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So I’ve been doing more writing finally, and I’ve vowed to finally complete Gossip Spyder this year. It’s been five years since I started it, and I’ve drifted in and out of fandom in that time for one reason or another, but I am truly grateful for those that have kept supporting me all this time!

I Know Where I Want to Be (By Your Side) 

by walking_travesty (14k)

Published : 2016-06-26

“You’re gorgeous,” Harry says before he can stop himself. His eyes grow wide in horror when he realizes what he just had just done. Louis is just as surprised as Harry is, his mouth slightly open and his eyebrows raised. He looks away from Harry, looking down at his lap. He starts to shake his leg, and Harry is waiting for the moment when Louis calls him a freak and tells him to get out of his car, but that moment never comes.

Louis looks back up at him, his eyelashes fanning so beautifully against the apple’s of his cheeks that Harry feels close to tears.

“Thank you,” Louis whispers, his eyes full of tenderness. He looks at Harry’s lips, eyes drifting to them and then back up in an instant. Harry can feel his mouth go dry, his heart beating against his chest.

A story in which Louis and Harry are neighbors and chaos ensues.

I was thinking - Modern AU with throwbacks to canon. When Newt got expelled his parents sent him to Ilvermony where surprise surprise nothing was different, his awkward personality drew bullies to him like moths to a flame.

It all reached a climax when they try to steal his precious bowtruckle and Prefect Percival Graves happens on the scene. He doesn’t see who is being bullied - he just immediately steps in.

And again and again.

Until eventually he has to learn this kids name. Which would be a lot easier to learn if he would just look at him and stop stammering. And the stammering wasn’t even the worst of it, it really irked Percival when the other boy would flinch away from him.

That could of course have something to do with the fact that as soon as he had rescued him from his tormentors he’d dragged him to the headmistress to see what was to be done about the broken school rules - He’s 99% sure bowtruckles were not allowed on school grounds and was more than a little miffed when it turned out special permissions were being given to the other boy. Oh well, if it was all above board he’d done his good deed for the day.

Add in all the other characters from the movie as teens. I kind of imagined Credence as having never suppressed his magic to become an obscurus but still being deeply ashamed of it on account of his cruel adoptive mother. 

Newt slowly ends up befriending Credence, which in turn introduces him to the Goldsteins and after some serious slow burn 8D Gramander is the end game.

When your teacher asks if she can read your fanfic and you tell her rather not because it’s really hard sharing personal stuff with the people around you but you’re actually just tryna hide the smut

Solangelo Highschool Au where Will is like basketball team captain and really popular and sun shiny and Nico is that one art student whoes drawings are amazing black and white and red but theyre really dark and creepy and they kinda scare people so a lot of people avoid Nico but then Will gets assigned to write a creative piece from his advanced english class for like a school showcase so he talks (read:bugs) Nico into helping him and their exhibit just wows everyone even if it freaks them out a little.

And if Nico is later seen wearing Wills varsity jacket before a big game? Well, no one comments.