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When your teacher asks if she can read your fanfic and you tell her rather not because it’s really hard sharing personal stuff with the people around you but you’re actually just tryna hide the smut

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SFW 158 please!!

Hey Emma! Thanks for your prompt :* I hope you like it :D

Prompt: “What are you doing here?”

It was a cold night. Castiel didn’t know what he was thinking when he snuck out of the house in the middle of the night in just a lightweight hoodie and jeans. He pulls the hood over his head and hunches his shoulders. He rubs his hands together to warm up. He watches as his breath comes out in white puffs and caresses his face as he walks forward. He takes longer strides in order to get to Dean’s house quicker.

He really hopes that Dean is still awake or him freezing his ass off is going to go to waste.


Dean is sitting on his bed wrapped up in his blankets as he reads his textbook for the next day. He pauses and looks up when he hears a scuffling noise outside his bedroom. He focuses on it for a bit till it stops. He goes back to his reading when he hears a sharp knocking on his window.

He startles and he sharply turns his head to the window. He places a hand on his racing heart and gets out of bed. He pads over to the window and peeks out from his blinds thinking he was just imagining things.

His eyes go wide in shock. He lifts the blinds and opens the window, shivering when he’s hit with a blast of cold air.

There was Castiel, clinging to a pipe at the side of his house.

“Cas? What are you doing here?!” Dean hisses.

“I missed you.” Cas says nonchalantly.

“Cas, it’s 1 AM! If you get caught my dad will kill you!” Dean whispers loudly, leaning out of the window.

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“Hey I’m.. I’m Dean! I’m the new kid and.. Yeah.. What’s your name?”


“Wow..never heard that name before but.. I like it.”

“thank you.. ”

“not much of a talker huh? That’s cool.. But I guess you’re stuck with me now.. sorry Cas.”

I’m sry, I’m no writer but look at those precious babies.. ❤ this app is a gift and I know I’m not the first one doing this but I had to! 😊


Pairing: Dean x Castiel (HIGH SCHOOL AU)

Summary: An insecure Dean is comforted by his loving boyfriend

Words: 578 (short Destiel drabbles are my specialty)

Warnings: Insecure Dean

A/N: This is for @waywardjoy ‘Love The Ships’ challenge! My prompt was  “Why do you do that?”   “Do what?”    “Look at me like I am your everything?”

Originally posted by fangirlforever845

The light shining through the leaves of the trees overhead cast over bright blue eyes. Castiel lay underneath the tree that sat outside his high school. The bell had rung minutes ago, and most of the students had left, desperate to get home as quickly as possible, but Cas lingered around, waiting for his boyfriend. Dean had gotten detention once again and had to stay behind for an hour after school. He hadn’t explained what happened but informed Cas he wouldn’t be able to walk home with him today.  Not wanting to trek back alone, Cas had decided to stay behind and wait.

Castiel sighed when he realized he had almost an hour of waiting. He grabbed his cream backpack and pulled out an assortment of textbooks from different classes, determined to get as much homework as he could done while he waited.  

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I am perpetually obsessed wih the idea of Cas and Dean being the cool kids in high school.

They walk the halls with that air of confidence and everyone wants to be their best friend and they kinda are ‘cause ’Cas and Dean’ are so nice to Everyone, but also they sit together at lunch with their group of cool kids and as Charlie tells stories and Benny laughs, Dean leans in and whispers something in Cas’ ear. Cas stops mid-bite and kinda stares into nothing as he listens carefully to whatever Dean is saying and as a smile slowly forms on his face he accidentally makes eye contact with someone who was staring at them (probably me ‘cause they’re both so beautiful and I die because that smile gives heart attacks) and then he turns the smile full on Dean to show him his reaction and their faces are so close and they look beautiful, both on their own and as a whole, but everyone is used to this.

So it’s no surprise when they finally start dating and become the hottest couple in school and all eyes are on them, people want to know what Dean is getting Cas for Christmas and what Cas is doing for Valentine’s.

When Cas doesn’t know a class answer and their irrational calculus teacher asks “Didn’t you study, Castiel?” with a disapproving look even though they’re not even close to quiz dates or anything like that, Dean says “Cut him some slack, he was too busy being pretty” Cas blushes bright red and has to cover his mouth to hide his grin. They sit next to each other when they can, leaning against the other with their hands joined or affectionaly rubbing a thigh, and they pass notes when they can’t. When Dean misses a class to go to a match and the next class the teacher ‘who doesn’t believe in sports’ showers Dean with questions he obviously doesn’t have an answer to and then attempts to give him detention for it, Cas gives a speech. It starts with Cas sitting, asking why the teacher is asking specifically Dean, it goes on with Cas getting mad at having no answer and getting up on his feet to provide the answer himself, and it ends with Cas sitting back down having effectively shut the teacher up, mumbling ‘you can give me detention if you want’ and Dean placing a sweet kiss on Cas’ cheek.

The school band helps Dean with his aniversary gift, Cas and Anna convince the cheerleader team to dedicate a special cheer for Dean in a very important game, Cas stars in the school play and Dean throws roses at the stage, they shut down anyone who dares discriminate any kid for any reason, they run an equality club, they are *so involved* in the planning of prom even though they’re not on the comittee.

They buy their outfits for prom night together, saying hi to every kid from school they run into at the mall. They take pictures that night and on the day of their graduation they cheer the loudest for each other. That day several of their teachers approach them to tell them they have something beautiful and even though they used to interrupt class with it they should fight to keep it, they smile and hold hands the whole time and just ugh, Cas and Dean being cool kids that are so cute and in love.

for @dirtymish 
pairing: destiel
rating: M
tags: implied hs!au, sam pov, shipper!sam

Sam witnesses it all.

In all honesty, Dean really should have seen it coming, but when the stream of water hits him directly in the face, all he can do is stand there gaping at the culprit.

Castiel doesn’t look guilty at all, as he stands there with a cheap water pistol, a challenging smirk creeping up his cheeks.

“You’re a dead man, Novak.” Is all Dean says before lunging for the water balloon bucket and chucking balloon after balloon at his best friend and Castiel laughs with delight, trying to block them from hitting his face.

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Destiel au idea

Dean and Cas are in highschool and all the seniors are going on a camping trip at the end of the year.

Dean has had a crush on Cas for the last year and he figures this camping trip is the prefect time to make a move. He also finds out that Cas has never been on a camping trip before so he wants to make this trip extra special for him.

Originally posted by orisgallery

Dean gets it so he and Cas share a tent. He also gets all the stuff he’ll need to make hot dogs over the fire and some stuff for s'mores for dessert, he also picks up a little something extra for the fire he thinks Cas will like.

They all get up to the camp site and dean and cas get the tent all set up and head out to the fire pit to get a fire going at dusk. The boys grill some hot dogs and joke around, Dean heavily flirts with Cas the whole time. Once the sun sets Dean asks Cas if he’s ready for a little surprise. He pulls a packet of magical flames to throw into the fire, instantly the flames turn the most beautiful shades of blues and greens and purples.

Castiel is completely awestruck with the sight. While Cas is looking into the flames Dean leans in close and asks Cas if he’s ready for his last surprise. Castiel turns to Dean with a questioning look and Dean leans in for a kiss, Castiel returns it with enthusiasm.

This is definitely Dean’s favorite camping trip.

Destiel High school AU

Imagine if Dean went to a high school for a while as his dad was on a hard hunt that would take him months. He meets the boy Castiel Novak, who’s a sarcastic, takes-no-shit kinda guy that everyone’s low-key scared of. Dean flirts with him mercilessly and is one of the only people that Castiel would probably not sucker-punch if he got the chance.

Finally, after a few months of this, Castiel agrees to go on a date with Dean. They go to a roadhouse and get burgers, and then Dean drives Castiel around for a while until they get to one of those deserted places where teenagers usually go in horror movies to make out. Cas makes some sarcastic comment about Dean bringing him out to kill him and they just kinda end up ripping each other’s shirts off and having a passionate makeout session in the back of the Impala.

There’s this thump on the car which causes them both to look up just as they’re unbuttoning each other’s pants and Dean mutters something about staying in the car while he checks it out. He leaves and Cas shrugs on his trenchcoat and gets out of the car because like hell he’s letting this hot guy walk out to what might be his death.

Cas finds Dean fighting a few werewolves, and whips out his angel blade and stabs them before they can get to Dean. The guy in question looks at Cas in shock, before looking down at the knife Cas is holding.

“Where did you get that?” Dean asks.

“We all have our secrets,” Cas replies, and they spend the next hour and a half talking about their lives. Which is how Dean Winchester found out the cute guy he’d been flirting with for months is actually an angel of the lord.

From Dare, To Love (A Destiel Fanfiction)

CHAPTER TWENTY: “I got an extra side of the bed.”

You know what they say; time flies when you think you’re falling in love with Dean Winchester, the adorable and irresistibly handsome football captain who is obsessed with his car and makes a mean pie if you trick him into doing so, and the baddest-reputation-holding guy of your class is trying to make you fall in love with him, on a dare.

They do say that, don’t they?

Well, time flew. From an unbelievable first date, which affected Castiel’s impression of Dean more than a little bit, they’d gone out several times.

For the second date, Dean took Castiel to the famed Roadhouse. They had their usual pointless banter which always made the both of them smile, and pinches of insightful conversations all mixed up to form a heck of a time.

For the third, Castiel volunteered to plan the date, and ended up taking Dean to his favourite beach restaurant, and after a meal of PB&Js and Pies, they ended up spending most of the night, sitting on the beach, barefoot, digging their toes in the sand, and just talking. Castiel remembered reaching home in the early hours of dawn - they’d left the beach at midnight after the Coast Guard told them off for the fourth time, but spent a little extra time in the solitude of the Impala - and Gabriel pretending to be the overprotective dad which Charles never was.

Things just escalated from there. Dean Winchester seemed lesser and lesser mysterious as they spent hours just talking to each other, but the new charisma was more based on familiarity, his natural flair of words and smiles, and the true Dean Winchester, which hardly anyone knew. Castiel was one who did.

And from the first kiss shared in Castiel’s bedroom, things had definitely escalated. Each morning when Castiel took his place in the front seat of the Impala, there was the peck on the lips; each Lunch, be it Dean’s table, Castiel’s able or some other one where they sat, Dean would attempt to kiss him and Castiel would object, before they were on full frontal display; each afternoon after school, Dean pushed Castiel up against his secluded locker - he was Dean Winchester; of course, he had the corner locker where people seldom drifted - and had his way with Castiel’s smiling lips.

It looked to be, and was, a very happy time.

And as for Castiel, he hardly ever thought back about the dare. It was just a fleeting memory from time to time, but he almost always pushed it away, when it threatened to interrupt bliss; or Dean pushed it away, with his overwhelming words or breathtaking smiles. And Castiel somehow knew whenever Dean was lying. If he lied about an affair with Anna in the past embarrassedly, Castiel understood; or when he denied a crush on Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Castiel saw right through it. He was, therefore, sure that all of the possessive gestures, the feeling-filled ’Cas’s, and the stolen kisses in everyone’s absence but Led Zeppelin’s, were not lies. He didn’t even stop to think what would happen, if they were. They…just couldn’t be.

He didn’t want them to be. He liked Dean Winchester. A lot. And he really hoped Dean wasn’t kidding when he claimed that he did too.


“…and so I’m not talking to that giant moose.” Dean ended, his eyebrows furrowed and a frown on his lips, and Castiel smiled bemusedly.

“Dean, it’s not that big a deal…” He tried to coax, but was cut off by a glaring Dean.

Not that big a deal!?” Dean repeated in a high falsetto, which could never have been Castiel, since his voice was deeper than Dean, himself. Castiel desisted from pointing that out, although the expression on Dean’s face would’ve been worth it. “He called my driving reckless, Cas! My driving! The one thing I’m good at!” Castiel decided to skip the part where he corrected him and reminded him that he was good at a lot of other things, like football, cooking, playing the guitar, and so on. “And he didn’t just call me reckless! He called my driving reckless! That includes me and Baby! He called Baby reckless!” Dean looked almost hurt.

Castiel sighed. “He didn’t mean to call the Impala anything. He just meant to insult your driving skills.”

“You really think so?” Dean pursed his lips, affording a small smile, almost like a kid who’d been told that Santa was, in fact, not a lie.

Castiel nodded. “Of course! Sam loves Baby almost as much as you do.” Castiel stifled his urge to grin at Dean’s boyish reaction to his ridiculous explanation.

“Nobody loves Baby as much as I do, but I guess you’re right.” Dean appeared to be genuinely contemplating it. “But he did still call my driving reckless, and I’m not gonna forget and forgive.”

“I’m sure he apologised..?”

“Only twice.” Dean grinned, his dimples popping up. “I need at least a ten ‘sorries’ and a few-.”

“I’d forgotten you Winchesters were sorry-hoarders and sorry-misers.” Castiel grinned.

“One of the first things you ever said to me.” Dean smiled, his annoyance subsided. “Anyways, how is the new Wayward Sisters doing?”

“Great.” Castiel smiled. “Sales are rising as days pass, and dad’s been doing lots of book-signings and conventions.”

“You know, that series would be perfect for LARPing.” Dean shrugged.

“Charlie said literally the same thing yesterday.” Castiel grinned back. “You guys are like two peas in a pod.”

“You know what they say,” Dean winked. “Great minds think alike.”

“More like dorks think alike.” Castiel chuckled, as Dean pretended he didn’t hear him.

“What about Gabriel?” Dean asked suddenly. Ever since their first date, when Castiel had gotten all emotional and said that stuff about his family, Dean had been very empathic about anything concerning it. And since Gabriel was recently contemplating moving back into Paradise, he was loudly supportive of it; for Castiel’s sake. It was kinda sweet. “Any eligible renters yet?” He grinned.

“No, not yet.” Castiel smiled. “But he’ll find someone. It’s a freaking large apartment in the best part of the city and furnished by Gabriel to his extravagant tastes.”

“True.” Dean shrugged. “Maybe I can move in.” He offered. “Then, along with being my boss’ client’s son, you could also be my landlord’s brother.” He grinned stupidly.

“Seriously?” Castiel had to bite his lip to hide his smile.

“Yeah! You can move in with me. I got an extra side of the bed.” Dean smirked.

“Shut up.” Castiel frowned back, as Dean laughed at Castiel’s deep frown as he swerved into his usual parking spot, reserved for Dean Winchester’s Impala. On one side of it was parked Benny’s motorcycle, and the other, where usually Jo’s Toyota stood, was empty.

“Jo’s late today.” Dean pursed his lips, as the both of them got out of the car, slinging their bags on their shoulders. “That’s unlike her.”

“Yeah, she’s the only punctual one of your group.” Castiel agreed, as Dean rolled his eyes at the jibe. “What? You, as usual, are late even today. I wonder why she isn’t here yet.”

“It’s your dad’s doing.” Dean grinned. “He wrote such a great book, that Harvelle Publications got a ton of new business and Ellen had lots of work. Jo probably skipped school to help her with something.”

“Aren’t you being Sherlock Holmes-y today?”

“I’m way more adorable than Cumberbatch.” Dean grinned. “I’ve got fuller cheeks.” He added, chuckling.

“It’s called a jawline.” Castiel laughed. “Natural contour.”

I have a jawline, and natural contour.” Dean appeared offended almost, and Castiel almost laughed. “Man, as we get closer and closer, you’re beginning to appreciate my devastatingly amazing looks lesser and lesser.” Dean squinted his eyes intelligently, as the two of them marched down the hallway towards Castiel’s locker.

“Makes you wanna rethink things?” Castiel challenged, with a playful laugh, as they reached his locker, and Castiel opened it with his key in a flourish and begun sorting out books into his bag and vice versa.

“None at all.” Dean fixed his gaze on Castiel daringly. “As we get closer and closer, you’re getting better and better with your sarcasm, and finding me more and more lovable.” He imitated his tone from before.

“What makes you think so?”

“The fact that,” Dean licked his lips, as he wrapped his hand around Castiel’s wrist, and held him against the lockers, pressing up against him with all of himself. “I can now do this without you complaining about it to the teachers.” He leaned in, his eyes teasing Castiel’s.

Castiel gulped, unmoving because he couldn’t, his face illogically close to Dean’s. He felt a shudder run through him. “I never complained to any teacher…” He begun mildly, knowing Dean had only been joking, but still wanting to say something for the sake of it.

“Yeah, because I’m so good at it; You’ve got no reasons to complain.” Dean closed the gap between their lips softly, his arm leaving Castiel’s wrist, and wrapping around his waist instead, as he ducked his head for Castiel to reach him more comfortably. Castiel responded thoughtlessly, pressing into the kiss eagerly, his eyelids fluttering shut, as his hand moved up Dean’s arm, till it was on Dean’s bicep, his other hand clutching onto Dean’s AC/DC T-shirt.

Dean was an unbelievably good kisser; it never felt as if one was ever formulating the kiss, and one was letting it happen, they were both equal contenders, always hungry for more after pulling away after one, yet always tender and slow. Dean’s kisses made Castiel weak in the knees, and he hoped he wasn’t the only one who felt that way; anyways, Dean was always keen on kissing him. Castiel loved kissing Dean Winchester. It was an ethereal feeling, overwhelming excitement, and comfort, and none of the tension which surrounded them before the kiss.

When they finally pulled apart, Castiel pulling away for breath, and Dean taking a step backwards, Dean had an admiring smile on his face. “You’re somethi-” His phone rang, interrupting him. He raised it to check the caller dismissively, but his eyes widened when he saw the name on the screen. “U-uh, I need to take this.” He hurriedly muttered, pulling away completely, leaving Castiel feeling almost alone. “Be a minute.” He added in a rush, before walking away to a corner, and picking up the phone.

Castiel studied Dean for a moment, wondering who the call could’ve been from, from Dean’s agitated expression, and shuffling feet. Then, not wanting to violate his privacy, he returned to his locker, trying his best to not mind the several people who were watching him - the guy who just kissed Dean Winchester again.

When Castiel had finished packing his bag, he slung it on his shoulder again, and turned to Dean, to see if he was done with the phone call. Dean looked like he was finishing up, and Castiel waited patiently, reminiscing on the kiss that happened a few minutes ago, which had Castiel’s insides feel like flowing honey and rampaging butterflies.

Dean walked back to Castiel a second later, an inscrutable expression on his face, and a shocked look in his eyes.

“Hi,” Castiel cautiously touched Dean’s arm. “What was that about?”

“It was..Ellen.” Dean muttered, almost haphazardly. “About Jo.”

“What’s wrong!?” Castiel immediately frowned, his eyes widening. “Is she okay!?”

Dean shook his head, taking short breaths, and visibly tensing with each passing moment. He looked distracted, like his mind was processing a hundred different things at once. “Turns out to be my dad’s doing, not yours.” He cleared his throat nervously. He looked frantic.

“W-what happened?” Castiel frowned deeper. “Did she meet with an accide-”

“No.” Dean cut him off. “She’s fine..she’s not hurt. Dad just…” His voice trailed off. “Fuck.” He murmured under his breath, incapable of articulating himself. Castiel felt Dean stiffen, as he continued to curse under his breath. “Fuck. I gotta go. Cas, I gotta go. I gotta go. Fuck, I need to be there.

“Dean, calm down!” Castiel rushed. “Where are you going?”

“The Bunker..” Dean murmured. “Sam - I’ll take Sam with me.” He spoke suddenly, as if it suddenly struck him. “He’d wanna know…I’ll take Sam.” Dean continued to blabber.

“S-Sam will be in the…” Castiel begun, bewildered himself. “In the..”

“I’ll find him.” Dean completed. “I’ll get him. I-I’ll catch you later, Cas.”

“Hey, are you okay?” He interrupted.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Dean hesitated. “I can drive back. It’s cool.”

Castiel bit his lip worriedly. “Dean, should I come?”

No.” Dean hurriedly shook his head. “It’s fine.” He forced a smile on his face. “I’m good. I’m fine, okay? I’ll just get Sam, and I’ll see you later, and - fuck, I just need to g-go.

“I’ll tell Coach Singer you had an emergency.” Castiel tried, eager to be of some help to Dean in this shockingly moved condition. What could have happened to make him like this!? Was Jo okay!?

“Emergency, yeah.” Dean muttered, as he almost sprinted off in the direction of the game room.

Castiel kept staring behind him till he disappeared from the hallway. Then, his mind in turmoil and utter confusion, he begun trudging along to Mathematics.

Was Jo okay? Was Dean going to be okay?

Should he have insisted on accompanying Dean?

Is that what someone who liked him should’ve done?

He just hoped Dean would return soon, and tell him what happened, and actually be fine. School without him would be boring after their usual routine, and he’d constantly be worried about Jo and Dean. He just wanted Dean to be fine.

He took his place on the second bench. “Good Morning, Ms. Tran.”


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Keep It Sailing!

I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so naturally–as the Destiel trash that I am– I have written a wisdom-teeth!AU ficlet.

Disclosure: I am still on pain meds that tell me I’m not allowed to drive. Who knows if this is even good?

“Yes, Mrs. Winchester. Dean’s going to be very out of it for the next few hours, so just keep an eye on him and make sure he keeps taking his pain medication or he won’t be a very happy camper when the anesthesia wears off.”

The doctor–Donna, Castiel remembered her name–smiled at Dean cheerfully as she handed Mary the medication. Dean however, was busy staring at his hands with wide eyes like it was the first time he’d ever seen them in his life.

“Thank you very much,” Mary said, handing off the bag to Castiel so she could grip the wheelchair tighter. “Cas and I will make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.” She smiled at Cas before running her fingers through her son’s hair, causing him to jump and look for the cause of the touch in a daze.

“Whoa!” Dean said through the gauze in his mouth. “That was…that was funny feeling. I think a–a thing was in my hair.” He murmured, leaning his head back to stare up at his mother.

A small chuckle escaped Castiel as he looked at his best friend. He knew how badly Dean had been hoping he wouldn’t react to the anesthesia after getting his wisdom teeth out, but it looked like that wasn’t going to be an option for him.

“Be sure to change his gauze in a few hours,” Donna said cheerfully, “but as soon as the bleeding stops he should be fine!”

Mary nodded as Castiel double checked the amount of gauze they’d been given. Looked like it would be more than enough. Castiel himself hadn’t needed nearly that much gauze, but he’d also been one of the lucky people in the world that was more or less lucid after after the operation.

Dean, however, didn’t seem like he’d be so lucky.

Mary took a deep breath and smiled at Castiel. “Thank you so much for coming, Cas. I’ll just need help getting him in the car and–”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Winchester,” Castiel assured. “I’m happy to–”

“Whoa, mom! Look!”

Castiel and Mary both looked at Dean who was staring at Castiel with bugged eyes and was pointing an unsteady finger in his direction.

Cas reached up to double check if anything was on his head or on his face that would be causing such a reaction, but nothing.

Mary frowned and leaned down. “What is it, sweetheart?”

Dean’s head lolled to the side as he stared, causing a little bit of drool to leak out from in-between his gauze.

“Mom he is so pretty.” Came the muffled response.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know fics where Dean starts dating Cas because of a bet and then Cas find out?

Originally posted by lazydemonie

I know I’ve read many fics where Dean makes a bet to date/sleep with Cas and drama ensues, but I can’t remember which ones they are and my notes don’t help me at all. So here’s the few fics I can remember at this time.Iif you guys want to add something to the list please send links to us in our SUBMIT box, and I’ll make a part 2 for this post! I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help! - Admin A

Title: The Bet

Author: CreateWriteInspire

Rating: Mature

Words: 81,254 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Lol I think the summary says it all. I mean these types of fics have been around forever and I’ve read way too many of these in different fandoms over the years to really get excited about the drama that’s bound to come. But anyway, this was an okay fic with a lot of feels and drama, so if that’s your thing then this is perfect for you!

Summary: Dean thinks he’s irresistible & bets Meg that he can get the strange kid, Castiel to get into bed with him. Dean’s feelings start to change as he gets to know Cas.

( Read here )

Title: Honey and Butter

Author: Morethancupcake

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,319 – 4 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I know I keep reccing this but I love this verse. Spoiler alert! The bet happens in the second part so don’t skip this only after reading the first part of the verse!

Summary:  "Castiel collects things. Flower petals he finds on his bedroom floor, probably brought by the wind. Pictures of trees, plants, mushrooms he sees during his walks in the forest. Different teas in beautiful old tins. John Winchester’s words, out of Dean’s mouth, like thorns in his heart.“

Castiel is different. But between his bees, his pictures and his friend Sam, he’s happy. Then comes Dean. Dean who’s loud, and mean, but so beautiful.

( Read here )

Title: The Bet and The End

Author: raiseyourpinky

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 61,722 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I hadn’t read this fic before getting this ask so for the first time since forever I actually got to read something while researching fics for an ask. I read so much that I usually have answers ready no matter what you guys throw at us, so yeah this was pretty good even though it was a little cliché.

Summary: When Dean asks Castiel out to win a bet, he never counts on the consequences. It turns out Castiel isn’t as ordinary as he presumed. And Dean isn’t as heartless as he thought.

( Read here )

Title: Cruel Dares and Twisted Truths

Author: destielshipper

Rating: Mature

Words: 57,780 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: So this is one of those stories where Dean makes a bet to deflower the resident nerd Castiel. And I think we can all safely say that nothing good ever comes with bets like these :’D So be prepared for misunderstandings, heartbreaks and a lot of tears. Enjoy!

Summary: From the moment they met in freshman year aged fourteen years old, complete opposites, and stuck together in the beginning of the high school they hated each other. Dean Winchester was boisterous, loud and a troublemaker with popularity around school that made him shine, Dean had his own little gang and had a kind of friend with everyone in his year apart from one. Castiel Milton was quiet, clever and secluded in his own world; he had a small group of friends and refused to give one minute of his time to one particular boy. Castiel hated Dean, Dean hated Castiel. Their feud was never ending, never changing, and continued well up to senior year. Their lives were on completely different paths with Dean stuck in a problem he couldn’t escape and Castiel in an endless nightmare. It was senior year when everything started to change and mould into the future they were meant to share.

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Anonymous asked: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im kinda gay au uwu

Author’s note: I got this one in my inbox this morning, and I was kinda thinking about it at work, and then I sort of just, yeah…

“Yo, Winchester! You’re seriously still hanging out with Novak? What if he rubs off on you? You could end up being just like him, and your spot on the football team won’t be enough to save your popularity.”

Dean was gritting his teeth, both hands gripping the armrests of his seat, knuckles turning white. Next to him, his best friend Castiel was slowly shaking his head in silent warning.

It was supposed to be a fun night out, just him and Cas at the movies like friends did on Friday nights. So what were the odds that Alastair and his obnoxious group of minions happened to be sitting two rows behind them at the cinema, throwing insults at Cas every five seconds.

“I’m not gonna take this any longer, he’s been doing this for months now.” Dean hissed under his breath, swiftly approaching a breaking point. “We’re seventeen, not seven! It’s about time they start acting like adults.”

“Please don’t, Dean.” Castiel all but begged, putting a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “They’re never going to stop anyway, and do I need to remind you that there’s five of them and two of us? You’re going to get hurt if you go over there. Or worse, they’ll get back at you Monday at school when they catch you alone.”

A whistle from behind them.

“Oooh, look at that, the boyfriends are touching.” That was unmistakably Gordon’s voice, Alastair’s most lethal partner in crime.

Dean’s blood was boiling. This had happened too many times already… Ever since Castiel had come out six months ago, he’d been pestered by these homophobic asshats for no reason, and Dean was more than done with it. The code that Dean Winchester lived by was a simple code: One; don’t touch my little brother. Two; don’t hurt my best friend. The fact that Cas always claimed that it was ‘fine’ and that he’d learned to ignore it, wasn’t good enough for Dean. Someone like Cas deserved to have a carefree life without having to deal with this unnecessary bullshit.

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