highschool role play

Highschool Au\\closed


It was September 5th, the first day of Dean’s senior year. This semester he had to take chemistry (blah), English lit (double blah), an auto shop IV (awesome), and Trig (meh,easy). It was also the year that Dean was given the Impala as his own car to drive whenever he wanted, provided he drove Sam to school with him each morning, and since Sam had to get to school an hour early for NO reason what so ever, Dean pulled into school at 6am a god awful time to be awake. 

This did however allow him to get a great parking space where no one could door his precious baby. He got out as a few other students were walking in, and joined them, heading inside to his locker. Across from him was a student he hadn’t seen before, but when the boy turned Dean was struck by how amazing the boys bright blue eyes were. He culdn’t help staring.