i like how everyones crying over terezi not getting to force everyone into a d&d game no one was into like have any of u actually played d&d do you know what an unpleasant disaster it would be if they forced themselves through it?? especially if u got two lesbians insistent on rping out their fantasies thru ur game and one guy who is intent on complaining about literally everything and getting his way do you KNOW how godawful that session would be. sorry guys i get the feeling the split was for the best. terezi isnt gonna die because she didnt get to play her baby nerd game

actually the caliborn thing makes me kinda concerned like so far all kid!caliborn has done is talk shit and draw bad anime. (gnawing his own leg off didnt really affect anybody but calliope and god knows their species has a weirdass double mobius fuckery game going on anyway so for now my brain doesnt wanna touch the moral implications of that so im just skimming that for now)

we also know john egbert is capable of beating the shit out of caliborn with no windy powers involved?? like dude this kid isnt all that. hes just not as scary as any of us expected

so what happens to turn caliborn into lord english? see fig. 1: a hater beats the shit out of him just for his bad art and because he was annoying

idk man im just saying maybe john egbert gave lord english a kickstart by way of a hot temper and bad art reviews