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Do you know any good wall sex fics with top jungkook? Love your blog <3

Why yes I do ;) Here you go, and thank you!

Title: I’m Waiting (Tell Me What You Want)
Author: shallowwater
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jungkook has no idea how long he made Jimin wait, so Jimin comes out with the perfect way to get back at Jungkook. Only to have it somehow backfire.

Title: Perks of Dating a Cheerleader
Author: staycute1234
Rating: Mature
Genre: Smut
Summary: They can bend however you want them too.

Title: Strip You, Dip You, Flip You
Author: fatal
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: there’s really never a bad time to fuck jimin.

Title: Talking Body
Author: empressium
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: “I’m a big fan of your work, author-nim”

Title: Tying the Knot
Author: empressium
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: it’s kind of a big fucking deal

Title: You Drive Me Crazy, Baby
Author: subjimin
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jeongguk celebrates winning his football game by fucking his cheerleader boyfriend, Jimin, in the locker room straight after.

Cheerleading is one of the craziest sports. If you don’t want to do cheer for the rest of your life don’t start now because once you do you can never go back. It becomes an addiction and it consumes you. Towards the end of the season you are tired and over it and say you don’t want to do it next season, but when you stop going to practices, stop stunting and stop wearing that uniform, you can’t think about anything else. All you can think about it is cheering again and you realize you wouldn’t want to do anything else.
—  Cheerleaderobsession
Are We Really Enemies

Author: BunniesAndBooks

Rating: M

Status: Completed in May 2017

Word Count: 5,064

Summary: Coach Sylvester finds out what exactly her Cheerio co-captains Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson get up to in their spare time.

Tropes/Genre: highschool!Klaine, cheerleaders!Klaine, Cheerio!Kurt, Cheerio!Blaine, angst, enemies to lovers

Lynne’s review: Short, sweet and HOT! Great one shot.

Read at: AO3


Seventeen “Pretty U” - Highschool Cheerleading Ver.

Homeroom goals

Imagine Lines!

So to really get my blog started I thought I’d make a list of these which I always see floating around Tumblr. Just throw me a number or two or three and a fandom or two or three from my list and maybe some extra direction if you’d like and I’ll make a steamy brand-spanking-new fic just for you! Feel free to use these if you’d like, there were just off the top of my head. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due :)

And without further adieu, here they are!

1. “Stop poking me or I swear I’m gonna- Hey!”

2. “Gimme an hour, tops.”

3. “This is not how you propose to someone.”

4. “Why are we running?”

5. “I’m not going in there.”

6. “This is not the time for a selfie!”

7. “Fine, we’ll stop at the playground, but only for a couple minutes!”

8. “You can’t rollerblade everywhere.”

9. “We can’t go trick-or-treating. Besides, it’s not even Halloween.”

10. “I’m not dead! Yet.”

11. “You ate ALL the cookie dough?”

12. “You still play with Barbies?”

13. “Please say yes.”

14. “Since when can you see the future?”

15. “So, why are you on the roof?”

16. “Goodbye.”

17. “So, uh… Did you hear about Pluto?”

18. “Race ‘ya.”

19. “How’d you manage to do that?”

20. “Want me to kiss-it-make-it-better?”

21. “Slap me in the face.”

22. “You braided his hair?”

23. “Just kiss me now and ask questions later.”

24. “Oh. Hell. No”

25. “That’s my girl.”

26. “That’s my boy.”

27. “Which one of you put dye in my shampoo?”

28. “Please, just get out of the tree.”

29. “I’m sorry, what did you just say to me?”

30. “Don’t come anywhere near me.”

31. “We’re done. I’m done. Everything’s done.”

32.“That can’t be real.”

33. “Wait, you are jealous!”

34. “Sing for me. Pretty please?”

35. “Kids these days and their satanic electro music.”

36. “You’re gonna be my girlfriend and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

37. “I think I saw a bad romance movie that was exactly like this.”

38. “How do girls even walk in those things? Do they all have death wishes?”

39. “Bucket list: done.”

40. “I’m famous on the internet.”

41. “Give it back.”

42. “Really? Anime?”

43.“You need to sleep.”

44. “Out of all the times to faint, you had to pick now?”

45. “Fine. You are a princess.”

46. “Okay, okay. We’ll do it your way.”

47. “Your pain is just too entertaining.”

48. “I didn’t think it was that important.”

49. “I never want to see another cat in my life.”

50. “You’re kidding, right?”

51. “I was a cheerleader in highschool.”

52. “Didn’t know you were into arts and crafts.”

53. “Your taste in music repels me.”

54. “You’re late.”

55. “Morning, sexy.”

56. “What the hell happened to your face!?”

57. “Trust me, I’m panicking on the inside”

58. “It’s been years.”

59. “So what’s your secret?”

60. “Leave it to the professionals, honey.”

61. “C’mon, just one more.”

62. “Told ‘ya this would happen.”

63. “1, 2, 3, Jump!”

64. “Roadtrip!”

65. “You’re not my sister. You’re way too pretty to be a part of this family.”

And there we go! And to the jawn that requested the panic! fic, you are not forgotten, lovely :).