meme analysis: snoun (snake noun)/snoun (snail noun)

origin: likely stemmed from several sources. the term “sneeple,” a portmanteau of “snake” and “people” was coined by the steven universe episode Keep Beach City Weird which aired October 30th, 2014. snail form was first established in tumblr user rhubabe’s “take me to snurch” post, which was posted on March 14th, 2015. the confusion and overlap of snake church and snail church probably occurred due to the popularization of these snake church ads, originally posted by tumblr user parasitequeen.

usual form of the meme: short text post

is the meme self-aware (are people generally aware of its meme status): yes

is the meme an “event meme” that is only applicable to a certain day or event: no

meme accessibility (how easy is this meme to create): high (easily applied to song lyrics, etc)

potential for combination with other existing memes: high

fandom factor: spread of meme has been assisted by association with steven universe but also exists outside the realm of fandom

fanart potential: low

repetitiveness: semi-high

potential to become a “mainstream meme": mid to low

hypothesis: meme has grown too much within a short period of time. popularity bubble will eventually burst. will probably not last until the end of the month, so get ‘em while they’re hot