his shoulder, ceding control and putting complete faith in his ninja bae. Jesus then proceeds to hightail them both over to the Kingdom, where they meet up with Carol & Morgan, and of course, Ezekiel.

Jesus takes care of Daryl, nursing him back to health with soup, visits to the Kingdom doctor, encouragement to take long naps on soft pillows, and constant vigilance. Once Daryl is patched up and has fully processed the magnitude of what Jesus has done for him, well…let’s just say Jesus receives the best “thank you” EVER.

(And that’s it, that’s the mid-season finale, y'all. BOOM.)

Today, I fucked up... by not putting the toilet seat down

My dog loves nothing more than sitting on the toilet seat when I’m taking the shower. The other day though I was having some stomach problems and the world was coming out of my ass. As I sat on the commode almost in tears praying for it to be over, I can hear my dog scratching to get in. I lean over to crack the door not only to let him in, but to let some of the nasty smell out.

When I’m finish I reach for toilet paper and find there ain’t none. With a tear in my eye I stand on up, feeling at least 10lbs lighter, and penguin walk across the room to grab some. Next thing I hear is my dumb dog leaping into the toilet and falling down the bowl.

Everything goes slow motion. My Beagle cross is covered in my feces, he’s freaking out ‘cause he done gone wet and stinks. He leaps outta the commode and hightails it outta the room and runs to my sister’s bedroom across the hall.

Now y'all seen dogs when they get wet right? They be shaking and rubbing themselves all on the carpet and up the wall. I hear my sisters hollering and screaming 'cause my dog is spreading my muck all over their sheets, shaking it on their clothes and none of them wanna touch him 'cause he’s filthy. They can only sit back and watch in horror as he ruins everything and tries to leap up at them. You see, my dog is a big old marshmallow and loves to jump up on people.

I’m standing in the bathroom with my junk still out, still needing to wipe, and all the while thinking it might be worth locking the door and climbing out the window to freedom instead of facing my sisters wraths.

TL;DR Beagle cross leaped into the toilet, got covered in my diarrhea, smeared it all around the house, my six sisters gave me hell.

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Full sized shot. Alex sandwich. Amie @notmumrn holding her thigh. Me grabbing her hip/ass. Not even sorry. Matt looking like a sad puppy. Best. Photo. Ever.


Elfego Baca and the Frisco Shootout

In the 1880’s Elfego Baca was a deputy sheriff in Soccoro County, New Mexico and was determined to clean up the town of Reserve.  In 1884 a drunk cowboy named Charlie McCarty ambled down the streets of Reserve, shooting up the town, yelling, hooting, and causing a ruckus.  Baca arrested the drunk cowboy, much to the ire of his fellow cowboys.  The cowboys tried to jump Baca, but he deftly fended off the attack, wounding one cowboy in the knee and shooting the horse of another, the horse falling on the cowboy and killing him.

William McCarty was taken into custody and later held for trial.  A very large gang of cowboys attended the trial, all eyeing up Baca with obvious evil intent.  McCarty was fined $5 and released.  Immediately Baca hightailed it out of the courtroom, taking refuge in the house Geronimo Armijo.  Around 40 heavily armed cowboys surrounded the house and opened fire.  Over the next six hours the cowboys fired over 4,000 rounds, eventually disbursing when they ran out of ammunition.  Baca, however, remained unscathed as the house he was taking shelter in had a floor that was lower than ground level, allowing him to take cover.  During the shootout, Baca killed four cowboys and wounded eight others.

After the gunfight, the cowboys turned to the law the get back at Baca, claiming that he had murdered their four fellow comrades in cold blood.  However the townspeople produced the door of Armijo’s house, riddled with 400 bullet holes, proving Baca’s innocence.  Baca would later become sheriff, deputy marshal, and an attorney.  He died in 1945 at the age of 80.

Hey guys,

As a lot of you probably already know, I’ve had some serious financial struggles of late. My parent’s divorce meant my mom would sign off for my sister’s college loans, and my dad for mine, but he signed a mortgage for himself and his third wife instead and his credit no longer helps me to get the loans I need to stay in school and pay my rent. 

My mother, on the other foot, fell so far into debt with her banks and kept it a huge secret from the family, and essentially caused us to default on our mortgage and have to turn over our house to the banks. Because of this, my family is relocating, and my stepfather took a promotion down in Florida, so they are hightailing away from the house with no money from selling. I filed all of these accounts with my school to get a little more financial aid from them, but that aid doesn’t help me to keep living in my house and feeding myself and such. 

I’ve explained the situation to my roommate when I first started having trouble with bills, but because I’m a student it’s hard for me to find steady work here when I’m traveling for holidays and committing time to my studies and extra-curricular activities. She was super cool about it at first, but understandably so, I’ve become a burden on her. I want to hopefully put some money back in her pockets for next semester so I can figure out my own life, and get back on my feet. I need a little help re-couping my deficit, but if each of my followers gave like $3 I’d be there in a day. Please, if you can help to make my christmas wish come true, I’d be eternally grateful. 

If you’re interested in supporting me and helping me, you can click here to go to my gofundme. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. 

Looking for collaborators for two webcomics.  One dedicated lineartist for a reboot of Lightbringer.  My standard is you have to be at least as good as me.   I’ll be illustrating a sister series called Hightail set in the same universe.

The plan is doing a fresh reboot with Lightbringer but the sister series expands the story and universe that we’re telling with LB. 

quick fic #8

In honor of back-to-school season.

Cas expresses a curiosity to see Wal-Mart.  It’s not a bad idea, Dean decides - he needs some clean t-shirts, anyhow.  So he and Cas drive for an hour to the nearest location, only to find that the parking lot is crammed to capacity.  

“Back-to-school season,” Dean mutters darkly.  He’s about to suggest they hightail it out of there and just grab a burger or something when he sees the expression on Cas’s face.  It’s not quite awe, but it’s something close.  He gapes at the families packing their goods into their cars and positively stares at the number of shopping carts.

And yeah.  Shit, yeah, okay, fine, they’ll go into the damn store.  Dean drives to the farthest row in the parking lot and thankfully finds an empty slot.  He parks and follows Cas out of the car.

The store is hell.  Not literally, but it’s close enough to be earth’s equivalent.  There are kids everywhere, and it’s not that Dean’s got anything against them, it’s just that they’re so goddamn loud.  And they’re germy.  He shies away from one particularly germy kid, jostling Cas, who just smiles at him.

“This is wonderful,” he says, running his fingers over a display of towels on sale.  He already has a basket full of shit.  A pink shower pouf is the only thing Dean recognizes.  

“Bud, you gotta raise your standards if this impresses you.”

But Cas is already wandering off, taken by the candy aisle, his hands reaching for anything he finds curious.  Dean shrugs and goes to take care of his own errands.

When he comes back, Cas is nowhere to be found.  He sidesteps a family with three shrieking children, nearly colliding with an old woman.  When he apologizes, she just smiles and says, “You go do what you were going to do, son.”

He finally finds Cas at the heart of the hustle and bustle - the school supplies section.  It’s a mess, but even from a distance, Dean can see that Cas is still touching everything, calm and content amidst the crazy.  

Smiling despite himself, Dean approaches, but stops short at the entrance to the aisle.  He watches Cas get on his tiptoes to reach the last 64-pack of crayons.  His smile is wide and indulgent as he crouches down to hand it to a little girl.  

Dean curls his nails into his palm and walks away.  He has to; it’s all he can do not to grab Cas’s face and kiss him in the middle of Wal-mart.  He browses the snack aisle instead.

Cas finds him five minutes later and says he’s ready to go.  They line up at register 10.  Cas finds himself drawn to the chocolate bars they’ve displayed along the way, and it’s when he’s grabbed five for himself that he chuckles and tells Dean, “This marketing strategy is very effective.”

Dean doesn’t trust himself to speak, so he just grabs Cas’s chocolate-laden hands and directs them to the basket he holds.  

The walk to the Impala seems longer to Dean with the image of Cas’s smile at the back of his mind.  He waits until they’ve tossed their bags into the backseat before shutting the door and stopping Cas from moving away with a hand to his chest.  “Hey, hey,” he says.

Cas raises his eyebrows.  “Yes, Dean?”

And Dean could say something about love, but he’s only just realized it, and it doesn’t seem right to say it in a Wal-mart parking lot.  He leans forward instead and kisses his best friend, long and slow.  

The kiss continues for a while.  Dean finds he can’t get enough of the taste of Cas, and keeps pushing forward until Cas’s back is against the Impala.  Eventually, though, he feels Cas’s mouth twist into a smile.  Dean draws back, but only enough to let Cas speak.  “What’s so funny?” he asks, trying to catch his breath.

“You kissed me at a Wal-mart,” Cas says, his nose wrinkling.

“Just wanted to make it worth the trip,” Dean says, trying for suave but ruining it by blushing.  

Cas smiles, his eyes wondrous.  “It was,” he says, touching Dean’s lips with his fingers.

You know what

I don’t want sexy MariChat. I want PG best friend MariChat. Because this is the only corner of the love square that can.
I want my beautiful dorks chilling and talking about their love. I want Marionette to laugh at chats shitty puns and add a few if her own. I want her to feed him and tell him that she knows ladybug loves him, but not that way.
I want chat to declare that any boy who doesn’t love his best friend back is an idiot. I want Mari to pull out a laser pointer one day and learn that yes, chat is willing to commit to the bit that hard.
I want it to be awkward when he asks her to help fight an akuma, (because he trusts her to do the minimum and then hightail it outta there) but she can’t cause she’s ladybug.
I want them doing homework together in the kitchen while Sabine makes dinner. I want tom and chat going on and on about ladybug, not noticing Mari’s blush only for Sabine to step in and say that she thinks he’s impressive too.
I want alya trying to use Mari to get an interview with chat, by asking her to ask him, and I want Adrien overhearing her say no. I want Adrien to ask Mari if she really knows Chat, if they are really that close. I want him ungodly giddy when she smiles and says “yeah- but don’t tell anyone”.

I want them to love eachother but, “No Tikki/Plagg not like that! God! We’re just friends!”

I want this because these dorks are too in love with eachother to get to know eachother any other way. I want the reveal to be a relief because when they unmask themselves, it turns out that their crush is their best friend. They don’t have to worry about not getting along in real-life because guess what? They already do. They don’t have to “find normal” because “normal” is what it’s anyways been, hanging out, doing homework, eating Sabine’s food, and yeah - now they make out, too. But that’s just another thing they do, not all they do.

That’s what I want. Two kids being friends so when they finally fall into eachother, it’s forever.

Egg on your car is better revenge than egg on your face.

Just happened!

I ran out of eggs & had to walk to the store. I took my dog, cause he likes to walk places with me. I live about 5 blocks from Safeway and one of the town’s main 4 lane roads is between my neighborhood and the shopping center. A few blocks down is an elementary school & the high school is right passed that. Traffic at 3 o'clock sucks.

Anyway, on the walk back I’m crossing the street & I’m 60% through the crosswalk when some wad in a BMW talking on the phone just blows by in front of me from the right. I have to jerk my dog back from getting hit. This asshole still has to stop not even 20 feet away because of the red light ahead & traffic.

So I cross the street, walk a bit closer & huck an egg at his back window, give him the bird then hightail it in to my neighborhood.

Side note: this crosswalk has been a problem the city needs to take care of. They installed flashing lights, but no red. They also never did maintenance when lights or buttons didn’t work.

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HIGHTAIL - Keep Your Ideas Moving

Hey, it’s like “NEW STUFF” week at David Seger dot tumblr com. Or maybe I’m just finally finding a moment to breathe and post these things.

Here’s a video I wrote and directed for Hightail (the file sharing service formerly known as YouSendIt). Starring the great Michael Curran-Dorsano, who surprised me the day we were shooting by revealing himself as a big Channel 101 fan.

like i just wish

that show only watchers could know what Baelish is like in the books

because he’s literally so genial and un-assuming that the only people who suspect he’s up to anything are Tyrion, Varys and Sansa. Everyone else just thinks oh littlefinger. That guy. Yeah he’s good at math and accounts and shit and he’s a bit of a cheeky asshole but nah he’s good man he’s good. He just sits in the corner making one liners and wearing gaudy clothes, what a card.

he didn’t bankrupt the crown through bad book keeping skills, as a lot of show watchers seem to think. that shit was on purpose. He set that house of cards up so that the moment he left it fell to shit. which it did.

And even When everythings falling to shit when he’s already hightailed it to the vale, back in Kings landing Cersei wishes he was back . Would welcome him back to the small council with open arms. Jamie even thinks he would make a good hand lmao.