uumm i love this performance more than anything else in the world

TCC Asks✨

👽: favorite serial killer?
💀: favorite mass murderer?
👻: eric or dylan?
👾: favorite of the unholy trinity? (jeffery dahmer, ted bundy, or richard ramirez)
🤖: how’d you get into tc?
👿: least favorite murderer?
🥀: favorite tcc blogs?

So excited that my box from @eyesthesizeofmoons and @ohmydarlinflowerchild came in the mail today 💕💕

This is a bitter sweet moment since I will be quitting for a month or so since I have to pass a drug test. So I hope you all stay stoney and are having a great night! Gonna tag @dabakin-cloudblower, @sirpsychedeliccrazy, @passive-aggressive-popsicle, @qushqween, @suckmybigbong, @weed-breath, @crystalgatherer, @whoduhthunkit, @whospilledthebongwater, @batgirlbrit, @that-deadhead, @queenfuckntwat, @trvpgoddessshawty & @hippie-qt 💫❤