The Crush Dictionary

Many years ago I developed a dictionary for classifying crushes into organized categories.  
These categories are represented by milkshake flavors.

Chocolate Milk:  To have a significant crush on one person in particular and not know if the crush is reciprocated. 

Blueberry - To have a small crush but consider it more of a fondness and nothing significant.

Strawberry - To have a crush on two people at the same time.


Raspberry - To have a crush on three or more people at the same time.

Dark Chocolate - To have an all-consuming crush that is potentially unhealthy. 

Banana - To be aware that your crush is unrequited but continue to have the crush regardless. 

Peach - To live in a state of denial, pretending you do not have a crush. 

Plum - To have a crush that is reciprocated but not in the form of a committed relationship.

Vanilla - To have a committed relationship with your reciprocated crush.


Organic - To have a crush which you prefer to regard as a platonic attraction rather than a romantic one.


Plain - To not have a crush on anyone.

Smoothie blend - A combination of flavors.                                                         For example: A blueberry-raspberry-banana smoothie would describe a person who has a small crush on three or more people, even though this is unreciprocated.   

This concept is very useful for confidential conversations confided through notes passed in classrooms.

It can also be effectively incorporated into entertaining smoothie-making activities at sleepovers and parties.

#5/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“I’ll walk you home.”

ft. HighschoolCrush!Im Youngmin

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“Oh shoot…” you sighed, you were the last person to leave the library and you realized that after the librarian kindly wake you up.

You’ve been studying like crazy because of the finals, and choose this library because of its vast collection of books and people came only for studying so you can concentrate more.

All the lights have been turned off and you checked your phone, 12.47 a.m… You clearly missed the last bus, you can walk home but you were kinda scared because it’s already midnight.

You decided to at least buy something from the convenient store across the library and maybe you can call your dad or your brother to pick you up. As you entered the store, you recognized someone standing in front of the coffee aisle.

Im Youngmin.

Your crush Im Youngmin.

You tried to calmed yourself down but it’s too late, his head turned into your direction. He smiled and waved at you, “Hi Youngmin! You were at the library too?”

“Yes, I just finished eating ramyeon and about to go home, how about you? Looks like you studied hard,” you laughed sheepishly, “I slept hard earlier, too tired…”

“You’re going home?” he asked, you groaned a little as you remember your situation, “Yeah kinda, but I missed the last bus and too scare to walk home so I’m going to call my dad to pick me up here,” you shrugged.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“Well that sounds gre… what?! No no you don’t have to!!” you blushed, “If I’m not wrong, you go the other way right?” you asked, “I’ll just… call my dad…” your thumb was ready to slide the phone screen up when Youngmin hold your hand and smiled softly.

“What if I insist?”

#25/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“Look both ways.”

ft. HighSchoolCrush!Bae Jinyoung

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“Yaaah!! Watch out!!”

A soft hand tugged Jinyoung arms abruptly, his body jerked back to the sidewalk. The honking sound from the car which just passed by brought him back to reality, he blinked.

“Isn’t it the number one rule to look before crossing the street? You almost got yourself hit by a car!” you scolded him, crossing your arms in front of you but looking at him from head to toe, making sure there were no bruise or something.

Jinyoung still couldn’t let any words, how could he? When you stood there in front of him?!

“Jinyoung-ssi? Are you okay?” you asked again, waving your hand in front of his face, “You… you know my name?!” he blurted out, regretting his word choice which made him look stupid.

Your eyebrows raised, “Of course? Our class are next to each other and you’re pretty popular,” you laughed, he looked at you in disbelief, “No no! I’m not popular at all… By the way, thanks for saving me…”

“You’re welcome, see you tomorrow!” you smiled.

“Jinyoung-ssi!!” he turned around to see you running towards him, a melon cream bread on your hand, you smiled at him, “Thanks for the bread!”

“Think of it as a thank you for yesterday,” he laughed while nervously scratching the back of his head, you opened the wrapper and took a bite, “Next time, look both ways before crossing the street okay? Or do I have to walk home with you so yesterday’s incident doesn’t happen again?”

“Well maybe…”

#20/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“You can borrow mine.”

ft. HighSchoolCrush!Noh Taehyun

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“I’m dead…”

“Hi dead, I’m Sungwoon,” he laughed as you elbowed his stomach in annoyance, “Be serious!! I forgot to bring my Economy text book and you’re my only hope…” you whined, “And how you survived the last 2 years really? You always forgot your books,” he shook his head and sat on his desk, “Have you ask the other class?”

“Already! No one have Economic class today,” your gaze went over to Noh Taehyun, Sungwoon’s classmate that you’ve barely talked with. You guys only talked a few times whenever Sungwoon was not around and still a little bit awkward around each other.

Taehyun yawned as his fingers busy scrolling whatever he currently see on his phone, you returned your attention back to Sungwoon, “Sorry, can’t help you this time.”

You pursed your lips and gave up, guess today you have to feel the wrath of Mr. Choi, the Economic teacher is a killer one and students who don’t bring text books will stand outside the class.

Suddenly, Taehyun tossed a book to your hand. You caught it and saw Economic III written across, “You can borrow mine,” he said nonchalantly and looked at you, “Don’t forget to bring that back after class.”

Smile rose up to your cheeks, “I will! You’re my savior Taehyun!!” you said as you bid goodbye to them and sprint back to your class.

Sungwoon smirked seeing Taehyun’s interaction with you and punched his shoulder.

“Yah Taehyun,”


“Did she know that we also don’t have Economic class today?”


“Did she also know that you kinda have a crush on her?”

“… Yah!!”

#13/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“Sorry I’m late.”

ft. HighschoolCrush!Lee Euiwoong

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Euiwoong dashed as soon as he got off from the bus, he checked his watch and mentally groaned, he’s been late for 30 minutes!

Finally he reached his destination for the day, the town library. He quickly climbed up the stairs while mumbling to himself, “Damn Hyung for coming to the shop late…”

Earlier he was taking over his brother’s shift for a while, his brother promised him to come at 1 p.m straight and looking after the shop, but in reality he was almost 15 minutes late! Adding to his problem, he left his wallet at home, so he have to go back home before he finally can go to the library.

He reached the study room and steadied himself before entering, after making sure that his hair wasn’t messy, he entered the study room and looking for you.

He found you sat on the table beside the window, but as he walked closer, he realized that you were fall asleep. He chuckled and quietly pulled the chair to sit beside you.

You sighed and stirred a little in your sleep, he leaned on his hands and stared at your sleeping figure. He brushed a little hair off your face, but you suddenly jolted up from your sleep, “What time is it?!?!” you shouted.

Few of the library patrons from the other table looked up and quietly said ‘shh!’ at you, your face blushed but when you saw Euiwoong who tried not laugh beside you, your face blushed even more.

“Sorry I’m late.”  he grinned as he took out few books, “No it’s okay, I was just want to get a little nap while waiting for you earlier…” you laughed softly and tucked your hair behind your ears, “I’m glad you want to come and help me studying today,” you said again and blushed a little.

Euiwoong can feel himself squealed on the inside every time he saw you blushed, but he tried to calmed down and smiled at you.

“Shall we start studying now?”

A highschool crush (AU) || eyepatchedcentipede​

Haru’s heart skipped as the sound of the classroom door open. Eyes lighten to see who it was that came in. Hahi there he comes. This time Haru have to confess my love to Kaneki-san and give him my Bento full of love! She thought holding onto the homemade bento, pumping her fist to boost her courage.

Kaneki had been absent from school from a week. Haru was glad to see that he had finally return. Ever since that time when she forget to bring her lunch money and Kaneki lend her. Haru had always had a crush on him that was interrupted whenever she wanted to confess to him.



So… I have this huge crush on a guy. I’m a 16 year old sophomore and so is he. The first class on the first day of sophomore year I walked in and found my assigned seat for the rest of the quarter… His was next to me, on my right. That meant that we were partners for everything we had to do in teams for the rest of the quarter. He sat down after I got there and I remember looking up and thinking “damn…” That was the moment I developed a slight crush on him. Throughout the rest of the quarter I learned more and more about him because of the whole partner thing. I know he’s not perfect, but with everything new he told me, I fell harder and harder. He makes me rethink my whole “nobody’s perfect” philosophy. I have really bad anxiety and with it being the first class and all, my anxiety was pretty bad during that class…. So I would be sitting there panicking and then he walked in and everything was fine. I forgot all about my panic attack and was just mesmerized by him almost. Not many people can distract me from my anxiety much less make an attack stop. I’m not the most confident person, so one night I lied in bed, wide awake, and thought “I’m not skinny enough or pretty enough for him. I’m not popular enough for him. He deserves so much better than some nobody like me.” So I decided that I would just get hurt in the end anyway and told myself to stop liking him.. that lasted about a day. The next day, he was sitting across from me and looked me in the eye and held eye contact for what seemed like forever. I knew I was blushing so I looked down and tried to contain it. When I looked back up to see if he had looked away, he was still staring. In that moment I knew… I knew that there was no getting over this boy. I wouldn’t be able to just stop liking him. We moved seats once the quarter was up and we weren’t siting next to each other any more. We didn’t talk that much any more. We don’t have each others numbers and still don’t talk that much. Today, on the way to school, I was having a panic attack because I didn’t do some of my homework for my 1st period and I was terrified that my teacher would single me out in front of the whole class again. I was running a little late and when I got out of the car I looked up and there he was. Walking to the school from his car. We started walking together keeping up conversation. For some reason I didn’t really expect him to hold the school door open for me because most guys don’t do that anymore… but he did. He held the door open and my heart did a back flip. Our classroom is pretty deep inside the school so we had a bit of a walk and kept up conversation the whole time. By the time I got into the classroom and sat down, I realized that my pretty bad anxiety attack had completely stopped. No trace of it. My heart was at a normal pace, my hands weren’t even slightly shaking, I didn’t feel sick, and I didn’t even care if my teacher called me out (which she didn’t). This boy… this wonderful, gorgeous boy doesn’t even know the effect he has on me. He made my whole day happy because he just walked next to me in the hallway and talked to me. He stops my anxiety attacks. He put a real smile on my face all day and I honestly don’t remember that last time anyone or anything has done that. This boy is amazing and a gift, but he doesn’t even know. I just wish I could tell him how I feel, but I’m scared if I do, I’ll lose him and I don’t wanna lose the one thing that puts a real smile on my face. I can’t lose him, not now anyway.

My Halmark quality poem to be named later

Waiting for that faithful day, 

When I can hold your hand and say, 

My one and only love is you, 

I know this love of mine is true, 

To this person you mean the world, 

You make my stomach do twists and twirls, 

I’ll always have a love for you, 

No matter what situation we’re going through, 

No matter good or bad, nor right or wrong, 

My love for you will always stay strong. 

You mean so much to this one man, 

I want to give you all I can, 

I hope one day you feel this way, 

For I am yours and here to stay.

Hope you all like it, Thanks

Okay, let's see...
  • His longest text to me was,

Yeah Monday

  • And his shortest?


[^ Note: Not even a PERIOD!]

  • If he had a choice between chatting it up with Alex* and me during the last minutes of 7th hour or leaving 7th hour ten minutes early, he would leave ten minutes early.
  • AND, if he had a choice between conversing with me as we saunter towards the parking lot or playing Wally Ball (Is that what it’s called?) with his buddies, he would say bye to me even before we step off of the sidewalk and stay to play.
  • I know because he actually made those choices.
  • Sure, he initiates conversations with me often, but I initiate them a little more often.
  • However, he is almost always the person in the friendship who initiates the high-fives and fist-pounds between us.
  • And he says hello to me first everyday when we cross paths in the hallways

Well, that’s still three five strikes against him. They’re pretty large strikes too if you ask me. Time to get him out of my mind as soon as possible. But should I still surprise him on his birthday with that eighteen-stanza poem I wrote? I worked long on it.

Maybe I can tweak it just a little to make it more… friends-like.

*Name has been changed