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Instagram photoshoots with Yachi, Hinata, and Kageyama!

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Wade the bouncer. Peter just wants to dance.

peter i swear i’m 25 parker has a baby face and it haunts his every waking day, nobody takes him seriously, and right now he can’t get into the club the rest of his friends just walked into

peter even has his birth certificate and passport this time, but the asshole bouncer just tells him he’s trying too hard, so peter pulls out the big guns and looks up a highschool photo of himself and mj, who’s already inside, it’s in the newspaper and everything, wade just whistles low and tells him that he’s really dedicated to this, most impressive try he’s ever seen, id even looked real

and peter is just fucking seething because it is fucking real asshat, peter decides to wait outside for his friends to drunkenly realize that he’s still not inside yet and come looking for him, he and wade end up talking, wade asks if peter is in college, peter tells him he already graduated with a ba in mechanical engineering, tells him about the redesigned carbon nanotube armour that got him his degree, which he then sold the rights to tony stark for the avengers, had enough to just straight up buy a house after that, no loans, so he did

wade’s actually pretty interested in the armour from the way peter described it, said he wished they had something that good back when he was in the military, peter asked him which branch, wade just grinned and said he was in the canadian version of black ops, peter asked oh yeah and what did you do, and wade pulls the i’d have to kill you if i told you

it’s late when wade says alright, i believe you, you’re not a highschooler, and peter laughs because he’s already tired and he can see his friends leaving the club completely wasted, lot of good it does him now, and wade says hey sorry about not believing you maybe i can make it up to you sometime, here’s my number

and peter doesn’t really have time to react, his friends are pulling him away already and just like that they’re all shoved in a cab and headed elsewhere, mj asks where he was, and peter says i think i got the bouncer’s number

my grandma’s highschool basketball team photo (my grandma is in the front with the rip right on her face).

photos are truly the last treasures we have on this earth

Paul Bernardo’s Highschool yearbook photo at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, Toronto. 1982

On February 17, 1993, serial killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo was arrested along with his wife Karla Homolka. His victims numbered 3–4 killed; more than 13 rapes, at least 6 attempted rapes.