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Number of Dangan Ronpa series copies sold so far

Number of copies sold in first week/total sales (up until 2015)

[PSV] Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa Another Episode (Spike Chunsoft) {2014-09-25} - 63,898 / 95,901

[PSV] Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa Another Episode [PS Store] {DL} (Spike Chunsoft) {2014-09-25} - 5,206 / 8,134

[PSV] Danganronpa 1&2 Reload (Spike Chunsoft) {2013-10-10} - 70,803 / 110,038

[PSP] Danganronpa -The School of Hope and Highschool Student of Despair- [PSP Best version] (Spike) {2011-11-23} - 13,015 / 132,660

[PSV] Danganronpa 1&2 Reload [PS Store] {DL} (Spike Chunsoft) {2013-10-10} - - / 5,697

[PSP] Super Danganronpa 2 -Goodbye Despair Academy- (Spike Chunsoft) {2012-07-26} - 59,112 / 101,149

[PSP] Danganronpa -The School of Hope and Highschool Student of Despair- (Spike) {2010-11-25} - 34,583 / 81,221

And let’s have a look at NDRV3’s first week sales:

[PSV] New Danganronpa V3 Everyone’s Killing New Semester (Limited Edition Included) - 76166
[PS4] New Danganronpa V3 Everyone’s Killing New Semester (Limited Edition Included) - 40006

And we’re past third week as of now (2017. 02. 08)
NDRV3’s sales: PSV- 101,884 PS4- 52,302 (total over 1500k)

Summary - NDRV3 is the biggest hit in the franchise history.
Conclusion - If next installment of DR doesn’t come out, then it’s not because of sales or bad receptions.

How about.... non-hope's peak and despair highschool au with the guys and their s/o? Like, in a normal highschool au where the guys have an s/o. Yeah. Nailed it.



  • He’s one of the ‘popular’ kids, so things can be a bit,,,different 
  • there’s constantly girls at his feet, and boys dirty talking him
  • and you’re just there, not wanting any of it 
  • he walks you to all of your classes, the two of you have lunches together 
  • he sits beside you, wanting you to be within arms reach
  • dates have a 40% chance of being interrupted by some bitch at school
  • it does get you down a lot…with him being so perfect
  • if he ever catches you saying something negative he’d do whatever it took to make you know that he just whats you
  • w h a t e v e r  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • when the two of you are alone, on a bench or something, he’d put his head on your lap and just lie there 
  • He loves working together on projects with you
  • most of the PDA happens in private, away from prying eyes
  • honestly the best boyfriend holy 


  • he’s that kid that’s like popular but not at the same time??
  • he’s a complicated boy
  • he’ll throw a tantrum if you aren’t in the same class as him
  • he’s so needy and whinny, not wanting to be at school
  • and sometimes, he just-
  • isn’t there? for like? this one class?
  • but he aces the tests?
  • who is he 
  • he loves everyone to know that you are his and you two are in fact a thing 
  • he stood up on the lunch tables and would not shut up about it
  • but most of the emotional stuff is kept for private uses 
  • cougH


  • he would much rather you two keep the details about your relationship a secret, he’s not comfortable at ALL
  • you’re classes are all with him, so he isn’t left alone 
  • so it’s pretty natural when you and him are together constantly 
  • if he gets teased, you’re there to fight back for him
  • he’s eternally grateful
  • he’s always afraid when you ask for something, like a hug in public 
  • he really really doesn’t want anyone to know
  • you have to be the one to open him up a bit more 
  • eventually, he’ll feel comfortable calling you his girlfriend
  • but that takes time
  • but you will happily wait 


  • he’s like that mysterious person that no one talks to but everyone knows 
  • He prefers to not have classes with you, you’d distract him
  • he won’t complain if he is with you though
  • he likes to keep most of the PDA to a minimum
  • however, he needs to mark his territory somehow ;)
  • he’ll do things like holding hands, definitely 
  • he just thinks that love should be sacred, and kept in private  
  • He looks very different without his usual mask….it makes you want to laugh
  • but overall, really standard dating with a bit of spice


  • he hates school. period.
  • he finds it suuuuper boring 
  • he relies on you for notes a lot, which is frustrating 
  • you have to drag him out of bed each day, which is also frustrating!
  • you basically have to threaten to break up with him before he does anything by himself 
  • he barely scrapes by with passing grades
  • when he goes to relax for the weekend, he’s met with you
  • oh shit
  • you tell him to get his lazy ass to do work before you kick it to Uranus
  • yikes
  • so needless to say, he does it 
  • He likes showing PDA a bit, but not full out tongue licking 
  • he thinks he’s a cool kid
  • he’s not
  • rip


  • He’s the most normal out of all the guys (besides being slightly emo)
  • he does enjoy if he has classes with you, but he understands that he can’t be with you all the time…
  • he sits politely across or beside you at lunch 
  • he will give you food if you ask, he can’t pass up your requests
  • if you ask, he’s going to do it 
  • he wants to please you as a boyfriend!
  • he does his homework, and studies which is good, the two of you study together 
  • you have to tell him to break, he overworks himself a lot 
  • he enjoyed just being with you, whether its at school or not


  • he intimidates people, which means not having to worry about bullies 
  • but then…no one talks to him
  • it’s pretty sad
  • he does his best in school! really!
  • but things just don’t click with him…
  • he’d much rather spend his time with bugs or nature…
  • he’s too pure to do any heavy PDA, just light kisses and hand holding 
  • You end up having to help him with homework, it becomes a study date for you two
  • …unfortunately it ends pretty quickly as he just can’t seem to do it 
  • biology is his favorite (duh)
  • he’s REALLY good at it 
  • he’s fine at letting people know that you two are a think
  • : D


  • He’s that kid that everyone thinks is a drug addict and everyone knows that they’re gonna fail
  • he really doesn’t care about school, but he still goes to classes 
  • he just isn’t very social
  • he keeps to himself, besides if you’re with him
  • he sits in a singular corner at lunch, just there
  • he does ok on tests and such 
  • he won’t do PDA. nope
  • he keeps your relationship out of school 
  • just in case
  • he still hangs out whit you though! he just doesn’t do kisses or hugs 

Just a sketch of Despair from Sakura High

Despair | @haru-heartchester

Sakura High AU | @haru-heartchester + @sakura-highschool-au

Imagines list and links

Each imagine is sorted into one of four categories, Boys, Girls, both or V3 Characters x V3 characters. 

Boys: Are the v3 boys and the s/o

Girls: Are the v3 girls and the s/o

Both: Are both boys and girls included in an ask 

Vc characters x v3 characters: Are asks that don’t include the s/o, they are just characters from drv3

Matchups: Matchups for the v3 characters and the asker 

Each ask has brackets beside it telling what mod did that ask. The asks are from oldest to newest for each category (So the ones done first will appear at the top of each category and the ones most recently done will be at the bottom of the category. Every Nsfw ask has a nsfw warning as well.




V3 characters x V3 characters:


#1 (Mod Angie )

#2 (Mod Himiko)

#3 (Mod Himiko)

#4 (Mod Himiko)

#5 (Mod Himiko)


Okay so I’ll be using the Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a clock on their wrist ticking down till the moment you meet your soulmate. 

•Imagine everyone is so nervous on their first day at Peek’s Academy looking at their clocks indicating the moment is minutes away from happening
•Imagine them the day they wake up at highschool of despair after the feeling of blacking away, first thing they do is checking their clocks but they’re already on zeros???
•"I haven’t met my soulmate yet?? Wth???“
•So the memory erasing thing would be a lot more easy to figure out in this AU but think of it
•Everyone comes to conclusions that their soulmates are one of the people at the school BUT WHO IS IT?! NO ONE KNOWS
•On this AU your clock breaks the moment your soulmate dies
•Imagine the games start, we all know who the first killed student was
•Imagine Leon having a horrid feeling on his wrist the second he stabbed Maizono, only to looking at his broken clock
•Imagine Togami couldn’t care less who his soulmate is, he never did, but when everything over and for the first time he realizes his clock never broke through the games, he feels a strange sort of both relief and disgust because “my soulmate is one of these peasants good grief”
•Kirigiri recovering small fragments of the memory of meeting her soulmate, although she can’t remember specific details such as faces or places she remembers wide eyes and one hell of a nervous stuttering voice rambling about not believing his soulmate would be such an interesting pretty girl… And something about feeling lucky.
•Imagine the students who were having a relatively normal day and they just suddenly FEEL their clock and they KNOW it just broke, seconds before the voice of Monokuma fills their ears “Upupupuuu… A body has been found!” 

~ Anonymous