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My level of stress has come to the point where I can’t even enjoy my weekend like what’s the point in giving us two days to rest when yOU GIVE US A SHITLOAD OF HOMEWORK TO DO??ITS A weekEND NOT A week-BITCH-FUCK-ME-UP-AGAIN

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I watched 3 episodes of Trollhunters and got bored. But your enthusiastic review has made me reconsider continue it. I just felt that Jim is really bland, like, Gary Stu bland. And all those American-highschool-teenage-problems (having a cruch on the pretty/artistic girl, fighting the school bully, etc) simply made me yawn, and the story of the trolls wasn't exciting enough to make up for it. So, you say it gets better?

I would have too, to be honest, because I felt the same way. A Gary Stu bland protag (like, he was too good of son)/same-‘ol-shit highschool problems/eh-mythical trolls… if I wasn’t using it as background fodder for other things (and a desire to ‘keep hip with the kids’), I probably wouldn’t have continued. I think it started to hook me closer to episode ten.

Actually, last night I was talking to @jayalaw about it and came to the conclusion that I even enjoy it more than Voltron–which I found gimmicky and cheesy but entertaining. On the surface Voltron seems more mature than Trollhutners, but Trollhunters is proving far more mature in how it’s handling its character dynamics and depth.

it took me so long to finish this lab report, honestly it was so challenging, IB bio is so challenginggggg

How to Wake Up Early for School:

- ok so if you are anything like me you have the sleeping habits of the common North American Opossum, or (also like me) you might even suffer from Insomnia. Well kids why don’t you come sit around the campfire so I can sing y’all a lil ditty about my cure to terrible sleep habits -

Schedule: Ok so at the end of the summer especially and near big tests and stressful times my sleep schedule is shit. So I’ve found that the best way to keep my brain doing the blushy smile emoji is to resort to my fourth grade bedtime. yep. throw in the towel at 8:30/9:00. And going to bed this early gives you time to really take care of yourself. You don’t totally have to hit the pillow then, take a shower so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning, moisturize your skin and maybe have some herbal refreshments. I’ll cover  that more later.

Tools: So. for me personally I have a whole “pre-game ritual” to prepare me not only for a good night’s sleep but to ensure I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. Here is a list of tips and products that help me.

  • As soon as I head to bed I pick out tomorrow’s outfit, gym outfit, and make sure everything is in my backpack, it lessens stress in the morning.
  • SHOWAHHHHH. I always shower at night. always have, always will. I hate waking up in the morning only to have to get drenched in water. (I prefer a more subtle approach to my waking up routine).
  • Moisturize yo face. Make ur skin :). Maybe even try out some special nighttime skin serums.
  • Melatonin. OOOOK so. I have clinical insomnia so I take an off-brand melatonin supplement for that as well as to calm me down from my anxiety attacks (which doesn’t work for everybody btw) If you don’t want to take pills or meds or whatever to help you fall asleep then don’t. That’s chill man, u do u. Just to inform you though, melatonin is a hormone naturally created in our bodies and if you can’t sleep then you might just be running low on it and a pill MIGHT be the boost ur body needs. If you have insomnia then your body straight up does not make nearly enough melatonin and I recommend at least having a conversation with your doctor about it.
  • TEAAAAA! alrighty so if you reeeally don’t want to take a supplement for sleep then maybe try relaxing herbal teas. Personally Chamomile grosses me out and I can’t stand it but they have just regular old teas in the supermarket that send signals to ur brain to slow down.
  • Music. I have to listen to music to fall asleep. I use the app 8tracks for my nighttime jams (its also an app) its an amazing app where people make and share all sorts of playlists for all sorts of situations and genres and artists and songs and albums and basically anything. My favorite types of playlists are indie that include Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks, Bad Suns, the 1975 and all that fun stuff mostly because it has a really calming downbeat.
  • Alarms. So I used to only rely on the alarm that came with IOS but, as always, my unconcious self found a way to turn off the alarm, not just snooze it, without waking me up. But then I stumbled upon a lovely app called SleepTimer. This app is amazing, what is does is the phone stays under your fitted sheet while you sleep and documents your sleep patterns, like when your in your deepest sleep and when you’re just on the verge of waking up and you give it a half hour timeframe of when you need to wake up and the app wakes you up when you are in your lightest stages of sleep and then makes you rate your sleep experience and even plays white noise or calming sounds while you fall asleep.

Most Important: You really have to want to wake up in the morning. Think about what you want to do the next day before you fall asleep so you have something for your brain to wake up for (like how you’d just magically always wake up early every christmas morning or easter if you’re catholic when you were a kid)

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trope ask: Coffeeshop AU or Highschool AU??

I don’t particularly like coffee and I have to admit - I don’t understand how or why Coffeeshop AU became so popular. I mean, I see the appeal - I worked as a waitress in this place once, and one of my colleagues met a count right there, as she was waiting his table, and then married him (hashtag you know you’re in England when) - but also - uh.

No, if I have to choose, definitely highschool AUs. Teenagers are so interesting - both the strongest and the most vulnerable they’ll ever be in their lives. I generally stay away from AU fics, though, because I love reading about young!Dean, but my problem with highschool AUs is that I can’t imagine a believable young!Cas. Angels are created, not born, right?

Still - thanks for the question, this was fun to think about! 

You Again (2010)

Just saw this movie just before Christmas and i loved it ! It was in my queue for about 2 months, but i was busy with school and stuff, you know how it gets haha. So yeah as you can see Betty White is also in it and since she’s the queen of comedy you can expect some hilarious lines from her !

The movie begins with Marni, a pretty geeky girl from a small town talking about her experiences in highschool and how she was tormented by this popular girl named Joana (nickname JJ). Like a majority of highschool girls she has problems with acne and boys and all that stuff. For me highschool wasn’t such a bad experience…i mean elementary school was brutal, but in highschool everybody pretty much minded their own business, at least that’s how it was at my school. The movie fast-forwards 8 years and now we can see Marni, a PR executive that just got promoted and is gonna move to New York pretty soon. Before she moves she has to go home for his brother’s wedding to a girl she never met. On the plane she finds out that her brother is gonna marry the girl who ruined her life in highschool…JJ. That’s all i’m gonna say for now because i don’t wanna spoil it !

The movie stars Kristen Bell which is one of my faves ! I actually checked out this movie because i knew she was in it and i’m glad i did. Jamie Lee Curtis is also a fave of mine since Freaky Friday and i loved seeing new faces like Odette Yustman. I’m sure you’re gonna love this movie and remember to send me your opinions :)

Reset Your Biological Clock

Let me guess…You go to bed late - after midnight. And if nobody kicks you out of bed, you get up late - in the afternoon. Logical. Between the ages of 16 and 21 your biological clock is the most out of line with those of ‘ordinary’ people (read: the teacher who want you to be on time in the classroom). And this is exactly the reason why many students roam around with a kind of permanent jetlag.

Not really a good thing, is it? Let’s not refer to the fact that sleep deprivation (yes, even an hour) makes you hungry and stimulates eating more carbohydrates and fats, increases the risk of accidents on the road, ensures that you are emotionally less stable and messes up the workings of about 700 genes with the risk of ergonomic injury.

Adequate sleep is in fact essential to study well. While you sleep your long-term memories are formed and it stimulates concentration. When you sleep seven to eight hours a night, you learn more in less time.

But what about our biological clock? Well, you can reset it, or at least adjust it a bit. How? Every morning you wake up, expose yourself immediately to a bright light. This activates your brain and gets you moving. So, open up those curtains or go outside first thing in the morning!

In the evening you do exactly the opposite. Put on some candles or subdued light. And - most importantly - avoid computers, tablets, and phones. The energy-rich, bluish light from your device allows you to stay active. It also ensures a lack of production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which will make you not sleepy at all.

However, I can imagine that some of you still need to work with a screen in the evening. Another solution then is to download the free programma F.Lux (I use it as well and I love it)! It runs in the background on your PC (or mobile phone) and creates a subdued lighting which is in line with your environment. For example, if it becomes night at your location, your screen will adjust to a more orange-like light. This way your melatonin production has more opportunity to produce the required levels and therefore lets you sleep better.