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Instagram photoshoots with Yachi, Hinata, and Kageyama!


23/06/2017 - 🌹 Prom 🌹

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Look, I know you guys are mad because Jonghyun and Samuel didn’t debut, but please don’t bash knetz too hard.

A lot of knetz were super unhappy when Jonghyun was 14th place. Everyone was in shock. They didn’t sleep on Jonghyun or his talents, people just thought he was going to debut anyway so voted for other trainees. It’s unfortunate but please know that we know his talents.

Also Samuel. We also think Samuel is multitalented and should be in wanna one. There were all lot of people who supported Samuel in my school. One time, I heard some girls talking about how Samuel is handsome and talented and saw them encouraging their teacher to vote for him. It’s not about race.Sure there were a few people who bashed Samuel online but a very very VERY few. Also if Samuel was hated for his race, why did he get 2nd place in the fourth ranking and 5th place for last week? It doesn’t make sense. I think lot of people liked Samuel but not enough to be their one pick. Or, like Jonghyun, people just thought he would be in the final lineup no matter what.

I personally wish they have been in the line up but we can’t change the results. I just wrote this post because many international fans are hating on knetz and supposedly ‘untalented’ trainees. It hurt my feelings watching gifs of us knetz being bashed for the wrong reasons. Please stop the hate and let us love because in the end, we all love the produce 101 boys.

Sincerely a Highschool girl knetz