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Highschool Sentence Starters
  • "So... What are you in detention for?"
  • "I saw you're having a lot of trouble in class. I can tutor you, if you want."
  • "Can I draw you? It's for an art project and you have the most perfect profile."
  • "Whoa, wait, you've never been to a real party before?!"
  • "Don't think I haven't heard you gossiping about me. Do you really think that?"
  • "Crap! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!"
  • "I'm new, and every other lunch table is full. Can I sit here?"
  • "Wait, you're a twin? There's TWO of you?"
  • "Hey! Back off would you?"
  • "Shut up, I'm trying to hear the teacher."
  • "I guess we're paired up for the 'robot baby' project. Nice to meet you."
  • "Why did you just let those bullies do that to you?"
  • "I don't want to talk about the bullies, okay?"
  • "You want me to do /what/ with you in the janitor's closet?"
  • "I'm not breaking into the school files, are you kidding me?!"
  • "So... wanna make out in some janitor's closet?"
  • "Does this make us Friends with Benefits?"
  • "Did you leave this love letter in my locker?"

About Me (ฅ'ω'ฅ

Name: Angel
Last: Hyde
Full Name: Angel Hailee Don Marie
Status: Single
Age: 17
Birthdate: October 13th 1999
Occupation: Highschool Student
Hobbies: Roleplaying, Drawing, Playing Piano, Playing Video Games, Writing
Favorite Food: Ramen Noodles, Sushi, Steak and Ribs.
Favorite Drink: Earl Grey Tea
Favorite Author: Janette Oke
Beliefs: Christian
Pet Peeve: Pay it forwards. Respect is something earned.
Favorite Anime: Naruto and Hellsing
Favorite Color: Purple and Neon Green
Dream Job: Animator
Favorite Video Game Series: The Legend of Zelda and MGS
Dream Place To Live: It’s always been France since I was a child
Current Living Spot: In my parents house in Canada
Favorite School Subject: Science
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Best Friend: @fullmetalexorcist41 and @haileelovesdogs (Since grade 6 for Fullmetalexorcist, that would be 7 years. And Hailee loves dogs would be since Kindergarten. That would be 12 years for us.)

the first custom game on ptr i made

it was called “OVERWATCH HIGHSCHOOL KAWAII NEKO ROLEPLAY ;33″, it was specifically a skirmish and i made it so everybody had max MAX hp so nobody could rlly do damage and everybody just kinda fucked around

one team was called “SUPER KAWAII NEKO GIRLS” and it had dva, sombra, mercy, and mei; the other team was called “SUPER HOT BUFF GUYS” and it had mccree, junkrat, hanzo, and genji

the first time i started the game, i was sombra……. and there was this one guy who was junkrat and kept talking about how he wanted mei to sit on his face while i was trying to talk about how everybody playing was in drama club and we were going to recite lines to romeo and juliet,,,, ppl couldnt switch so i fixed that and restarted the game

the second time i was mccree and,, sombra kept hacking me whenever i high nooned and mkept following me around and shooting me until i gave her the succ and then i guess we started dating…….. lucio actually tried to make her cheat on him but she got me to beat him up B))

and then everybody died

Highschool AU with asktheirelandtwins


Cheyenne waited until the other students were gone, a tad embarrassed about having to speak to her teacher after class as she smoothed out her short skirt. Why was her teacher holding her back after class? Was it her outfit? She just didn’t want to overheat…

She sighed softly, tucking a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear as she heard the door close. She held her books close to her chest as she went up to the teacher’s desk, her heeled boots making small clicks against the linoleum floor.

Since it was rather hot out – even for late September – she was wearing a black, low-cut, v-neck t-shirt that showed off a bit of cleavage, a short, asymmetrical skirt in mint green, and heeled boots. She kept her work clothes and a leather jacket in her bag, which her teacher for this hour let her keep in the room for the day.

“D-Did you need my help with anything, sir?” Cheyenne asked, her voice rather soft as she looked up at him.

ll Closed Highschool AU with ask-the-2p-kirkland-duo ll

Morishige walked down to class 2-9, pushing his glasses up his nose and looking around.

His class had started to prepare for the school’s culture festival, some of the costumes his one friend - Mayu - had made in his hands as he hurried down to the classroom.

He saw a young woman that looked lost, going up to her and smiling a bit as he said, “You must be new here… Who are you?”

Invader Weeb

Well. Here’s my story.

Back in highschool, I roleplayed heavily on Gaiaonline. I liked the more ‘literate’ forums, but I didn’t want to feel forced to write 5+ paragraphs each and every time. (A standard often demanded from pretentious over achievers. I don’t care you have nothing to actually respond to, you must tell me in extreme depth what your character thinks about that vague gesture that other character is making!)

So i kinda struck gold on a Invader Zim RP. It was casual, but everyone wrote a healthy amount and there was just enough effort. Pretty much as far away from anime you can get, not that it stopped anyone from using anime face cannons for OC’s. (ABUNDANT ART THEFT BUT THAT’S ANOTHER RANT) Lunches of lonely OC’s were often sushi and they came from misunderstood households where everyone hated the special character. Basically wish fulfillment, but mostly harmless right?

I played I Zim. And I secretly relished in rejecting would be love interests. You can just tell when a OC was specially made to be a romantic partner and it was a guilty pleasure having Zim blow his ‘nose’ in confession letters, horribly misunderstand obvious situations, and straight up be a selfish a-hole like he was in the show. (I should add, people would often try to force their ships on me, with never consulting me first. I don’t know, I guess I was just expected to ship because I played a cannon character?)

Once a character cried to Zim that she was a special alien from a dying planet and had a bomb in her stomach and MUST be saved. Zim would just laugh or run away from situations like that and people learned fast that unless he could benefit in some way, he wasn’t going to be a 'hero’ of any sort.

Then. Came Tabasa. That was her username. Also, it was the name of her OC. Also she was a recolor of Dib, but with boobs, red shirt, and slightly longer hair.

Sea olso tiepd lick ths oll teh tiem!!! :DDD <3

That’s not an exaggeration. I swear to you, on my grandmother’s grave, that it was even worse than that. Because it was that, plus size 14 bold font. With bright red highlighting the dialog. Which was almost useful, since she never used quotation marks or any form of punctuation ever.

I was in highschool at the time, and as you might guess she tried to hit on Zim and got rejected. I really hoped she’d just leave the RP completely after that but no. Everyone else at the time was in middle school or just entering high school, and the youngest member was the girl playing Dib. She was bullied into breaking her own ship to serve Tabasa fantasy.

Tabasa, as we found later, was 25 at the time.

The characters were slightly aged a year older, but that was old enough for her to demand more mature themes.

I should add… she sad all the characters names with a 'san’ or 'chan’ stuck to the end. And her characters family came from Japan. And she’d often sprinkle the word 'baka’ and 'kawaii’ all the time.

As a small weebling myself, I could let it slide, kinda. Until she friggin magic’d herself a pair of 'neko cat ears’ and used every damn anime cat girl cliche in the book to seduce all the boys. (Of which there was none. At some point it was almost a “YOU TAKE HER, NO YOU” I ended up making up a Marty Stu character to basically act as a lightening rod for her characters affections and it still disgusts me how far she took that inch I gave her)

She was a extremely abusive person, and often used her mental disabilities and threatened suicide to get what she wanted. And it worked for MONTHS. When we did get sick of it and banned her, she made a mule account and tried to get back in.

Again, her writing style was very distinctive, and it didn’t help that she claimed to have read over 2,000 pages in a single night and was 100% caught up with the plot.

Tabasa ended up calling me a bully for not letting her have her way in the end, and stole my RP post layout codes for her own 'spin offs’ where everyone loved her oc.

Who would in the future, turn into dragons, wolves, fairies, mermaids, was a secret princess Irken, magic girl, and had 5 different anime girl face cannons.

I… wish I was exaggerating.

Below is just a small list of crappy things she pulled in her reign of terror.

  • She confessed to Zim. Zim rejects. She slits her wrists on the sidewalk and demands to know why she wasn’t loved.
  • She forced a Zim clone (Female version of course, a Tak recolor too) into the RP without consulting anyone. Especially me. Even though my character supposedly 'created’ this clone.
  • Clone is quickly killed when no one ends up loving it to death. Okay.
  • The god damn neko ears, what the hell man.
  • There was goddamn tail too.
  • French kissing was expecting and expected in detail. This is what made me had my Marty Stu break up with her because I was personally disgusted and was never consulted.
  • Since I was the only 'willing’ partner she had, she told me if I didn’t keep the ship up she was going to 100% kill herself and it would be her blood on my hands.
  • When 'Tabasa’ was dumped, she was dumped on a cruise ship near Hawaii. But just for her suicide scene, the room was suddenly a dojo full of samurai swords and she committed seppuku. In extreme detail.
  • She was 25. I was 16 at the time. Everyone else was younger. I know now she was a pedofile. I can only hope she never forced anyone else to actually smut with her.
Continued Highschool AU damn tumblr is a dick


She nodded, plugging her ears and humming as he said.

Morishige quietly went downstairs, stopping and watching.

He saw a woman with jet black hair that was wearing a pink and teal uniform, lying on the floor and staring at something in horror.

“N-No… Please! Let me go!” She begged, pressing herself against the wall.