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When people say their ship is superior because it’s gay/lesbian

When people say their ship is superior because it’s straight

When people think their incest ship is canon

When people post hate in the tag

When people overreact and call other people racist/homophobic because they don’t like their biracial ship

When gay people think that all straight people who don’t ship their gay ship are homophobic even though there does exist straight LGBT supporters who DO ship their gay ship

When straight people think that all gay people hate straight ships even though there are some out there who don’t:

When you’re a multshipper and you love everyone’s ships:

At this point I am just impressed. and those freaking #’s took me wayyyy to long.

NU’ESTs records/Facts unique to them you might not have known!

-As some of you already know despite Nu’est being underrated they still have some records (I’ll put those in bold) and many things unique to them, so I’m making this list of info for new loves :)

- NU’EST is the first ever boy group from Pledis (debut 15th March 2012) and the 2nd ever Pledis group

-JR aka Kim Jonghyun was the first ever male trainee Pledis recruited (2009). He was casted on the street in his hometown and first thought he was being scammed lmao until he saw pictures of After School on the walls at Pledis HQ. 

(cute baby bugi)

-JR is the only Leader from a Pledis group who IS NOT the oldest member in the group (he is the 2nd oldest, Aron is NU’ESTs hyung born in 1993) 

-JR was called the ‘Male Kahi’ during debut

-His first MV appearance was pre-debut in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok city” giving him the nickname ‘Bangkok city boy’ 

(15 year old JR check out those braids)

-JR felt lonely as the only male trainee for 1 Year, He had to eat instant ramen alone for that year (I guess Pledis was super broke)

-Mingi was the 2nd male trainee to Join Pledis in 2010, so JR wasn’t lonely anymore. Then Baekho joined, then Minhyun and lastly Aron joined NU’EST, possibly training for 6 months unto 1 year. 

- Minhyun’s first pre-debut MV appearance was in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” giving him the nickname “Shanghai boy”

(I remember I was pissed seeing this kid reject Nana back then lol)

-Baekho made his first pre-debut MV appearance in After School’s “Play Ur Love”

(What! a! cutie!!

-JR had a pre-debut rap feature in UEE’s “Sok Sok Sok” and also featured in Gilme’s “Me First”  

-All of NU’EST + S.coups appeared in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” as backup dancers!

(Aron and Ren made their first appearances here)

- Aron rejected a place to study journalism at New York University (SUPER HARD to get into) to go to Korea and join NU’EST

-Aron got almost full marks on his SAT’s, but he said he’s bad at math so he failed the math questions

(Aron in high school) 

-Baekho’s stage name, meaning literally “white tiger” in Korean, was given to him by UEE, because apparently he looks like the character Kang Baekho from Slam dunk Manga lol

-NU’EST debut song “Face” was the most viewed kpop debut on youtube for years, and is still the most viewed kpop Boygroup debut MV all of time (almost 70m now)

- NU’EST “Face” was the best selling debut album of 2012

- During their debut, NU’EST was the group with the youngest overall age 

- JR is the Youngest Kpop Leader ever to debut (at the age of 16) 

Kid Leader —–> to Nation’s Leader

-NU’EST is the ONLY group ever where the Leader and Maknae are the same age! (Born 1995) 

(baby Jren ❤️ ) 

- Besides JYJ, NU’EST is the only boy group where at least 80% of the members are the same age.

-JR  and Aron have been writing rap lyrics for some years now (maybe 2014 or earlier) but in early 2016 their style changed drastically with the release of “Q is”. Baekho showed his composition skills and dream teamwork with Bumzu. 

-In the “Canvas” album the members were involved in every aspect of it, JR Aron Minhyun Ren and Baekho all wrote lyrics. Baekho was heavily involved in composition, Ren’s cousin made the album art (the illustrations) and Ren also helped in Styling and Minhyun wrote the song “Thank you” for loves.  

-Minhyun’s ultimate inspiration are ot5 TVXQ, his favourite song is “Love in the ice” and his Bias is Xiah Junsu 

-You likely already know, But Ren’s ultimate inspiration is Lady Gaga, like her he wants to be a strength for his fans.

-The song that helped JR get through hard times when he felt like giving up is DOK2′s “On my Way” when you listen to lyrics is clear how he relates to it

‘I have long ways to go and many walls to climb over

It has been eight years but everything is still the same

To make my dream comes true, still I’m on my way’

-In 2017 4 members of NU’EST joined Produce 101, they were the trainees with the most debut experience

-Aron did not go onto Produce 101 because of a leg injury. He stayed at the dorm and waited for them to come, cooking food for them when they did.

-Minhyun is the member of Wanna One with the most debut experience 

-On the PD101 final, instead of the show trending on Korean search engines, “NU’EST” and “Kim Jonghyun” trended no.1 and no.2 

-NU’EST is the only group to change their name/ become a unit (NU’EST W) because 1 member is not present.

-NU’EST W is the 3rd group ever to get over 100 million hearts on v-live

-’Hello’ has been nicknamed ‘Zombie-seyo’ because of the many many times it managed to climb the chart so high after so many years, peaking no.3 on melon on the night of pd101 final

-NU’EST W got their first no.1′s on charts with “If you” a song written for Minhyun

-Despite not even having a comeback yet, Korea and internationally NU’EST’s rise has been trending

-They have been crowded “Reversal Icons” 

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-Lastly, when Minhyun comes back, they will be 7 years old, and will likely become the group who took the longest time to get a win on a major Music show (assuming fans stay and make them stable for Minhyun’s return)

I made this to show you how long NU’EST have been in the industry, how long they have been chasing their dream.

I hope you learned something new about NU’EST! they deserve the world for their pure talent and all they have gone through, Please support them from now on <3

So I was watching Thomas’ new video for the millionth time, and I only JUST realised that when Thomas started having the anxiety attack, Logan was circling the word “high” on the chart because he knew exactly what was going on, but he couldn’t get the words out as he was panicking, too, and he wanted somebody (most likely Virgil) to notice it. He was trying to tell them in the very limited way he could that Thomas was beginning to have a panic attack, and I just find all the little extra details that Thomas adds in really clever (whether they’re intentional or not). @thatsthat24 honestly amazes me.

Also, Logan is a dork and I love him, and I love how much he loves that chart.


Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion had answered a distress call. It had probably been stupid on xir part, but what was done was done.

A small ship, even smaller than xir, had crashed on a barren but breathable-to-most-species moon in the system of Hyaldnar. Xe had been making a delivery for xir mentor when xir communication system picked it up, and since xe was barely past adolescence, the journey of not even five rotations was making xem bored and seeing a crash site would be exciting. After all, it was probably an automated distress call, nothing could survive a crash to a rocky moon.

But there xe was, standing in front of a crumpled and burned wreck and the very much alive creature that had crawled out of it after perceiving xir pod landing. Imirrim cursed xir rotten luck, now xe would have to help the poor thing. Xe had been planning on just sight-seeing the wreck a bit, maybe later contact whatever species it had belonged to to tell it had crashed, if only to look good in front of xir mentor.

After a while of the creature gawking and baring it’s teeth at Imirrim, xe recognized the species as human, the fifth longest living space-faring species. Still, xe belonged to the second longest living, and Thalmors like xemself could outlive five humans each born at the moment of the previous one’s death. What had especially stuck from xir exobiology and alien anthropology lessons was humans’ way of expressing their emotions in strange and backwards ways, and their sheer capability to holding grudges. Great.

Imirrim approached the human slowly. It was approaching xem right back, still showing it’s teeth like it was attacking, but but humans expressed their emotions backwards, so that was good, right? Besides, the human was wounded and limping, and xe could outrun it if things went bad.

“Finally someone answered my call,” the human -a male, xe guessed- said as Imirrim was close enough. “I’ve been here for a week and I’m running out of water.”

A week? How was he alive?

“Oh, where are my manners,” the human said and extended the less damaged of its upper limbs towards Imirrim. “I’m Thomas Warren, from the human colony on Clyzma Al Carrim, farmer by profession.”

Imirrim carefully extended a cheliped to mimic the greeting, and did xir best not to flinch when the human grabbed it and shook it. “I am Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion from planet Skismin, apprentice to the Grand Navigator.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” Thomas said and shook xir cheliped some more before finally letting go. “You mind taking me off this rock?”

Imirrim shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. “Sure.”

“Great!” Thomas said and pulled his lips even further back, revealing even more teeth, more than could possibly fit comfortably into a mouth that small. “I’ll be right back.” He limped back into the small shipwreck.

Imirrim was regretting this. It wasn’t customary to help strangers, especially from other species, since there was no telling what they could do. Humans had a reputation of being unpredictable, especially when wounded. And this ‘Thomas’ was covered in wounds, some looking much too severe for anyone to possibly survive.

Thomas emerged from his wreckage, carrying something that was clearly important if he was willing to retrieve it from a wreck while severely wounded. “So, Imirrim, was it? Where are you headed?”

Imirrim led the human to xir pod and helped him climb over the threshold. “Back to Skismin. You can get better help there.” If he stayed alive that long.

“Lovely, you’re a real life saver,” Thomas chuckled. “I’ll owe you one.”

To Imirrim’s surprise -and relief- Thomas did not die during the two rotations’ travel back to Skismin. He talked xir auditory membrane off and after a while filled the pod with the faint stench of alien blood, but all things considered he wasn’t the worst passenger. Once xe had docked the pod back on Skismin and had helped Thomas and his bag of belongings (which turned out to be an assortment of small possibly decorative items, data storage devices, clothes, and even a few ordinary rocks one could get anywhere but that were apparently ‘cool’) to the nearest emergency clinic, Thomas turned to xem one last time.

“If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, call me,” he said with a serious expression xe had come to recognize during their time at the small pod. “I owe you my life, just call and I’ll pay you back.”

Imirrim stared after him for a long while before turning away and heading to tell the Grand Navigator that hir delivery was received and thanked for, and to tell xir mentor about human Thomas Warren.

After xe had told hir what had passed, Imirrim asked one last question. “Master, what does it mean when a human says they 'owe their life’ to someone?”

The Grand Navigator’s age-reddened crest rose curiously. “Like you probably know, humans are known for holding grudges and for being almost insensibly loyal. While they keep in mind all wrong that has been done to them, they do not forget a good deed done to them either. 'Owing one’s life’ means you have done something to them that they regard highly of, usually the saving of a life, and that they will do anything in their power to, as they say, 'return the favor’. Did this Thomas say this to you?”

Imirrim nodded. “Right before he went with the medical staff, he said he owes me his life, and all I need to do in a time of distress is to call him and he will come.”

The Grand Navigator raised hir upper chelipeds in a sign of pride. “You have done well, my apprentice. To earn a human’s favor is a feat of great bravery and compassion. One day, you shall become a fine and daring Navigator, like the explorers before us.”

Imirrim ruffled his crest at the praise. Maybe answering the distress call wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Time went by, and Imirrim progressed from an appearance to a novice and on, up the ranks, and eventually landed a spot as the head Navigator on the long trade ship Pochella, traveling at high speeds through barely charted nebulas and dangerous asteroid fields. Xe plotted courses through the densest of rock fogs and past dangerous gravitational pulls, and not once did his calculations for the course fail.

Xe had lived many more cycles, many more than a human could ever live. Imirrim had counted- xe had kept a distant eye on Thomas Warren in case xe would ever have a need for the favor he had claimed to owe xem, but the need never came. He had died fifty-seven cycles after xe had rescued him, or seventy-two years, as humans counted time, and even more time had passed after that.

Still, even after all this time xe looked back at him for courage when daily life was hard and xir spirit was down. Xe had met and worked with humans many times now and they all shared the same spirit Thomas Warren had had, but none of them had left quite the same impression on xem as Thomas, who had smiled and joked through nine rotations on broken bones and told fondly of his family and farm back on Clyzma Al Carrim.

Imirrim had plotted a course through a particularly dense asteroid cloud, a course that would save the ship a lot of time and fuel. The ship was nearly out of the cloud when the proximity alarm went off and something clamped into the ship’s hull. The computer showed xir an approximate hologram of the something. It was a smaller and armed ship attaching itself to their ship.

The Cieruna members of the crew -small, short-lived, and feathery things with nimble hands and a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields- were screaming in terror. Pirates, they yelled, we can’t shake them off, we’re all going to die. Shush, xe said, we will not die. I’ll call for help, be quiet.

Imirrim galloped to the unoccupied communication post and sent a distress message on all frequencies. “This is Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion, head navigator of the trade ship Pochella. We are inside the Halfway asteroid cloud. And we are under attack by pirates. Please help us.” Once the message was sent xe stepped away from the console and joined the crew in listening to the magnetic creaking of their hull in the morbid silence that had followed xir call.

The ship could not move, following the already plotted course with the extra weight and bulk of the pirate ship attached to them would be suicide, and finding a new safe route out without knowing the exact dimensions of the other ship was impossible, not to mention useless against the threat. All xe could do was hope for a miracle.

And a miracle xe got. Another proximity alarm sounded, and the computer showed an image of a charging mining pod, ten times smaller than the pirate ship and at least a hundred times smaller than Pochella. Outmatched, outgunned, it rammed the pirate ship and despite being hit by their lasers and missiles, it kept on pounding it with its grappling arms and mining lasers and asteroid bombs, everything it had. And finally, when the pod was leaking air and plasma and fuel into space, the pirate ship released its hold and retreated, engines sputtering and its hull dented and battered, and flew away from Pochella and the mad mining pod to safety of the asteroids.

“What was that? What happened? The Cieruna chirred and cheeped. “It is gone! We are saved!”

Imirrim was still looking at the hologram screen. The mining pod was all but destroyed in the short but fierce fight. Someone exited it, wearing a spacesuit and carrying something, and the pod engaged it’s barely functional engines and sped away leaving a trail of debris and smoke in its wake, until it finally exploded from the damage it had sustained a safe distance away.

Imirrim stared at the hologram for a moment, and shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. Xe input a code to the control panel and opened a small airlock near the creature that had saved them all. Xe set off from the bridge where xe was posted and galloped through corridors and climbed down stairs, until xe arrived in front of the airlock that had already closed and the creature that had successfully boarded the ship.

“Are you Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion?” The creature asked. Xe nodded, all the while looking the spacesuited being up and down. Four limbs, two for walking and two for holding. No tail, short neck but a neck nonetheless. No added room for fins or spikes or crests. It was a human.

The human handed their possession to xem -a lumpy bag that both felt and looked like it had rocks in it- and pulled off their helmet.

The human was ruffled and grizzled and had spark burns on his face and his eyes were serious, but he was baring his teeth in a joyous smile. He extended a hand to greet xem and Imirrim took hold of it and shook it.

“I am Stepa Warren,” the human introduced himself. “You rescued my grandfather from a shipwreck when he was young. He spoke fondly of you til his dying day. It is an honor to meet you.”

wethesherlock  asked:

any famous nonfamous fics to rec?? 😆

Famous/Not Famous Fic Rec

Wholehearted 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

When It’s Late At Night 25k

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

The Wonderlands 150k

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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My Top 10 Spring Anime 2015

#1 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Zoku: 9.2/10

#2 Shokugenki no Souma: 9.0/10

#3  Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou: 8.9/10

#4 Arslan Senki: 8.9/10

#5 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season: 8.8/10

#6 Grisaia no Rakuen: 8.8/10

#7 Kekkai Sensen: 8.8/10

#8 Ore Monogatari!: 8.7/10

#9 Plastic Memories: 8.7/10

#10 High School DxD BorN: 8.6/10

Special Mentions:

Seraph of the End: 8.5/10

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: 8.4/10

‘A Naughty Photo Album’ - Harry Styles Imagine

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Words: 1,269

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

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They say when you are in love, and you are young you do a lot of different things. But what happens if you’re young, in love, and married. Harry and her got married at a young age, he said it was not too young, but for her it was very young.

They got married at twenty-two, having all their time to themselves, nothing to worry. In their young relationship, both of them were in love with the concept of photography, she was particularly in love with that concept. When they moved in together, it took him by surprise of how many different cameras she had, but not just the modern, digital camera, it was the old polaroid ones that he loved. He took them without her knowing and just took pictures of her. She did the same, keeping them in an album, decorated by her.

The photos were all adorable at first, of her writing, cooking, etc. Him with his guitar, piano, cooking as well, etc. It was the “couple goals” kind of photos, but over time they escalated.

One of the days, a few weeks into their engagement at twenty one, he decided to be a bit cheeky with it at all, and started to take pictures of her naked, changing, etc. The album was lined with pictures of before and after sex, her asleep with her on her side, leg sticking out, he loved to take pictures of her at these moments, all vulnerable. She caught on fast, seeing him with the camera every morning, waking up to the lens in her face, her covering herself as fast as she can, but she enjoyed the adrenaline of it all, of her feeling loved and in a relationship. Like said, she caught on and began doing it with him.

Harry was a man that liked to be naked, to walk around wearing nothing, she was more of the shy one who hates to do that, always covered in someway. So when the one day where she could take the advantage of him barenaked, making pancakes for her, she had to take the picture, the first picture of him in that album…naked.

The album was forgotten over the years, after their sex life died down, with marriage and children, it still laid, in her draw, in the side table, at the right side of the bed. It laid there, collecting dust.

Both of them got busy, let’s be honest. She got her dream job, he always had his, but it was high up in the charts, and they had five kids to look after, ranging from the ages of thirteen, eleven, eight and four. It’s hard having an eight year old, but have twin eight year olds and a four year old, together, just adds on to the stress. So the fun nights of endless love making, the angry fucks, or just the experimental times, came to the end, not completely, there was the few that happen once in awhile, in those words, not so often.

When she heard giggling coming from the upstairs hallway, she could not help but question what was happening. (Y/N) carried herself up the staircase, holding onto the railing, forgetting about the task that she was just doing, and listening closely to the giggling coming from a few feet in front of her.

“Look at this one.” She barely heard, it was Rosie, their oldest daughter, a faint, but sweet voice, never failing to stop smiling. When she was born, and over time of the few months after, it took both Harry and her by surprise that she started to go strawberry-blonde and eventually fully redheaded, it was not common in both their families, barely there, but it complemented her quite well.

“Look at mum’s face, oh, look at dad, they look so young.” That was her son talking, Caleb, a little troublemaker, and looks that will flawn all the girls, eyes that look innocent, but not entirely the whole time. He was their first child, still a like mischievous one, always will, always was.

She was awfully confused of what they were so giggly about, she turned the corner, and saw all five of them sitting around something in the hallway. The twins, Charlotte and Alfie’s backs to her, Rosie and Caleb towards her, their eyes were so focused on it.

“What are you guys doing?” She asked. (Y/N) could not help but speak to them, their eyes shot up, noticing that their mother was trying to see what mischief that they got into this time around, Caleb took charge fast, closing the book.

“Nothing, mum. It just some…old photos. Wedding photos of you and dad, yeah.” He said, looking around at his siblings for help. That’s when she knew that they were definitely not looking at something that they should.

“That’s odd, since my wedding album is actually at Nana’s.” She began, taking a few steps towards them, she bent down next to Charlotte, seeing exactly that she was hoping not to see. Quickly grabbing the album and standing up, bringing it to her chest.

“Where did you get this?” She asked, stern glaze on each of them.

“It was in your draw, mum.” Rosie said, simply.

“What did you see? Did you look at the whole album, or just one or two pages?” she asked, still looking at them, they each look down at the ground. Her mainly concern was what they saw, it was many pictures of post sex, after sex and nakedness, nothing else pronographic, but it was intruding, it was her youth.

“Just a few pages, Ma, the last picture we saw was dad in an apron, only an apron.” Caleb said, giggling to himself a bit, she nodded, it was just her they saw naked, that was one of the first pictures of him, in that state.

“Did it ever occur to you, the moment you saw some of these…graphic pictures, that it is personal and intruding?” She asked, starting lean against the wall.

“We just thought it was a photo album, we’re sorry.” Rosie spoke up, starting to get up, she simply nodded, staring at each of them, “Never again, do I make this clear, there are some things in here, that I wish that I did not take pictures of, and there are pictures here that I wish that no one, even Nana, or Grandma, to see, this is Dad and I’s personal book, no one gets to go in, am I clear?” She said, they all nodded. She picked up her youngest, Noah, and started to walk down stairs, placing her on the carpet in front of her dollhouse.

“Harry!” She said, looking for him, she thought he was in the kitchen, but he was not. He yelled back, coming from the office.

She simply, started to walk fast, closing the door behind her, he turned around towards him, a smile on his face.

“What’s up, hun?” He said, taking his attention off his computer. She walked up to him, handing him the album.

“They found it, got as far as a bare naked picture of you in the kitchen, with the apron on with “Kiss the Chef”, written across it.” She said, he smirked and started laughing.

“Did you mention to them that, that was when we created Caleb, banging on the kitchen counter, burning the pancakes.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest, giving her his famous smirk. She glared at him, eyeing him.

“Harry!” She yelled, fast, smacking his arm, “You’re not taking this well.”

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The Jackson 5 were ‘discovered’ by Diana Ross when in fact they sent in an audition tape. I’m sure many other stories like this exist. It’s just marketing and it’s bullshit as always, but I don’t want to get all upset over something before it gets bad. It’s not that unusual and it may never get bad.

I’ve said this a few times before. Because Louis is not going to sign to Syco, the team has switched from seeing him as a product they can sell, to a marketing tool they can use to sell their other products.

This is why they use his social media to promote others, but not him. The others they make money off, but his music provides no income anymore. His millions of followers, however, do. So they will use those.

I’m not even sure anymore they want to destroy him. They don’t even seem to bother. They just want to make money on their artists and use Louis as a way to do that, since he’s no longer their artist. I’m not sure how that stops him them from adding a link to JHO on his Instagram or why he can’t do that himself, so there must still be an element of spite or sabotage.

So while this is all very cynical and bad for him, and we are rightly angry, this nonsense is also a clear sign that he will not make music for Syco anymore. If you needed more signs, anyway.

Also, he found a very clever loophole by collaborating with Steve. This way, there is another team to promote his music, and they go all out. And there is, of course, us. We are his team. We got that song high up in the charts. We did the job that Louis’ team should have done, and we rock.

Some real talk. Louis IS a successful solo artist. His numbers are great, even if he didn’t chart as high as Niall and Liam, who worked very hard on their solo stuff, but who also have teams celebrating them and pushing for them every step of their way. Reminder, Louis didn’t have the same kind of support from his team and 48 hours of a decent, or dare I say basic, job won’t change the past. But even if his numbers were worse… success isn’t measured only by that. Sure, all artists care about numbers and charting is very important, otherwise promo wouldn’t be needed. Whoever says that an artist and his team/label aren’t interested in charts is fooling themselves. However, if you measure an artist’s worth only in chart positions, then you’re not here for the music nor the artist. You’re probably here to compete. Louis has an active fanbase, a passionate one that spends money on him. That only is enough to call him successful and his team should fight to get him out there and introduce him to new audiences using some interesting promo. Also Louis manages to create music that speaks to people, even when a song is as personal as JLY (buy & stream, btw). I love a lot of artists that people haven’t even heard of, but they are still successful and amazing to my eyes. Yes, I want better for Louis, I want him to always be a presence in the charts, I want him to get awards (vote for Louis for the EMA 2017), I want him to break records. But above everything I want him to be a good musician, who learns along the way, and who tries to express his true self through music and clever lyrics. So far he is doing a fantastic job. So I am really proud of him and I will keep supporting him for a long, long time. 💙🌈

Yesterday Mingi went to my room crying and was like ‘Look at this’ (showing him the charts)
—  Aron,  referring to how Love’s got  NU’EST songs to chart very high for their 2000th day anniversary. (C)

you know, it’s really somethin’ how much society seems to hate female pop singers who’ve aged out of their prime. whenever madonna, mariah carey, or hell, it’s even happened to britney lately, drops a new single, people treat these veteran pop stars who influenced the modern pop scene like it’s appalling that they’ve the nerve to keep making music now that they’re past the peak of their careers. and it’s really only a female pop singer thing.

the backstreet boys are never gonna be as big as they were at the turn of the millennium ever again, but that doesn’t stop them from making music and touring. blondie reunited a while back, and they’re not charting very high w their newer albums, but they’re still just as much a band now as they were in 1980. queen literally never stopped being active, even tho now they’re only a duo, and freddie mercury ain’t gonna rise from the grave anytime soon. the beatles can never have a proper reunion seeing as half of them are dead, but paul mccartney and ringo starr are making music just as much in their 70s as they did when they were in their 20s.

so why is it when an aging starlet puts out a new album they’re condemned, and treated as a joke? their profession has been making pop music, why should they retire just because they’ve been around a while and some people feel like they’ve heard enough? if they still got it left in em, let em continue on w their career. everyone else can, but they can’t?

Anthems for Logan Sanders

Warrnings: Long, long post! (I understand your possible TLDR) Full of Logan Sanders, love to Logan Sanders, memes with Logan Sanders, paean of praise to Logan Sanders and other stuff like that with no objectivity. And probably very bad English with horrible mistakes. (I’m so sorry Logan! Q_Q)

Lately I saw some posts about that Logan is unappreciated. I love all of Sanders Sides but actually I have no idea why Logic would ever be unappreciated because he is almost my fav. I just don’t know HOW? Well, If someone is daring to say that Logan is underrated, I am going to present my point of view. Subjectively!

Everyone of them have their own music theme. The music which play when Sides show up. Cool music theme! (Roman have „The Blue Danube” MY FAV classical song, oh, boy!!!) but I like the most Logic’s theme because this is as well intriguing as funny! Fit to Logan perfectly. Everytime when I hear that, it makes me a happy human!

He is very elegant. Did you notice he has a two shirts? One with lion logo and one with eagle logo. I love his gesticulation nad his facial expression! Because… You know…

He likes to dress-up! Isn’t it cool?!

Look at him. He is so pleased the first question from Q&A went to him. Adorable! And his favourite book is „The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie. Awesome choise! Agatha Christie was great and Hercules Poirot is my fav detective ever ❤ Logan have a good taste! At least for me.

Logan love dogs stoo! I’m 100% sure his love to puppies is equal his love to Patton Patton’s love to puppies. Look at that! Love to dogs is logical so Logan love dogs.

And he love poetry.

Yes, poetry. He can choose the most romantic lyric. „Brush up your Shakespeare” gyus! I love him. If you think that was ‘bout Shakespeare you’re right. If you think that was ‘bout Logan you’re right too.

And since I talk about poetry! He did not let himself be defeated in rap battle. He rules! He was great! Nobody will forget it! Totally badass!

Nobody will forget how he won a debate. He used logical reasoning to show positives. Even without help Roman’s role - self confidence and Patton’s role - optimism. And even if someone use wonderful debate tactic like hissing at people!

The only person he can not beat is Morality. This is only one who can be his rival, they always need to compromise. Morality never wins too he is at the same level. And largely this is the reason why I call Patton my fav character from Sanders Sides. Only one who Logan can’t defeat.

Maybe Logan don’t like the dad jokes but he definitely makes a puns. He makes a lot of puns („terrible humor”, „valorous choice”, „ants, aunts”)  and I realized that first time when I was writing polish subtitles to „Making Some Changes” video where translating all the puns and whole the idioms was a torment. I have a theory Logan is angry at Patton when he’s doing a puno r dad joke because Patton is just better in this „game”. Or because he takes everything literally and that confuse him! But…

He appreciates the role of each part of the personality. When Thomas is worried because the audition Logan offer to call Prince for Thomas’ self-confidence or Morality for Thomas’ optimism. Even if he don’t think Anxiety’s is needed, he knows that he is very important.

Some people just noticed that what I want to write now but this is too amazing! Logan in “Accepting Anxiety 2/2” was freaking awesome! He realized what is happening to them first, he knew that so early!

And that moment when he was screaming „YERKS-DODSON!” and circling in red a word „HIGH” on the chart. With looking at Anxiety who udnderstood him. Logan found the way how to tell something important to Virgil despite his problems with communication! He was GREAT! He was FREAKING GREAT!!!

I admire him, I love him, I’m amazed.

And very important thing. Logan is a Teacher. And role of teacher is teaching.

- He completes my vocabulary (in my mother language AND English!) just using a long, difficult words. If I want to understand what he is talking I must to check it. This is learning by fun!

- He refers to many interesting books like Roman refers to Disney movies and Patton refers to popular songs.

- He taught me a some psychology in “My negative thinking”.

- Finally he taught me last time about Yerks-Dodson curve – I checked it and I started to read about it. That was cool!

Logan Sanders is great Teacher, awesome Side of personality and SEXY BEAST. Tell him it from me Thomas, please. @thatsthat24

…If you wanted I can do anthems for other three. Would you like?
Part 2