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Hiiiii I love your art it is beautiful! Could you take a request of teacher!kuailiang or teacher!kenshi?

EDIT: lol i forgot to add his scar c’: …shame on me

Another yandere sim redesign! It’s Gemu Taku this time

Gemu’s design has been significantly changed. First is his body shape, I made him chubby, it adds more variety to the male students because so far, all the male students look like Kirito, just with different hairstyles and eye colour, and maybe personality (emphasis on maybe). I changed his hairstyle, to make it more well-suited and natural. I also replaced his ‘otaku swirl glasses’ with regular circular glasses. He has less facial hair now too.

For his name, he’s now Tetsuo Kojima, Tetsuo meaning ‘wise men’ which relates to his new personality, Tetsuo is also an homage name to computer scientist, Tetsuo Asano. His last name, Kojima means ‘small island’, and it’s an homage to game developer Hideo Kojima, famous for the ‘Metal Gear” series.

And now for the big personality change, Tetsuo is a computer scientist nerd, ocassionally he plays games but that’s to observe programming and code. He really likes to open up computers and observe the inner mechanisms of it, and he wishes to get a career in software engineering and IT, he’s also a genius, doing really well in computer science and mathematics. However, when it was only young, he would get picked on for his size, he would be called ‘fatty’, ‘pig’ and would be often told by everyone that no one would like him. In his current age, people still make fun of him and often avoid him because of the stigma attached to his appearance. People saw him as a ‘deviant’ and a ‘pervert’ because of how he looked when in reality, he’s not a pervert and he would call out on any perverts/ creeps for their disgusting behaviours. Tetsuo is a huge softie who cares about other people, he’s also very hygienic too as he’s a bit of a fear of germs, however due to the constant bullying, he began to suffer depression, he would cut out all contacts with other people in the fear that they are faking their niceness to him or just fearing that those who want to be friends with him would make fun of them too. So Tetsuo is currently lonely, he doesn’t have any friends, and often times he would hide his problems away, fearing that his family will make a fuss about it, who knows how deep he’s going into to, but things will change…..To be continued.

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop  

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