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MAKE ME CHOOSE:   THE GREAT GATSBY  or   to kill a mockingbird.

His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.

So I’m feeling a bit disconnected…so how is everyone?

What if Highschool!stuck Eridan was super excited about the upcoming prom and really wanted to ask out Sollux, but before he could their circle of friends started making jokes about how he’d probably ask out anyone out of desperation. (He has a certain neediness to him because he’s literally all alone in his house. Dualscar works with the military most of the year and cronus is at boarding school. It’s been this way for several years.)  This breaks down his self-esteem so much that he tries to just wait and see if maybe someone will ask him, maybe even Sollux. But then Sollux agrees to go with Feferi (as a misunderstanding, he thought it was a friend thing and she thought it was romantic) and Eridan sort of gives up hope.

He still goes to the prom though, clingy to the idea that he can still have fun and that maybe he can just dance with friends.

Except those friends spend most of the time making fun of his lack of a date.

So he finally can’t take it anymore and just slips off to one of the empty classrooms to sob in the corner. But Sollux who was starting to get worried followed him and overhears him sobbing and sort of figures out how bad his home life is, but rather then doing the right thing and checking on Eridan first, his poor social skills lead him to gather up their friends and explain what he heard, to which everyone figures out how shitty they’ve been. So they ask where Eridan is now and Sollux is just like Probably still in the classroom and everyone’s just like, you left him there???!!!

So they all head over to Eridan’s house to say sorry, but they can’t find him in the house ‘cause it’s so big and unused and they get creeped out by how quiet it is, and how little food there is and stuff. And they start to make connections to times when he would always ask to go over to one of their houses, and they’d blow him off and be like “you just wanna hit on me” and they figure out how lonely he must be. 

They end up having to split up to find it, and finally Karkat and Gamzee stumble upon him and he’s in a really bad state and neither know how to help him because Karkat was a major problem in making fun of Eridan and they can’t calm him down or anything, until Gamzee finally sobers up a bit, and because he was basically the nicest one to Eridan he calms him down after shoving Karkat out of the room.

Hatesick AU

1980s mode was just a myth. Ryoba Aishi was innocent but convicted of first degree murder after one of her friends got electrocuted in the bathroom. The journalist took leaps of logic and created a barely coherent story about how the Aishi family were secretly all monsters who kidnapped men. He also made up a lie about how Ryoba killed nine other girls, she just burned the bodies (and the court believed this, yeah it’s gonna be one of those Aus). Faced with the death penalty, Ryoba and her husband fled the country, leaving behind their newborn child, Ayano Aishi.

The girl was secretly taken care of by the journalist’s daughter, until Ayano was able to take care of herself. And for a couple years she hid, waiting for the day she could be accepted.

Back at present day, the journalist has taken a holiday to America for unknown reasons (aka he found out where Ryoba was hiding and is coming to take her life), so Ayano finally can come out of hiding. She couldn’t get into a good highschool, stuck with the school her mother went to: Akademi High..

Ever since the “murder” in the 1980s, the school had a horrible reputation. And only some of the worst kids in Japan went there.

But hey at least some random hot guy ran into Ayano on the first day of school. But she’s fallen in love and is willing to do anything to get the boy she loves..

Except murder. This isn’t some “Yandere Simulator”! It’s more of a “Sit down and Have a Friendly Chat Simulator”. Only the people you wanna chat with want to stab you..

*character synopsis coming soon*

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(Im sorry kyo but rude anon ticked me) let me tell you about disability payment. my three person house ONLY gets disability checks to live on. even when my brother got PT at mcdonalds, they take HALF of what he earns out of our check, and if he gets too many more hours they will remove it completely. mental disability dosent just mean retardation. in autism socialphobia IS a thing, so much so that i would literallly freeze up and start panicing if asked to talk in class. and because if that i

lost my job at arbys after highschool cause they stuck me on the register straight off and on an intense lunch rush where i couldnt ex out old orders cause NO ONE SHOWED ME i yelled at my manager because it built too much. also there IS such a thing as physical disability. my moms back has literally had more surgeries than i can remember from slipped hemorrhaged or fused disks to down right disintegration and getting a stem unit installed. so do NOT YELL AT PEOPLE FOR HAVING FING DISABILITY!!!!

so anon next time you fill out an application put in a ‘small’ disability like autism or arthritis or hearing loss or such, and see how fast people line up to answer.

and something i mentioned in tags too, autism isnt the only thing if that was all I would have probably been able to find a job. the PTSD i’ve only recently been able to get enough under control so i’m not up till 4 in the morning wracked with flashbacks and still I cant bring myself to be alone with a guy I dont know extremely well without someone with me. I even have to bring Dig with me to my appointments if its a male professional. It’s pretty bad. So uh, yea no. I get the “concern” from the anon but no.

you know this song as well as i

because machawicket has had a bad day and i love her and her fics to pieces, and also bc i was freaking out about shules last night so i thought i’d use a trope from them. also i’m still super confused about how the mayoral campaign is gonna go so i just made up an opponent for oliver because i’m not totally sure who’s having what role in this season’s election

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 1,057 | Pairing: Oliver Queen // Felicity Smoak | Futurefic

They’re sitting at the tables on the edge of the dance floor, and it’s bugging him.

Because they should be out there socializing, and they would be, if he hadn’t done this. The only problem being he doesn’t know exactly what he did that’s gotten Felicity so upset. All he knows is that before last night they were all fine, and then they’d gotten home from their night of crime-fighting and she’d refused to talk to him.

Even now, Felicity is sitting with her arms crossed and her legs pointed away from him, keeping conversation short and brisk because they must keep up appearances for this gala for the sake of his campaign. Starling City’s newly crowned king and queen can’t be ignoring each other at an event filled with so much press, can they?

She’s sitting close to him, but she feels much farther away, and the stare of her blue eyes the few times she has looked at him throughout the evening have felt like ice.

Mr. Carlton and his fiancee, on the other hand, do not seem to have this problem.

They’re currently out there on the dance floor, not dancing especially well, but dancing nevertheless, and everyone there is eating it up. Oliver knows he shouldn’t be upset about this; he’s the one who made the rule on no dancing, but maybe it might be worth it to break it if dancing will shatter the ice wall between him and Felicity enough for her to tell him what’s wrong.

“Want to dance?” he asks her, casually, as if it’s no big deal, when the song that the band has been playing finally ends and a waltz begins to start.

She shoots him a glare similar to the one she’d given him when he’d commented Ray Palmer might be her cousin.

“No….” Felicity replies, shaking her head slightly.

“Good.” he tells her. “Neither do I.”

They sit in silence for a second or two before her breaks it again.

“But… it seems like it’s a necessary part of this campaign.” They both look over to the dance floor, where cameras are flashing at the sight of Carlton kissing the beautiful Korean woman  who’s been attached at his hip the entire evening.

“Necessary…?” she asks him, giving him that look she’s patented for whenever he starts giving her bullshit. “Well, too bad for you; you don’t dance.”

Her tone is accusatory, and he wonders if that might be why she’s mad at him. But dancing hadn’t come up last night…. had it? He can’t remember, and it’s killing him.

“Yeah…” Oliver mutters “too bad.”

And then he stands up and offers her his hand.

The look on her face is priceless. A mixture of awe and astonishment. She’s looking around as if to check for cameras like this is some sort of prank, and he knows she has good reason to, because he never dances.

He’d danced one time, at a formal in highschool, and it had been during his and Laurel’s first break up and he’d wondered at the time what exactly was so special about dancing with a girl, because honestly it kind of sucked.

He’d learned later how to dance all manners and styles, mostly for his mother, and then later to dance with Thea at parties because she’d barely started discovering boys and he did not want them dancing with her at any of them. But he’d never really danced for himself again.

This is different and they both know it.

He pulls her to the center of the dancefloor, taking in the small peek of her legs he can see from under the long burgundy skirt of her dress. Felicity’s eyes dart around nervously as he moves her for a gentle spin, and then he pulls her close to him with a sudden but soft jerk and he can hear her breath catch.

She won’t look him in the eyes at first, and when she finally does he finds he cannot read her, but then she starts talking.

“Wow. You’re dancing. Like really dancing. You never dance. And you’re dancing with me. This is. Wow.”

“Yes I am.” he tells her, and he can feel the soft hint of a smile creeping onto his face as he leads her backwards, softly pressing their bodies together. “I’m making an exception.”

“I thought you didn’t know how.” She whispers, and he can practically feel the ice wall melting.

Oliver doesn’t answer her question, really, just gives her one of the things his dance teacher told him when he was in highschool, something that stuck with him for all these years. Although, admittedly, she was probably hitting on him at the time. “They say it’s all about your connection with your partner,” he says, lips just barely brushing her ear. “When you have the right partner, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

She slowly begins to smile, for the first time all day, and he would kiss her, but he still has one stop to pull out, one more thing to wow her with before the song is over.

So he dips her.

It’s a slow dip, not the fast kind he’s done with Thea occasionally, and his hands lower her back closer to the ground in a gentle swoop. Ooh’s and aah’s fill the room as all eyes turn to them.

Felicity shakes her head a little at him in awe. And that, that is when he kisses her.

The cameras go crazy and people start applauding and this is why Oliver doesn’t dance, but he thinks it might be worth it anyway because of the way Felicity looks up at him when he pulls away and lifts her up again.

“Fine,” she tells him, as if she’s trying to make him think she’s still upset with him after all this. “I forgive you.”

He can ask her what he did wrong later.

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What kind of differences are there between high school and uni?

a lot tbh..


this depends on what you major in. For science, there’s a lot less tests, and a lot more labs and emphasis on exams. In arts and social sciences, there’s more assignments and essays and less focus on exams. 

Your grades might drop a little but this isn’t really a rule. My grade went up in calculus (to an A!) in uni because the prof was amazing and I really enjoyed how he taught the course. In bio, my mark dropped to a B in second semester because the prof’s exams were totally different than what he taught in class.

And again, depending on your major.. in sciences, attendance for lectures wasn’t/isn’t mandatory. Most profs record lectures and put them online. But you had to attend labs and you couldn’t make them up (for chemistry at least) if you missed them.

All in all, I liked university way better even though it’s much harder. There’s more focus (the course has a main topic, then topics within.. whereas in highschool there were a LOT of topics, divided by units). 

You’re not taking the exact same classes 5 days a week (which was my hs at least). This gave me more freedom because I have more time to catch up between certain courses (ex. chem was mon,wed,fri I had tuesday and thursday and the weekend to study it).


or just like your life in general… Uni >>> highschool. You’re not stuck with the same people 5 days a week. You’re not obligated to stay in the same area (you can leave a lecture if you want to, you can eat anywhere on campus or off campus). There’s a lot of places to go, you can walk within campus to get some fresh air (usually you have to walk to classes).

Overall, there’s a lot more freedom. You can sit and eat alone, no one would give a shit. You can casually chat to someone sitting next to u in a lab or class and honest to god, no one cares. Just feel free to chat to anyone and make friends, even if they’re just friends with you in that class or lab. You don’t have to be dedicated them (like as an actual friend), but it’s nice to have acquaintances.