Connection between Touhou and Undertale

Ok this has probably been noticed maybe once before but

This is Sariel, from the very first Touhou game, Highly Responsive to Prayers. Very little is known of Sariel, as she has no dialogue. While her appearance is similar to Toriel (from Undertale)

the real similarity is in Asriel. In the pacifist route, Asriel takes the form of the ‘Angel of Death’

Sariel’s title during battle is also ‘Angel of Death’

See the coincidence?????????????

As far as I can tell, nobody else online has acknowledged this blatant reference by Toby Fox to a very obscure game.

Shrine of the Wind
  • Shrine of the Wind
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers

i’ve been working on getting music rips at the highest quality i can mange from HRtP, and i’m finally about done, almost in time for the game’s anniversary. so, i think i’ll post the whole thing then.

here’s that enigmatic unused song from the music test; this song also shows up if you try to enter an invalid stage from the stage selection screen. i really like it, honestly.