highschool shooting

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dylan comes 2 erics house and invites himself in

he walks 2 erics room

dylan: **hear’s girly moaning coming from eric’s room**


eric’s room: unGHGHGH MpPppHH aAa

dylan: **opens the door**

dylan: what are yo-

eric: **has an audio track of a girl moaning playing over and over while he deepthroats slim jims**

dylan: d ude wtf

eric:  um

dylan: what’s with the a ud i o t a pe


dylan: you’re so lonely

eric: i just want pussy dylan

dylan: i mean u can have my cat if u want but like i love rocky

eric: i stg

dylan: did i do smth wron g

eric: close the door

French School Shooting Quick Overview

16th March 2017

Where? : Alexis de Tocqueville A-level College, Grasse on the French Riviera

Who? : 17 Year Old ‘Killian B’

(Picture of Shooter From His Facebook)

Using What? : 

  1. Two hand guns 
  2. A hunting rifle
  3. Two training grenades

How Many Killed? : 0

How Many Injured?: 14

jayisaqueer  asked:

highschool au sounds like a blessing bc like there'd be -jasper protecting his boyfriend from bullies (he's the captain of the football team), -david being head cheerleader and that boy is a flyer oh my god, - CUTE!! DATES!!! (and they met in a cute way too ajdnsn) -jen and gwen being the lesbian power couple (jen's co captain of the football team) - daniel being their nerdy friend thats a little /too/ into weird shit but they love him anyway and so much more omg

!!! my thoughts exactly!!

Yo! I’m Veronica. I’m 17, and just barely a senior in highschool. Feel free to shoot me an ask.

((Reincarnation!AU: all the characters have been reincarnated in modern day. Veronica has no memory of her previous life, but others do, and they think of this as a second chance, a do over for people who died too young. This is a Musical AU, not a movie AU, so things will follow that more. So! Feel free to ask!))

Pekka Eric Auvinens Background

There seemed to be nothing wrong with Pekka Eric Auvinens family life. It was normal, hardly any major disputes, and no signs of abuse. His parents were aware of the violence that were in the video games he played and became concerned, and had eventually taken them away from his grasp. He grew up in school normally and had friends,there was nothing to indicate that he was troubled, yet as he transitioned to his teenage years he had less friends and the quality of his grades declined. There are records that he was bullied at school, most likely because he dressed more elegantly than those around him and he was overly blunt, had unconventional opinions, and had obscure interests than majority of those that knew him. Having interests that were unusual and different than your peers is difficult because you often feel alone even in a crowded room. Yet, this does indicate intelligence, since he was able to find other interests on his own, rather than going by whatever everyone else liked.

Once he had turned 16 Pekka began to have even more struggles with socializing and making friends. In April, 2006, he started taking medication for social anxiety and his panic disorder. Once the fall of 2007 came forth, he stopped his medication and was no longer under its influence or any other substances during the attack. 

Even though in the report it said he had no friends he would often talk about buying guns and hinted that he might commit a shooting to those he would often talk to or hang out with. It seems safe to say that who he was telling this to weren’t his friends, yet they were still of some importance- perhaps acquaintances or friends that he rarely associated with but would talk to from time to time. They were ‘acquaintances’ most likely that he tolerated, but weren’t real or meaningful relationships. He had also been bullied for involuntary blushing and insecurities. 

The reason why he had been bullied for his interests was because he was infatuated with the columbine massacre and other shootings that occured in the USA. His opinions portrayed his appraisal towards the Unabomber and other highly regarded school shooters and he was also inspired by a Finnish ecologist Pentti Linkola who often wrote about the matter of overpopulation. He created a video as a salute to him in which he repeated his quotes from Linkola: “A minority can never have any other effective means to influence the course of matters but through the use of violence,” and “I wish that death to mankind comes soon.” Linkola is often known for his radical views, which may be part of the reason why he was so appealing to Pekka.


Baekhyun had a bit of an identity crisis and Chanyeol is that guy who carries around his guitar everywhere for no apparent reason whatsoever…

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