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Need someone to edit your essay?

Hello people of the internet! If you’re one of my followers, you probably know that I am currently a super-broke college student. In order to get a little money in my bank account, I’ve started editing people’s essays at my university for 6$ a page. I’ve had a very positive response, so I’m definitely going to keep it up - for people outside of my uni, too!

I graduated high school with two diplomas (Ontario highschool diploma and International Baccalaureate diploma), high honours, and never scored below 96% on any test or examination in my HL Literature course (basically their fancy way of saying english class) in grade 12. I’ve edited essays countless times before, you can trust me!

If you’d be willing to hire me to edit your work (essay, speech, creative writing, article, etc.), I’d be incredibly appreciative! I promise to put 110% into every edit.

If you’re interested, please email me at vaettavaetta@gmail.com, and feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns!

(Oh, and even if you’re not interested, if you were to reblog this post so it gets a bit more exposure, I’d be super grateful!)


Here we go because so many people asked I’m gonna do ¾ front and back sketches of my P P G designs.  FYI, they were all designed on the fly during the making of P P G and are not meant to make sense outside of the scene I had imagined.  Consider what I was doing as a reimagining of the Powerpuff Girls rather than an interpretation of them as older girls.  I like individuality and I like creating characters that cause friction with each other due to faults because it creates room for dramatic development.  The differences in the girls is to potentially show that they always have something to learn from each other despite their differences.  So feel free to disagree and if you do, you have the liberty to interpret the girls your own way.

[imagine “read more” break here]


Starting off with Sailor Venus–I mean, Blossom…she’s confident, smart, loves a good challenge, and is the self-proclaimed, righteous leader of the girls who fails to realize they have grown very much apart, making it difficult for her to operate the PPG as a functioning team.  She’s incredibly driven with an amazing work ethic and aspires to be the perfect role model for other little girls by being the best she can be, leading by example.  Her faults lie in failing to see people (including her sisters) as humans with feelings.  She’s a devoted superhero that struggles juggling between normal and super.  She can’t help but evaluate people as delicate things that need her help; something that was conditioned into her growing up without a secret identity.  Her intentions are all good but she has a lot of growing to do as a person and superhero.

Doing normal things while being a superhero has its benefits as well as it’s downfalls.  Blossom received her highschool diploma at a young age and is currently well into college at an age of around 17-going-on-18.  She chooses to work to pay off her college tuition fees.  She has multiple part-time occupations but her favorite job is at the retro diner/dog and cat cafe, “Puppydogs & Kittycats”.  Being an dog and cat enthusiast, she’s helped the cafe’s business grow.  

Blossom is given much respect and she fits in with the norm just fine but her academic peers find it too difficult to fit in her super busy world as she’s always off to save the day somwhere.  Her friends are there to support her but never have a real chance to connect on a more personal level.  Blossom has 24 hours in a day just like anyone else and you can imagine how her daily schedule would look like as a young adult.

At home, family life is fragile.  Professor Utonium cares as much as he can for her girls; for Blossom, giving her an ear to listen for when she needs to vent about everything she puts up with on a daily basis.  Blossom thinks she gets along well with Bubbles but in reality Blossom unknowingly disregards Bubbles input constantly which hurts Bubbles feelings.  Buttercup and Blossom generically butt heads as Buttercup is the only one fearless enough to openly point out Blossom’s faults.  There’s a lot of friction in the house but deep down, no one wants the family to break apart.


Bubbles is probably the most eccentric and yet most normal of the three girls [talking to animals and holding on to things from her childhood without shame, etc].  She’s full of life and love and loves life and loves laughing and has incredible compassion.  Her powers are an extension of her self so she’s most likely to use them in the most unconventional and creative ways.  Bubbles is the type to just go with the flow of things and is very slow to anger though never soft spoken when she feels the need to stand her ground.  Unlike Blossom and Buttercup, Bubbles remains with her appropriate age group throughout her education citing schools and kids are just as important to protect and serve as the rest of the city.  Bubbles is seen most by the public eye and is considered to be the most actively dutiful superhero, something she hardly minds since she apparently has more time on her hands then her sisters.

Bubbles’ daily life is quite easy going.  The only times she finds it challenging to remain positive is around her conflicting sisters, Blossom and Buttercup.  As someone who doesn’t enjoy taking sides, Bubbles finds herself often split between the two.  Outside of that, everyone at her school knows her and she most likely has more fans than she does friends, something else Bubbles hardly minds.  Her favorite subjects involve any of the creative arts.

Her relationship with her family is mostly all good.  When Blossom and Buttercup aren’t getting along and the professor fails to be the voice of reason, Bubbles usually smooths things over.  They’re all most appreciative of her and professor Utonium even believes the only reason they can still have a full table at dinner time is because no one wants to disappoint her.  Despite that, Bubbles’ sisters have hurt her on occasion because they’re too inconsiderate to her when they’re all in the same room.  Only in the event that something would happen to Bubbles would you see Blossom and Buttercup do anything together to make sure she was alright.


Buttercup is tough on the outside and on the inside.  Despite wanting to be as far of an opposite from Blossom, the two share a lot of the same traits.  Like her sister, Buttercup displays confidence, intelligence and loves a good challenge.  They both would rather do their own thing instead of taking orders.  The thing that defines them is their ability to control their emotions.  Blossom remains as collected as possible without completely blowing her lid while Buttercup is an ocean of emotions that can never be tamed and is quite insecure about showing any of her weakness.  Her short fuse causes a lot of issues in many areas of her life and the fact that she’s super powered means things could get super messy when she’s super upset.

Buttercup probably grew up with the most difficulty than the other girls.  While they were younger, her sisters and the professor were the only ones who could bring her up when she was down and as a result she can never truly hate any of them.  But as they got older, the differences in their individuality started to greatly set them apart.  Buttercup put her trust very easily into others and had been taken advantage of, unfortunately.  She’s the most emotionally vulnerable out of the three of girls.  As a result of personal experiences, Buttercup has stopped trusting others and mainly relies on herself.  She also does her best to defend those who can’t defend themselves.

She loves her family and she loves people [and would openly admit it] but Buttercup has issues dealing with anyone on a daily basis.  As someone who chooses to standout, it becomes infuriating for her when the citizens of Townsville do nothing but speculate why she’s so different from her sisters.  She has a hard time appreciating her fans over their comparative speculations that make her feel set apart and is therefore seen as somewhat of an outcast despite wanting to belong.  She can’t help but take her problems out on the only people that bother to put up with her; Blossom, Bubbles and professor Utonium.  A lot of her actions cause unnecessary issues that could be completed avoided if she opened up instead.  Regardless, Buttercup gets along fabulously with Bubbles and she is incredibly protective over her even though Bubbles can handle herself just fine.


And so ended my first year at uni. Yesterday I attended my last class of the year (contemporary history) and now all I have to do is study and pass the exams, which are starting on May 22nd.

Surprisingly, yesterday was also the day I finally got my diploma from highschool, almost a year after graduating (Belgian administration everyone). I went to my old high school, talked to my beloved History teacher (she almost ended up crying) and met up with my best friends from high school after months apart!!! That was so nice. Weird, because it was like time-traveling. But it felt incredibly good to see them, talk together, laugh together (and drink a beer or two, yes). It’s just amazing how nothing has changed between us despite the long time we haven’t seen each other.

Now off to study the hell out of History of French Lit! Oral exam on May 24th.

April 30th is my lucky day according to facebook

The year of 2016 - I have finally completed my dream of meeting John Barrowman and Billie Piper

The year of 2015 - I have received my Diploma from Highschool in a ceremony.

The year of 2014 - opening night of my very first school play that I acted on stage

i have 2 brain cells and a highschool diploma im the worst person to ask for advice. so my advice is to never ask me anything ever

  • I honestly love everything about Phil
  • •his sense of humor
  • •the way he can brighten up someone's day within 2 seconds
  • •the weird way he sticks his hands in his pockets
  • •his slightly crooked nose
  • •his toothy smile
  • •his obsession with lions
  • •the way he doesn't swear in his videos because little babies are watching
  • •his motive to put everyone before himself, but also take care of himself
  • •the amount of love in his eyes when he sees a Fan
  • •his hugs look amazing, I want one more than my highschool diploma
  • •his hair
  • •his northern accent
  • •his attempts at an american accent
  • •his awkwardness
  • •the way he attracts crazy but sane people
  • •Everything about his beautiful personality
  • Phil is an all around great person and I hope someday I'll get the chance to meet him

anonymous asked:

I'm thining of getting my ged. My dad is fine with it because of medical issues I have but people have told me it'll ruin my life and it's not the same as getting an actual highschool diploma. Could you offer some insight about it? Thank you so much!

A GED will not ruin your life! That is classist nonsense. 

Yes, if you search online, you will find dozens of sites giving you statistics about how much less you’ll make with a GED vs. a high school diploma. And there’s plenty of data to back that up. However, what these sites fail to mention is how much more you’ll make with a GED than with no education at all. For hundreds of people, high school is not an option for one reason or another and either they get the GED right away or they go without education for years before deciding to go back and get their GED. These people are not ruining their lives by getting a GED, they’re helping their lives by getting an education and a certificate to prove that education.

So, TL;DR: if you’re young enough to be in high school and can attend, you should. It will help your career immediately and over the long run. But, if you are unable to get a high school diploma, a GED is okay.


You wanna know something?

Filbrick Pines might actually have had a better shot at fulfilling his ambitions of getting rich and “out of this dump” if he’d actually bothered to be a decent parent. 

He throws Stan out for supposedly “costing them a fortune”, but he’s the one who didn’t pay enough attention to the boy to teach him right from wrong (well, not that Filbrick and his wife were ever shown to be all that moral to begin with) and sure didn’t do anything about/greatly contributed to the festering inferiority complex that led Stan to break the project in the first place. 

After that he bets everything on Ford - but turns out Ford isn’t all that interested in starting a business, selling his inventions or becoming a millionaire, and goes into pure research instead, in some obscure field at, where his true passion had lain for a very long time - Something his father might have seen comming if he’d seen his son as more than a meal ticket. Ford winds up getting what appears to have been a decent salary and a huge research grant but the parents who couldn’t be bothered to give him a name different from his brother’s don’t ever see a cent. 

Heck, Ford might not even have been that good at being a businessman, at least not without someone else there to handle the ‘business’ parts, given that he didn’t think McGucket’s computers would ever catch on… the one with the business sense was Stanley. Look at how his little business ideas were partially inspired by his own life (he was frequently wearing bandaids as a kid, the punch thing might’ve cheered up Ford temporarily, but probably ruined that suit, he always seems to have loved scary movies, hence the taxidermy sculptures…), he has some sense for what the people want and the needed “bite” to survive in that hard word (as Dipdop and Mabel were forced to admit after trying to run the shack themselves), but given that he had to start with a car, a duffel bag and no highschool diploma, and got absolutely no encouragement or nurturing/ a lot of inferiority complexes to skew his risk assesments via urgent drive to prove himself, things didn’t go so well… 

Of course when Stanley finally does get  decent business running, he can’t tell his parents/ give them dough because he’s got this whole charade to keep up and his cover would be blown.

And the whole “tough guy/lone fighter attitude/solve it yourself instead of asking for help” mentality he instilled into them did neither of the brothers any good. At all. 

Ford escaped their icy, dysfunctional excuse for a household when he went to college and never looked back, Shermie probably left to get married and presumably made sure to start something a lot more family-like, Stan would have been willing to see the good in his father even though he got the worst treatment of them all and would have sold his soul to be allowed back in, but Filbrick kicked him out by his own hand… 


Wearing my new makeup I got for my birthday!! 

Also guess who is going to call about starting classes at the college for getting my highschool diploma tomorrow?? I ammmm. I’ve been putting it off because of my mental and physical health but now seems like the best time to go for it. I talked to my psychiatrist about meds for my adhd and she agreed and wants to help me as much as possible and is super proud! 😊I’m really anxious about everything, but I know if I fail it’s okay. I can just try again, but I know I can do this. It will just take a little extra effort on my part.

Ah wish me luck!!

Monetize Yourself

Over the weekend, I was chatting with a new acquaintance about life in America for young people.  Men and women 18 to 49.  Why 49? Because the U.S. government considers you elderly at age 50.  An NGO (non governmental organization) founded in 1958, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) will be sending your membership application once you turn 50.  Elderly entertainment and fast food discounts happen when you are 62 or 65.

The issue of money is the reality of America.  We are constantly being told to go into debt to get more education, because we are not worth anything right where we are at.  But we are.  If you talk to anyone 18 to 49, they just want to be able to get a good paying job so that they can pay all their bills and be able to save an emergency fund if they lose their job or choose to change gears.  You are told that you can only do that if you have a BS/BA.  Then the next level is having to get a different BS/BA.  Then the next level is getting an MS/MA.  There will be a day when you will need a PhD in order to get an entry level corporate job in America!!! I hope not, because I won’t get one.

What can you do about this?  Well you can stop; take stock of what skills, abilities and talents that you have.  Do you really not know how to do anything else but go to school?  Maybe 25% of Americans 18-49 can say that.  But most people are doing things that are their skills, abilities and talents ALREADY!  People are creating every day in different areas.

Look at Kim Kardashian.  With her mother’s help, she turned a sex tape and reality show into a rumored net work of $35 million in less than 5 years.  Kim only has a HIGHSCHOOL DIPLOMA and has not done anything else with herself to achieve this goal AND she has no other skills, abilities or talents.  Think about this carefully………………..

Then go out and monetize yourself.

Hey Tayloooooor🐱 (yes I’m trying to lure you with a cat emoji I hope it works)
Hairflip here💁. Before we facetime’d briefly , my life had been something that was numb. Dark. Upsetting. Until that moment, I hadn’t known what happiness really felt like. Since then a lot of things have changed, though! And I decided that instead of telling you about the past, like I usually do, I’m going to tell you about the present and my hopeful future. After the bridal shower, things started to kinda look up for me. I started finding happiness within little things that I would’ve passed by before. I started putting effort in and started to feel better about myself. This year I started 12th grade. That’s senior year, in Canada so as you can imagine, it was a pretty big deal. Until this year, all through high school I wanted to be a hairdresser. I liked the social aspect of it and I wasn’t too bad at it. I was doing a trade school program and it put a lot of pressure on me. I thought that if I left this trade, I would be screwed. But it didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to go to school everyday. I didn’t want to play with people’s hair. It felt like more trouble than for what it was worth. September 5th I got the courage to go to my new guidance counsellor and drop that class. I felt like I was dropping apart of myself. I didn’t know who I was without it. A felt like a piece of me was missing. I took the semester to explore what I wanted to do. To think on things. And it’s like when the clock turned to 2015, everything fell into place. I’ve finally found out what I want to do with my life. It’s the best Idea I’ve ever had. And it’s so incredibly comforting. Ready? Okay.

I’m going to be a Elementary school teacher.

It’s crazy to say that because I’ve always envisioned myself doing something with the arts. Music or drama or photography. SOMETHING that felt comfortable. But this…. It’s not comfortable. And I think that’s the most comforting part. It’s different. And it’s change and it’s that aspect of the unknown.

On May 28th I get to graduate from Highschool with my diploma with a smile on my face knowing that what I’m doing is going to be so worth it. September I’ll return to my highschool to take three classes for a semester and then I apply to UNIVERSITY!!!!!! I never thought I would be saying that in a million years. But look at me! I’m shouting it from the roof tops!!!

I honestly don’t think I could’ve done this big change without you. Although it seems unrelated, I think you’re what influenced me the most. I don’t wanna wake up one day and hate what I’m doing and regret my entire life. And seeing you take all these risks and evolving so much is what inspired me to do the same. It was hard. And it still is hard. I just started the toughest semester I’ve ever done but I know if I work hard it’s going to be so worth it. I love you so much. You’re the best inspiration, mentor, friend/family I could ever ask for. Recently, you gave me so much hope in us one day meeting. And the fact that you remember me from April…. That’s life changing. I love you so so so so much. (Wow I’ve said that a lot haven’t I? Oh well. Never too much love) See you soon-ish? Maybe?

Love you long time,
((Also sending you a hug back!))
Ashley/Flip 💋