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95 / 100 /// this shirt always makes me feel unstoppable. also, i actually planned out my week, and it’s been so good? i actually thought of so many little tasks that i needed to do to manage throughout the rest of the week, and i prefer it to spending my days mildly panicking writing tasks down


I made a few things awhile ago! One to celebrate an amazing season 3 and the other to celebrate an amazing season, period!


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╳; Headcanon

So I’ve always headcanoned about the photos on Gertrude table from season 1. 

@motherkapelput & @this-cunning-linguist because you guys might be interested!

So the photo on the left, I think, is Gertrude’s family in Germany and obviously on the right we have Osbirb. I totally headcanon that those are in fact Oswald’s last highschool photos, when he was like 17. I don’t think there are many pictures of Oswald existing, especially outside of season 2-3 which mostly occurred due to tabloids because Oswald doesn’t like having his photo taken, especially when he was younger because of his self-esteem/image issues. ( And yeah, they look to be the same picture or at least taken at he same time. Oswald’s hair and outfit is the same. )

So basically the picture they used on his wanted poster was one of his highschool pics, to Oswald’s displeasure. He despises those pictures but he always had them done and he was always dressed nice with his hair tidy because of Gertrude. School photo day was her favourite, she always wanted Os to bring her home a “handsome picture”. 

@90s-forever and @fcyaa staging at the drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc 

    one thing that i am already having fun with being able to scan my own photos now is being able to create natural borders from the edge of the negatives. it took me a few scans before i realized i could do it, so only a few of these infrared have it. in highschool photo class there was one enlarger that had a bigger negative holder than all the others that would allow me to create borders on the enlargements we made. i always snagged that enlarger. i would love to set up a dark room soon.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm

The picture is unclear but is that Sohye looking at SeungAh and SeungAh smiling with her? :o :o 

Looking at the surrounding, I think they weren’t filming and maybe were having a break. But BUTTTT Sohye rested HER HEAD ON SeungAh’s LAP!!! 

Seonam Girls’ Highschool Investigators BTS photos from JTBC