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Do you know fics where Dean starts dating Cas because of a bet and then Cas find out?

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I know I’ve read many fics where Dean makes a bet to date/sleep with Cas and drama ensues, but I can’t remember which ones they are and my notes don’t help me at all. So here’s the few fics I can remember at this time.Iif you guys want to add something to the list please send links to us in our SUBMIT box, and I’ll make a part 2 for this post! I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help! - Admin A

Title: The Bet

Author: CreateWriteInspire

Rating: Mature

Words: 81,254 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Lol I think the summary says it all. I mean these types of fics have been around forever and I’ve read way too many of these in different fandoms over the years to really get excited about the drama that’s bound to come. But anyway, this was an okay fic with a lot of feels and drama, so if that’s your thing then this is perfect for you!

Summary: Dean thinks he’s irresistible & bets Meg that he can get the strange kid, Castiel to get into bed with him. Dean’s feelings start to change as he gets to know Cas.

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Title: Honey and Butter

Author: Morethancupcake

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,319 – 4 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I know I keep reccing this but I love this verse. Spoiler alert! The bet happens in the second part so don’t skip this only after reading the first part of the verse!

Summary:  "Castiel collects things. Flower petals he finds on his bedroom floor, probably brought by the wind. Pictures of trees, plants, mushrooms he sees during his walks in the forest. Different teas in beautiful old tins. John Winchester’s words, out of Dean’s mouth, like thorns in his heart.“

Castiel is different. But between his bees, his pictures and his friend Sam, he’s happy. Then comes Dean. Dean who’s loud, and mean, but so beautiful.

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Title: The Bet and The End

Author: raiseyourpinky

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 61,722 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I hadn’t read this fic before getting this ask so for the first time since forever I actually got to read something while researching fics for an ask. I read so much that I usually have answers ready no matter what you guys throw at us, so yeah this was pretty good even though it was a little cliché.

Summary: When Dean asks Castiel out to win a bet, he never counts on the consequences. It turns out Castiel isn’t as ordinary as he presumed. And Dean isn’t as heartless as he thought.

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Title: Cruel Dares and Twisted Truths

Author: destielshipper

Rating: Mature

Words: 57,780 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: So this is one of those stories where Dean makes a bet to deflower the resident nerd Castiel. And I think we can all safely say that nothing good ever comes with bets like these :’D So be prepared for misunderstandings, heartbreaks and a lot of tears. Enjoy!

Summary: From the moment they met in freshman year aged fourteen years old, complete opposites, and stuck together in the beginning of the high school they hated each other. Dean Winchester was boisterous, loud and a troublemaker with popularity around school that made him shine, Dean had his own little gang and had a kind of friend with everyone in his year apart from one. Castiel Milton was quiet, clever and secluded in his own world; he had a small group of friends and refused to give one minute of his time to one particular boy. Castiel hated Dean, Dean hated Castiel. Their feud was never ending, never changing, and continued well up to senior year. Their lives were on completely different paths with Dean stuck in a problem he couldn’t escape and Castiel in an endless nightmare. It was senior year when everything started to change and mould into the future they were meant to share.

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I give you…Cholo Lance

A cholo, for a lack of a better explanation is kind of like a, well in my case, Mexican gangster, to dress and act like a cholo was a cool thing, the people who did it thought they were so cool.

So I made a crack au about it,

And where you have cholo Lance you have studious nerd Keith 😃 so I guess this is also kind of another ah thing

I might clean this up and color it but that dependS on whether it gets any attention or not idk

Translation: hey pretty boy, how about I show you what a man is like

^he says this cus Keith has an anatomy book lol

Anonymous asked: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im kinda gay au uwu

Author’s note: I got this one in my inbox this morning, and I was kinda thinking about it at work, and then I sort of just, yeah…

“Yo, Winchester! You’re seriously still hanging out with Novak? What if he rubs off on you? You could end up being just like him, and your spot on the football team won’t be enough to save your popularity.”

Dean was gritting his teeth, both hands gripping the armrests of his seat, knuckles turning white. Next to him, his best friend Castiel was slowly shaking his head in silent warning.

It was supposed to be a fun night out, just him and Cas at the movies like friends did on Friday nights. So what were the odds that Alastair and his obnoxious group of minions happened to be sitting two rows behind them at the cinema, throwing insults at Cas every five seconds.

“I’m not gonna take this any longer, he’s been doing this for months now.” Dean hissed under his breath, swiftly approaching a breaking point. “We’re seventeen, not seven! It’s about time they start acting like adults.”

“Please don’t, Dean.” Castiel all but begged, putting a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “They’re never going to stop anyway, and do I need to remind you that there’s five of them and two of us? You’re going to get hurt if you go over there. Or worse, they’ll get back at you Monday at school when they catch you alone.”

A whistle from behind them.

“Oooh, look at that, the boyfriends are touching.” That was unmistakably Gordon’s voice, Alastair’s most lethal partner in crime.

Dean’s blood was boiling. This had happened too many times already… Ever since Castiel had come out six months ago, he’d been pestered by these homophobic asshats for no reason, and Dean was more than done with it. The code that Dean Winchester lived by was a simple code: One; don’t touch my little brother. Two; don’t hurt my best friend. The fact that Cas always claimed that it was ‘fine’ and that he’d learned to ignore it, wasn’t good enough for Dean. Someone like Cas deserved to have a carefree life without having to deal with this unnecessary bullshit.

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“Opal Forgets” comics. long post

based on

opal is very forgetful and even a bit absent minded when it comes to instructions, but when she’s focused she excels above the rest. which might explain how she manages to pass despite the circumstances…

1. in the first comic/first row, opal forgets her socks on the way to school. she goes back home to get them, but forgets what she was doing and watches tv the rest of the day.

2. opal misunderstands what mrs. maheswaran meant by home-work

3. opal forgets her bow for her archery classes

[Closed RP] Highschool AU

“I hate it here.” Loki mumbled to his brother as they approached their new school. It has been a week and Loki had been living in hell.

“Come on. It’s not THAT bad.” Thor nudged his large arm into Loki’s skinny ones. Loki let out an ouch and glared at him.

“Easy for you to say.” he rolled his eyes. “You and your football.”

“And my good looks.” Thor chimed in.

“And the lack of brain power.”


“I’m only kidding.” Loki rolled his eyes yet again. And the two began walking into the entrance. “I’ll see you later–” he was immediately stopped by a couple of girls and guys, crowding around Thor as if he’s an A-list celebrity. Loki was shoved away and he knew it’s his time to separate from brother to stranger.

Loki grabbed hold of his bag and headed down to his first class. It was sparse, not so many students. And he picked his usual spot in the class. The corner back row close to the dusty window. Settling down, he pulled out his book, crouched over the table and, as usual, isolate himself.