highschool of debut

Some old random ghost story concept strips I made during my break time about a scary-looking guy (who can see ghosts) who vowed to be a ‘ordinary’ student in his highschool debut and a push-over ghost whom he meets on his first day. 



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Favorite Shoujo Manga by You

Few days ago I asked everyone (who follows me) to tell me its favorite shoujo mangas, and this is what I’ve got in one day from about a hundreds people !

In alphabetical order:

  1. Ai Hime Ai to Himegoto
  2. Akagami no Shirayukihime
  3. Akaiito (by Miyasaka Kaho) 
  4. Akatsuki no Yona
  5. Akuma de Koi Shiyou
  6. Akuma to Dolce
  7. Annarasumanara
  8. Ao haru ride
  9. Barajou no kiss
  10. Beast Master
  11. Black bird
  12. Bokura Ga Ita 
  13. Bokura Wa Itsumo
  14. Cardcaptor Sakura 
  15. Cat street (by Yoko Kamio)
  16. Crazy for you (by Karuho Shiina)
  17. Crossroad (by Mizuki Shioko)
  18. Dear Brother! (by Enjouji Maki)
  19. Dengeki daisy 
  20. Donten ni Warau (or Cloudy Laugh)
  21. Fall in love like a comic
  22. Faster than a kiss 
  23. Fruits Basket 
  24. Full moon wo sagashite
  25. Fushigi yugi
  26. Gals (by Mihona Fuji)
  27. Gakuen alice 
  28. Gakuen Babysitters
  29. Hadashi de bara wo fume (or Stepping on Roses)
  30. Hakushaku to Yousei (or Earl and Fairy)
  31. Hana kun to koisuru watashi (or Hanagimi to koisuru watashi)
  32. Hana to Akuma 
  33. Hana Yori Dango 
  34. Hanada
  35. Haou Arien
  36. Hapi mari
  37. Hibi Chouchou 
  38. Highschool Debut
  39. Hirunaka no ryuusei 
  40. Hiyokoi 
  41. Horimiya 
  42. Hoshi ni Naru Hi
  43. Itazura na kiss 
  44. Junai tokkou taichou
  45. Kaichou wa maid sama 
  46. Kamisama Hajimemashita 
  47. Karakuri Odette
  48. Karekano 
  49. Kimi ni Todoke 
  50. Kinkyori Renai
  51. Kiss/hug (by Mitsuki Kako)
  52. Kiss made no kyori
  53. Kitchen Princess
  54. Kobato
  55. Koi dano ai dano 
  56. koizora
  57. Koko Dake no Hanashi (not sure if by Yukina Kinako or by Mamiya Rin)
  58. Kuragehime
  59. Kurenai Ouji
  60. Kyou koi wo hajimemasu 
  61. Kyou no Kira-kun
  62. L-DK
  63. Last Game (by Amano Shinobu) 
  64. Love celeb
  65. Love so Life 
  66. Lovely Complex 
  67. Magic Knight Rayearth (by Clamp)
  68. Mairunovich
  69. Marmalade Boy 
  70. Mint na Bokura
  71. Mishounen produce
  72. Moe Kare 
  73. Namida usagi
  74. Nana
  75. Nijiiro Days
  76. Nodame Cantabile
  77. Oboreru Knife
  78. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
  79. Orange (by Takano ichigo)
  80. Oresama teacher
  81. Ouran high school host club
  82. Parfait tic!
  83. Perfect Girl Evolution (or The wallflower)
  84. Piece (by Ashihara Hinako)
  85. Pika ichi
  86. Sailor moon
  87. Seiyuu Ka
  88. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
  89. Shinobi life (by Konami Shouko)
  90. Shinshi Doumei Cross (or The Gentleman’s Alliance)
  91. Shugo Chara
  92. Skip Beat
  93. Special A
  94. Stand up! (by Aamakawa Aiji)
  95. Stardust Wink
  96. Strobe Edge
  97. Suki tte Ii na yo  (or Say I love you)
  98. Sunadokei
  99. Taiyou no ie
  100. The rose of Versailles
  101. Tokyo crazy paradise
  102. Tokyo mew mew
  103. Tomodachi no Hanashi
  104. Tonari no Atashi
  105. Tonari no kaibutsu kun
  106. Toshokan sensou: love & war
  107. True love (by Sugiyama Miwako)
  108. Usotsuki Lily
  109. V.B. Rose (by Hidaka Banri)
  110. Vampire knight
  111. Venus wa Kataomoi
  112. Warau kanoko sama
  113. Watashi ni xx shinasai
  114. Yumemiru Taiyou (or Dreamin sun)
  115. Zettai Kareshi
  116. Zutto Aishite (or Crazy in love) (I hope I got the right manga because there were 3 similar manga names for crazy in love)

Those in bold are the ones which are the favorite by more than one person, but it definitely doesn’t mean that the other mangas aren’t worth to the blod ones !
I’ve got other favorite things and I’m sure it’s worth to share them:

Favorite Mangakas:

  • Ako Shimaki
  • Megumi Mizusawa
  • Nakahara Aya
  • Shiraishi Yuki


  • Cheese in the Trap
  • Pig Bride
  • Sarasah

Not shoujo:

  • Isshuukan friends (or one Week Friends) (shounen)
  • Kagerou days (shounen)
  • Nagi no asukara (shounen)
  • Tetsugaku letra (shounen)
  • Video Girl Ai (shounen)
  • Itsuya-San (seinen)
  • Kore wa koi no hanashi (Josei)

WOW this came out an abostuletly amazing post ! It was so interesting to see that not every popular manga can be the favorite by everyone ! and it’s all thanks to you and your collaboration! I’m sure this will help everybody to find new mangas to read ! I mean me too, I found manga I’ve never read.

Ah, I didn’t add mine favorites (I would have some more names) because this time it’s just all made by you :)

That was really great! Once again, thanks to everybody who has told me its favorite mangas !

I couldn’t get everybody even if I posted the request more times in a day (of course it’s likely impossible), so I though that who hadn’t the chance to tell me its favorite shoujo manga… is still on time! So if you like, just send me an ask and tell me your favorite shoujo mangas! You can write more than one names!

And then I’m going to make a second list I guess, if i get at least 10 new names because I’m not going to write again the same mangas as this post.

I hope that this my idea will make you happy ^w^

anonymous asked:

On your "things to stop thinkinh about bts" post, I feel like another thing to add is that fans need to stop messing with jungkook about him still being in high school. I see that so much especially on twitter and i just hope he never sees those tweets because they clown him hard.

A G R E E D.  i know it’s harmless jokes fans always got some kinda joke for every occasion but, Jeon Jungkook works HARD, so hard, literally SO hard, at every single thing. He works hard at being a son and feels that he still needs to work on that. He works hard as an idol, dancing, singing, meeting with fans, learning English to better communicate with foreign fans, working hard at MCing, working hard at opening up even though he says it’s hard for him to do, works hard at everything. School is the same.

And tbh, people seem to entirely forget, that Jeon Jeongguk met BTS and became a trainee at age like 13, he was a BABy. At this point, while I was getting home off the bus and eating hot pockets and watching recess, he was maintaining school as well as idol training. He was training countless hours at BIGHIT, this is an extra added stress that’s both mental and physical, throw that on top of the fact that Jungkook was a very shy boy, introverted and going through the toughest hormonal years of his life while maintaining training and school at the same time, that’s just the middleschool/early highschool stages.

Now skip to BTS debut, Jungkook was like 15 years old at the time. 15 years old. At this age, not only did he have to worry about regular training as well as school, he had to balance actual public debut. Not only did he have added responsibilities like; PR, added choreo, special choreo, learning stage life, fanmeets, public scrutiny, general prying, dieting and body/image management, he had to focus on school at this time.

They arguably rose to popularity around dope//i need u, this places jungkook around age 17 or so, still a regular highschoolers age. He’s now been delayed in highschool a few years thanks to a demanding schedule, a schedule which will only get worse in the future. Add to this having to grow up in the public spotlight, maybe not being the best at math in the first place, and generally having 100000% things to do every single day almost every single hour. It’s not wonder that he struggles with classes and has for some time. It’s no wonder he’s slowly working his way through his classes, trying to catch up to the other students while also maintaining idol life.

I know people like to clown him over it because it’s a funny joke or meme, but this kid works himself to the bone as a idol, and the fact that he has been leading the life he has, which no doubt is a HUGE contributor to why he’s still doing classes atm, idk, I think sometimes the jokes go a little overboard, but then again maybe i’m just being too uptiGht?

…actually no, I’m not uptight. I’m about 159% too tired™ to read one more jungkook is stupid, jungkook can’t read/do math, jungkook failing a subject meme, Imma go ham.

Fallen Angel!Jeonghan (Extended ver.)

I wrote this when I first started Tumblr idk how long ago, so the scenario is a bit…cRiNgEY… AnYWAY my 2nd imagine ever was a fallen angel AU with Jeonghan, so I wrote this as the detailed version. Enjoy my old writing lol

“Y/N” has been replaced with the name Youngmin because my friend and I made it as the kind of code name for it. Also, Seventeen’s history as a kpop group is different; they started out as a self made singing group in highschool and were able to debut under Pledis after.


I had just woken up. After I sat up in bed and yawned, my phone started buzzing. It was my boyfriend, Jeonghan-


I threw my phone across the bed from the extremely loud noise.

“JAGI?!? You there?!?” He screamed again.

Dang, I could hear it even though it wasn’t on speaker and was 3 feet away from me.

I picked up the phone and held it far from my face.

“Jeonghan…” I murmured sleepily, “please don’t yell…”

“Oh…sorry Youngmin.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I CAN’T- I can’t see my reflection!”


“Sorry I woke you up, it just SCARED ME.”


“Can you come over please?”

“Fine,” I said, stifling laughter. “I’ll be over in 10 minutes.”

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the reasons i believe kaisoo is real is how they keep doing their thing (touching, being close w/ each other, etc) and rub it on our face. usually, if you are being paired/shipped with someone you don’t like, you’ll be uncomfortable, even a male (ex-)idol from older generation time had said that he didnt like the idea being shipped with other member when his group was still active (he even “ugh”-ing when he mentioned this. and honestly it was more like crack-ship tbh, the fans just shipped them both out of nowhere i think, not hardcore), but not kaisoo, they seem just fine and chill with each other. no awkward “me no likey you, no homo bro” feelings ever linger on them, not a bit.

it’s obvious that they know about all these kaisoo ordeals going on internet; they’re often seeing playing w/ their gadgets (smartphones/ tablets) especially in airport, they had seen some kaisoo banners in concerts (like in mexico) and fanmeets (in china). 

but they often doing this “gay things” when fanservice isnt required, like all the members just chilin and answering the damn questions but they are busy flirting, eyefucking and releasing sexual tension. and when they’re on stage they do things like glancing then biting lips (soo), turning head like an owl to see his other half on the other side of stage (jongin), make sure the other is close (ksoo koala-ing jongin and jongin following soo like a puppy), or those ‘lemme appreciate how pretty your lips are’ moments . those shit aint fanservice because it’s so goddamn subtle to be one, u need at least to be a casual shipper to notice those shit. doing fake kiss or hugging them out of nowhere, that’s fanservice. 

and dont tell me SM trying to sell kaisoo gheiness for money, cuz i aint buying it, first: commonly the company would “sell” their idols w/ “ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material” image. why? it sells more, many horny teenagers prefer oppa is my boyfriend > oppa is another oppa’s boyfriend, second SM doesnt even promote kaisoo in the first place, SM original ship is baeksoo (or the rumor said) and SM pushes taekai more to public, if SM does ship kaisoo, then why the fuck kaisoo wasn’t paired in ‘playboy’ dance? SM is a big company and i guarantee you they know about spazzing and glorifying kaisoo ritual on internet, it should be a gold mine to be exploited (hell kaisoo shippers are so thirsty even the whole pacific ocean couldnt sate them, lots of cash surely would be thrown just for buying kaisoo merch, i guarantee you, even kaisoo shippers had managed to buy a star so they could name it kaisoo good fucking god how rich this fandom is), but SM doesnt do it (they just sometimes pair these two, but it’s so rare, rare as raichu card), as if something would happen if they did, something that would got out of hands.

also ksoo had (or still has?) gay rumors and ofc he blatantly denied them so hard, it makes him become even more suspicious. like, just chill dude, the radio host just asked what kind of men that considered good (i think thats the question, i dont really remember) and he answered “i don’t know i’m not into men” like whatthefuck, even suho answered the question “a man that do this and that is considered a good man”. no need to go panic mode immediately.   so why ksoo doesnt stay the fuck out from jongin cuz them being together screams gay so hard. those rumors should’ve alerted him, buutttt noooo, they keep being joined at the hip. (and he continues to koala-ing at jonginnie)

also, again, there’s this video/gifset about chanyeol said jongin didnt like ksoo, bc ksoo didnt want to look at him when they talked. ksoo claimed his astigmatism caused this. mother-fucking-puh-lease. until this day ksoo still has astigmatism and u know what he does? he stares the fuck out of people/object (mostly MC and monitor screen), but why not with jongin then? if his astigmatism caused him not to look at people then why only jongin? why other members dont complain about this? honestly? plus isnt astigmatism causes your vision to be blurred? fucking blurred. he was supposed to not being able to see jongin clearly bc astig-fucking-matism causing his vision to be blurred. why he chose not to look at jongin instead? hmm? there’s this video saying he had a crush on a friend (mind you, he didnt mention it was a girl, the host did) when he was on his 3rd year of highschool. exo debuted 2012, ksoo joined SM 2010 (he was on his 2nd year of highschool, according to wikipedia, i know wikipedia full of fuckery sometimes but i think this is correct), so it means when he was on 3rd year, it was already 2011 and exo is already formed by that time, meaning the members already being introduced to each other. i bet they were busy preparing their debut and shit, meaning they met a LOT. sure lots of ppl said “woa who’s the lucky girl?” and many would rebut me and my petty delulu argument by saying “ksoo mentioned the “friend” he crushed on was from different class, the crush was from the same school !” or “theres this photo of him with the girl”, mm-hmm, but let me remind you the host mentioned the class thingy first (she asked “is the friend from the same class?” ksoo said “no, from different class”–he could imply something else, maybe class as it means school–different school that certain someone went to) and for the photo, well the photos of him with certain someone (alone, just both of them) appear to be more intimate than he with the girl (and other students). just connect the dots, darling.

i’m sorry i know as you read this you prob think that this girl is so delulu even the lord and savior cant save her anymore, this thing was supposed to be short but god forbade me and told me to preach the truth (well, not really), 

jokes aside, this is just my kaisoo theory, bc what kaisoo shippers do when there’s no new post on kaisoo tag? they either do fanfic (write/read), fanarts or sputtering nonsense on their blog like kaisoo trash they are /sobs and wailing how do i get off from this ship? HOW?? should i just jump in the ocean of feels?/

btw sorry for grammar mistakes and etc hope my post does make sense, i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it bugged me to keep it inside the jar, so i decided to spill the drink here 

i’m sorry again /bow 90°/

and dont attack me /hides under blanket/

Are you sick and tired of reading those generic shoujo mangas with unrealistic teenage drama?Are fed up with dumbass heroines that are totally unrelatable? Here is a list of shoujo and slice of life mangas I read that you all should try if you haven’t read them.

Just like what I said above, these are NOT your typical shoujos. These are realistic and WILL hit you hard and tug your heartstrings and make it bleed. They have a good plot, realistic characters, realistic circumstances, character depth and development.

In no particular order…

1) Fruits Basket (DO NOT be fooled by the beginning just because you see a cute heroine with cute bishounens that turn into animals. There is a dark twist. Forget the anime. Read and finish the MANGA. It is a very MEANINGFUL manga.)

2) Hoshi wa Utau (By the same author as Fruits Basket. The side story between the butler and his mistress is especially worth reading.)

3) The Hands of the Demon Adored (You HAVE to read this. Take your time and read it carefully cause it’s a one-shot.)

4) Ao Haru Ride (Kind of common shoujo, but it will treat you to a feels trip somewhere in the middle to the end.)

5) Strobe Edge (Same author as Ao Haru Ride with similar elements, but both of their own special quality.)

6) Orange (You HAVE to read this. Actually…DON’T. You’re going to die.)

7) Watashi no Ookami-Kun (Yes. It IS a harem. But a good and realistic one that will give you the feels and an undertone of angst.)

8) The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor (If you are a fan of Kuroshitsuji, you should like this one. Get ready for major feels. Not your typical shoujo AT ALL.)

9) Ore Monogatari (Are you sick of bishounen, popular guys getting all the happy endings and credit? Then this manga is for you. It is absolutely REFRESHING with emphasis on bromance and looking beyond appearances. Very funny too.)

10) Koukou Debut (Refreshing and funny, but the guy is still attractive. Same author as Ore Monogatari)

11) Tomodachi no Hanashi (Same author as the two above. Emphasis on the importance of female friendship rather than romance, but it is absolutely worth reading.)

12) Bokura ga Ita (It is very similar to Orange, but the art is terrible. Still, it is worth the read and the journey.)

13) Kyou no Kira-kun (Also very similar to Orange and Bokura Ga Ita. It teaches you about making the most of the present and appreciating the little things in life.)

14) Koizora (Need I say more?)

15) Nana

16) Kimi ga Hikari (A short and sweet one-shot with a bittersweet ending. Same author as Watashi no Ookami-kun.)

17) Hirunaka no Ryuusei (A realistic teacher and student romance. It will give you some feels and will probably make you cry if you read it the second time.)

18) Horimiya

19) My Little Monster

20) Balancing Toys (You HAVE to read this. Romance is not its main point, but the relationship between a girl who lost her mother and her stepfather. Get ready for a feels trip.)

21) Stand up! (This is not a typical shoujo where you see bishies sparkle. The beauty of this manga is that it is SUBTLE towards its approach to everything.)

22) Hana to Rakurai (Very short. It is similar to Tomodachi no Hanashi. It focuses a lot on friendship and appreciating the little things in life. Do not be fooled by the beginning. There is a very sad twist.)

As for animes…

1) Wolf Children (Go watch it now if you haven’t.)

2) The Girl Who Lept Through Time

3) Anohana (I guess…)

4) Hotarubi no Mori e (Go watch this after Wolf Children.)

5) Barakamon 

(If you haven’t watched Barakamon, you’re missing out. You will laugh and cry. Daisuke Ono voice acts the male lead. Surprisingly, I actually like the one character he plays this time. Unlike -coughsebastiancough- Ahem, anyway…yeah.)

6) Death Parade (12 short episodes that is totally worth your time and emotions.)

*Edit: I will add more once I read more.

Seat 5A

Originally posted by okayoongz

Word count: 2,105

Content: Fluff, lot’s of fluff! (It’s our chim chim after all ^^)

It was 2am and the girl was glad to have finally settled down in the plane. She began shuffling around her seat, getting her usual flight routine ready.
‘Earphones, check. Pillow, check. Eyemask, check. Favourite cosy blankie, check.’ She does a little happy dance as she sniffed the blanket she had with her since she was a baby.

Once the girl was done sorting out her flight routine, she leaned back on her seat with a sigh of relief. The girl had spent the last 6 months writing her honors thesis and shewere glad it was over and was looking forward towards this month long break in Australia. Her best friend had moved to Australia for his studies upon graduating high school and she finally found time to visit him in the little quaint city he has been gushing about.

It was 2am but Park Jimin is feeling more alive than ever. BTS have had a crazy fruitful year and he was more than grateful for it, however, he was also glad that it has come to an end and he is finally able to take this long awaited solo-trip that he has been planning since forever.

Jimin removed his face mask and hat then fell back on the seat; relieved. He muses at himself and did a happy dance as he recalled how he left his luggage behind in the airport transfer bus in Norway and made a mental note to remember his luggage this time.

Just as he was amused at himself, he noticed the girl next to him; sniffling some sort of a cloth and doing the exact same happy dance he just did. Jimin’s bushy eyebrows tweaked up and he was curious about the girl. Jimin did not feel like the usual shy boy he is tonight because he was happy and the few glasses of wine at the pre-departure lounge probably added some courage as well. So, Jimin decided he was going to talk to the curious girl next to him.

‘Aren’t you a little too energetic for a 2am flight?’ Jimin arched over his seat and addressed the girl.

‘Well, I think I’m very much allowed to be happy at 2am because I just submitted my honors thesis that I had been working on since forever!’ The girl quipped.

‘Aren’t you a little too energetic for a 2am flight as well then? And what’s with the hat and face mask, what, are you a terrorist?!’ The girl teased.

Jimin was dumbfounded, he was not sure of how to respond. He thought that everyone in Korea would know that people who generally hid their faces were celebrity of sorts and now that the girl has seen his face, he thought she would know who he is for sure. Afterall, bts and Park Jimin were indeed pretty huge in 2016.

‘Yaaa!~ Chill. I was just teasing you. Since we are both so happy and we have a long flight ahead of us, let me get us some booze, my treat!’ The girl shot her hand up to catch the attention of a flight attendant.

‘To be fair, these drinks are free since we did pay a lot of money for this full service flight right…’ Jimin corrected the girl.

The girl did not respond. Instead, she shoves a glass of apple maritini in Jimin’s hand and knocked his glass gently before downing the content of her glass.

‘This boy is so uptight, but I guess that makes him kinda cute. The way his eye disappears when he smiles, what on Earth?!’ The girl made a mental note in her head as she watches the boy down his drink. She was feeling a bit of the heat rising to her head. She has never been a good drinker, especially in Korean terms and the fact that she was running on little sleep did not help her alcohol tolerance level. However, she was determined to make the best out of this flight; afterall, she did pay quite a hefty price for a business-class upgrade.

She quietly muses about how the upgrade even came with a cute neighbor.

‘What are you laughing about?’ Jimin enquires.

‘Mm nothing. Busybody.’ The girl shot her tongue out at the boy and they both broke out into laughter, possibly thanks to the alcohol running in their system.

Jimin was smitten. He had not seen anybody so beautifully carefree in a long time. Although he was always surrounded by beautiful idols, he thought they were often uptight and too polished. Himself included. It was refreshing for him to be around somebody who’s so real for a change.

‘BUUuuuuuUURRRrrrrRRrRP’ The girl covered her mouth and giggled.

‘Wow. that. was…. pretty… weak huh?’ Jimin teases; unimpressed. He then proceeds to burp, louder and more obnoxiously.

The duo continued their little burping battle which often follows with a roar of laughter. They were so engrossed in their obnoxious little game that they did not notice the stares of the other patrons.

‘You’re not like a regular korean girl aren’t you.’ Jimin commented.

‘What do you mean?’ The girl shook her head in confusion.

‘I mean, you don’t seem to care who I am at all, and we just had a burp battle… that’s not very much a stereotypical lady-like korean right?’ Jimin muses.

‘Well… perhaps maybe because while I was born in Korea, I practically grew up in America and only came back to Korea for 6 months of university because I have been really intrigued by the richness of Korean culture so I decided to major in Korean studies! What about you? We should be about the same age right, are you in university?’ The girl asked.

‘Well… I am… technically.. sort of..’ Jimin answered.

‘What do you mean sort of? Omg. Are you like a korean idol or something that’s why you don’t have time for school?’ The girl teases and nudges as Jimin.

Jimin’s face was heated and he wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the fact that this beautiful girl next to him had no clue who he is. He decided to play along and pretended to be a regular college kid for once.

‘I mean yeah I am in school! Duh! I am 22 years old, obviously I am in college.’ Jimin laughs it off.

The duo continues to be loud and obnoxious through the plane ride but they eventually got tired as the night went by and eventually fell asleep leaning on one another.

The girl shuffled around and rubbed her eyes, only to realize she is very much stuck. Her head was on the boy’s shoulder and his head was gently leaning on top of hers. It felt safe and she smiled to herself. That was when she realised, their hands were linked and the boy was holding onto her hands tightly. Suddenly, she felt her cheeks heat up, slightly overwhelmed by the unexpected skinship from the random cute stranger she met on the plane. The girl felt her heart racing and butterflies growing in her tummy as she gingerly positioned the boy’s head on her shoulder so she can watch the beautiful boy sleep. She felt him shuffled in his sleep and she held her breath; afraid to have awoken him from his slumber.

Jimin tiredly opens an eye, smiles at the girl and reaches forward to place a gentle peck on her cheeks.

Jimin forgot the last time he had so much fun as a regular person. He was glad to be treated like a regular person; unlike a celebrity and just have mindless fun as a typical college kid. It made it extra special since the girl seated next to him was totally his type. She was petite and has cute chubby cheeks and a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Jimin loved the sound of her laughter, the way her eye crinkles and how she subconsciously tugs a strand of her beautiful long raven hair behind her ear.  She kind of reminded him of his best pal, Taehyung. Minus the annoyance and definitely a lot more attractive than his pabo buddy. At least in Jimin’s eyes.

The girl has fallen asleep on his shoulder and he is smiling to himself silly. He knew the members would definitely tease him about it if they had known. Something about ‘ooooh our jiminnie is a big boy now’, so he was quite sure he was never going to tell the members about the girl.

Jimin rested his head on hers as he takes in her comforting scent. She smells like a mixture lavender, roses, jasmine and the ocean. Jimin casually wondered if it is possible to place her scent into a wax candle so he could bring it back home with him.

Just as his thoughts floated away, he quietly reached out for the sleeping girl’s hand. The last time Jimin actually held a girl’s hand for real was in highschool before he debuted with BTS. It felt strange and refreshing as it has been so long. It felt innocent and simple, unlike the occasional flings he had simply to satisfy his needs as a man. This refreshing occurrence made his heart race and butterflies grew in his stomach. He was shy again. He ordered another glass of apple martini and gulped it down; not wanting his shy persona to come out just as he was getting close to the girl who’s still sound asleep on his shoulder.

Jimin felt her shuffle under his head and he immediately kept his eyes shut; pretending to be asleep. Just as the girl gently picked his head up and place it on her shoulder, he smiled to himself. Her scent was even stronger now and it seem to have made Jimin braver, along with the glass of alcohol he had just downed a while ago.

So Jimin did something he never would have dared on a regular day. He reached forward and gave the girl a peck on her cheeks.

The girl turned around and faced him; flustered. Jimin moved closer to get a good view of her response and inched closer to her face, asking for permission to kiss her on her lips. The girl smiled and Jimin took his cue and rested his soft plump lips on hers. Their lips molded together perfectly as Jimin intensifies the kiss, begging for entrance to her lips. The girl smiled into the kiss again and Jimin took the opportunity for his tongue to enter her mouth. Her breath was warm and their tongues did a little dance together. The girl broke off from the kiss and smiled again.

‘You’re an opportunist aren’t you?’ She teases.

‘That’s my motto, sweetheart, I’m known for my greed to be the best and to work hard at everything I set my mind to.’ Jimin kisses the girl again as he bragged about his work ethics.

‘I know… but I’m sorry but I like Yoongi oppa better.’ The girl teases in a sing-song voice in the midst of their kiss.

This time, it was Jimin who pulls away.

‘Wait. what? Yoongi oppa? So you do know who I am! Why did you pretend like you didnt?’ Jimin was confused, slightly worried that he might have just made out with a crazy fan.

‘Erm… to be fair, I did not actually say I don’t know who bts is. Besides, would you prefer if I had made a big deal about it? Relax, I am not a crazy fan. I was introduced to kpop by my roomate in university a few weeks back and that was where I found out about you guys. I must say, Min Yoongi is seriously cute.’ The girl declared.

‘Well… well too bad. Yoongi hyung isn’t here and you’re not even his type!’ Jimin was defensive. He crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue at the girl.

‘And.. I am your type?’ The girl teases as she leans closer to Jimin.

‘Yes.’ Jimin responded as he dives into her lips again. This time stronger and more passionate.

Neither of them knew what was this entire plane ride was about, but they knew they needed to let their overwhelming feelings for one another out and the only way was to be as close to one another as possible as their tongues dance to the rhythm of the airplane’s systems. Nothing mattered at that moment; nothing except the intense, strong feelings they shared with one another.

Jimin thought that maybe, maybe he is already experiencing the highlight of his trip as he secretly pray for the flight slow down.

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MNET ‘4 THINGS’ SHOW /// watch here

1. GOT7 songs sounds like 2PM’s 10 out of 10.

JB. Well, they were created by JYP.. but still, they’re weren’t like an exact copy so..

2. JJ Project already debuted so why is JB considered a rookie?

JB: ikr? it’s been like 2-3 years already, but anything works for me.

3. You’s crazy about music but why are you majoring in theatrical studies?

JB: Am I not allowed to? I think that’s for me to decide. Let’s do it like this then, I’m crazy about acting too and I’m planning to drown in it as much as I do with music.

Q. What kind of person is JB?

Junho (2PM): On the outside, he may seem cold, grumpy, unfriendly but if you get to know him, he’s a really warm-hearted friend.

Jr: He live in a world that none of us know about.

Senior from Highschool: He has what it takes to be a true man, in my opinion.

JB’s Thoughts on Himself

JB: I don’t think I can describe myself in one simple word. In one day, I’d thousands of these thoughts on how to become a better person, or a nicer person, or a smarter person. And naturally, I’d act accordingly to my thoughts so I may appear like a different person every time I meet with other people, without even me knowing about it. I think I can say the same on the fact that, I am a person who’s constantly trying.

Q. What is JB like on stage?

Yugyeom: He constantly shows off his ~conceited~ smile. Forreal, it works for him though.

Jr.: He doesn’t give out a lot of energy, but he doesn’t trash it away either. It’s more like, he’s constantly 'transferring’ energy within himself.

Senior from Highschool: He’s debuted before through JJ Project, so he definitely had some experiences being on stage.

Junho: I wish he’d feel more comfortable on stage.

JB: Nervous. Even in my own point of view, I always feel really nervous. But people tend to say otherwise, they say I look completely relaxed and fine. That’s not the case, though.

*Mark sees Jb is walking past by him*

Mark: JB is a reallly~~~ nice person, you know?!

JB: Don’t over-do it, dude..

Junho’s Thoughts on JB in Real Life

Junho: He’s a good kid. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s not just running off towards a vague direction like some people perceive him to be. Every time I see they gather around, they are not just playing around. Sometimes I’d ask him, “Hey, is everything okay?”, and he’d go like “I don’t know, Hyung. So-so, I guess.” He’d appear quiet but then he starts asking various questions like, “But Hyung, do you know what I should do during these and these kind of situations?”. He appears very cute to me when that happens, I hope they’d turn out well. They have to. I believe they will~

*JB’s reaction towards his own teaser on ~A~“

JB: Oh god, why did I…? *continues to sigh*

JB’s Thoughts on GOT7 + Vice-Versa

"Mark is the type who does what he has to do, quietly.”

“Jinyoung-ie (Jr.) is a very bright friend, and he always manage to improve himself to be a better person every single day.”

“Jackson, kyaaa… that kid, he’s a very mischievous kid. Honestly speaking though, at some point, I think his mischief is what brings us all together tightly.”

“Youngjae, he listens well to people’s advices and acts accordingly. I’d have to say, he has kind of a cool and chill personality.”

“Bambam’s definitely a cute guy, even though he doesn’t like to admit it.”

“Yugyeom-ie~ Yugyeom-ie is truly a nice kid.”

Q. What is GOT7 to me?
Jr.: A new beginning.
Jackson: Unforgettable memory of a lifetime.
Youngjae: Family
Bambam: 2nd Family
Yugyeom: GOT7 is Me. I can’t part from it, it hurts me if I do.

Wooyoung’s (Short) Thoughts on GOT7 *Based on Their Poster*

“They’re cute juniors~”
Yugyeom: What the.. his finger is.. his finger is inside of his mouth..
Jackson: Jackson is just so… *laughs*
Mark: He’s a hard-working kid.
Bambam: He really wants to visit Thailand these days.
Jr.: I know how you feel, dude~
Youngjae: Why are you so far away from the others? Come here, Youngjae!
JB: He looks worried in this poster, like “Will I be a good leader to them?”

“As a leader, I do constantly think about where our fate will take us, and will I be good enough to lead them to it." 

Wooyoung: Jaebum-ah~ you’re doing a great job right now. Don’t ever be scared by yourself.

Jackson: Just continue what you’re doing now. You’re doing a great job, leader~!

4-Syllable Talk ft. Junho (a Short Convo Only with 4 Korean Syllables)

Junho: What. Are. You. Doing?
JB: I’m. Being. A. Leader.
Junho: Have. You. Eaten. Yet?
JB: How. About. You. Hyung?
Junho: Want. To. Eat. Together?
JB: Sure. Let’s. Do.That.
Junho: How. Are. You. Doing?
JB: Not. Stressed. At. Least.
Junho: Do. You. Like. Me? *laughs by himself*
JB: *laughs back* He’d totally sulk if I say otherwise, wouldn’t he?
JB: (real answer) You’re. My. Precious. Hyung.

Film Director Im Jaebum Part. 1

Q. You’ve acted in quite a lot of dramas.
JB: I’ve starred in a few dramas but honestly, I’m more interested in acting in a film. Thus, the reason why I’m majoring in Theatrical Studies. I want to learn how to transform my ideas into a work of art.

Q. Do you have an ambition to be a film director?
JB: I’d say yes. Definitely.

Jackson: A film director? That’s a first..
Jr.: He told me about it before, back in the days. He does look very eager to work hard in that field, to be honest.
Wooyoung: It didn’t seem like he was kidding, I believe he’ll do well.

Film Director Im Jaebum Part. 2

Q. You always mentioned "Back then..” when asked about how you feel when you’re lonely or when you want to date. When exactly does the word “Back then…” stands in your lifetime?

JB: Back when I was a trainee. It became a habit of me to think of those times whenever I’m having a hard time. I still had freedom back then, even though I was poor. I’d buy one cookie worth a dollar and eat it as I stare off towards the crowd of people walking around the streets, and then go back to practice. I think I missed the freedom that I had back then.

Q. Would you consider shooting a 3-minute movie regarding your memories of the past?
JB: Oh, that sounds like a really nice idea!

Q. Like we can go to that street you mentioned, and shoot a scene there!
JB: Yeah.. I should give it a deep thought..


Jackson: I think it’ll be a thriller movie.
Junho: He’s not going for Noir, is he?
Senior from Highschool: Comedy?


anonymous asked:

Wasn't jungkook supposed to finish high school last year? I'm the same age as him so I was wondering

He didn’t attend highschool when they debut in 2013. So for his age he’s a year late in finishing high school.