@highnoonish: Thank you! You’re so sweet and I feel honored! I hope your day was fantastic as well! ♥

@isisnocturne1369: Good thing cause I basically never check facebook! *goes to do that right now* Thank you so much, honey! *hugs*

@Amy: It’s all mututal, seeing you on my dash makes my day even better, you are lovely thank you so much for everything! ♥

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Nope. It is not. The internet is fine without paying and if you need it faster, use an ethernet cable.

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I’ve never met someone who actually bought it, but if ur wifi is slow they can install a hotspot. most days it was plenty fast enough for me.

highnoonish answered your questiondear umw people is buying the $250 (for both…

No. I use the internet a lot too, but I was fine last year with just the standard/free internet.

Thank you for your hasty and enthusiastic answers! I will not be buying the extra internet then. 
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Oh yeah I totally feel this. Especially about Marshall and law school because my brother is an attorney and he went through law school and I constantly heard him complaining about how they portrayed it haha

yeah my sister is an attorney in new york and um, that’s not how it works

So this might be the most egregious late reply of them all, but can I just say that I had two whole extra days (three if you count the fact that I didn’t return to campus until Monday morning) and Spring Break STILL didn’t feel long enough?

What can I say? I’m just that greedy. Down with college. Down with homework. Down with the seven weeks standing between me and a bonafide college education.

As well you should.

Regardless of how one feels about Frozen as a film (which again, I swear I like. I just think it’s overrated.) it’s a universally accepted truth that the songs are catchy as fuck.

Hell, attach “OKAY…BYE!” from “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” and then add in an audio file of “Let It Go” and your professor will be so caught up in how catchy it is, she’ll be too distracted to do anything more than give you the automatic A+ you deserve.

Maybe it’s because I’ve got children’s media, and Frozen especially, on the brain right now, but I think you should just attach an audio file of Anna singing “OKAY…BYE!” in “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” and just have that be your last page.

Automatic A+, amirite?

Come join me! Lord knows I’ll probably end up watching at least a scene or two tonight to transcribe and discuss to pad out my analysis.

Real talk, I’m supposed to have seen it at least 4 times this semester for research purposes, but I’ve only actually watched it one and a half times, if that. And I was only half paying attention towards the end the one time I did watch it in full.

[Rips off shirt and goes screaming into the mountains] STUDENT OF THE YEAR!

tasteoftheusual asked:

ONE of the things I love is your bluntness. my favorite is when you see something ridiculous and respond with "what... what is this. wtf. what the ACTUAL. what. this is stupid and here is the list of reasons." (although I also love your passion and your wholehearted commitment to things you love. just the first one is funnier.)

Oh, you know

I’ve always been told that I’m opinionated. I never really thought I was, but I distinctly remember one of the first times somebody told me I was was in the sixth grade when highnoonish talked about having gone shopping with her mother and seeing a shirt that said: “I’m not opinionated, I’m just always right” and thinking of me.

This message is so nice. Thank you so much for this message, Tori. I love you. So much.

The car in front of us as we waited to park at The Kennedy Center this weekend had two bumper stickers; One about the zombie apocalypse (I think it said: “In case of zombie apocalypse, follow me!” with the image of a chainsaw and a funky color palette) and one that said: “Driver may be possessed. Comments or concerns, please call The Winchester Brothers.” with a phone number below it.

It made me think of elaborateheists and highnoonish

Let’s trade.

Let’s just swap lives for a few weeks, deal? They do it on WifeSwap all the time. I’m sure our universities could figure their shit out.

You’ll come here and interview the other 50 brothers I have to interview for APO and I’ll go to UMW and learn all about Classical Studies stuff.

I hate being cold. I hate, hate, hate it. I left my Hello Kitty blanket at home this semester for some dumbass reason, so I’ve only got my comforter and my handmade Rapunzel blanket to keep me warm. Plus socks, slippers, and sweatshirts/hoodies.