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Re: Nicotero’s Comment

I don’t think any of us are surprised that a member of the show shut down the possibility of a future Daryl/Jesus romance. We’ve all been saying since day one that Desus was a long shot for a variety of reasons—many of which are unfortunate, but sadly a reality with the way LGBT+ couples are handled in popular media. No one here (at least anyone I’ve come across) has claimed otherwise. I mean, what other highly-rated television show has made one of their main and hugely lusted-after male characters interested in other men? Plus, how in the world would merchandising explain Daryl kissing a dude to all the people they want to sell this???

Anyway, I digress. 

My point is, we all know Desus most likely isn’t happening on the show. That’s barely news. That’s not the problem with what Nicotero said. What I do see as an issue is how he said it within the context of the larger conversation—a drunken cruise panel where moments before Nicotero had less of a reaction to Norman joking about Daryl literally fucking a tiger. So actual bestiality is no biggie, a joke or whatever, but a fan yelling out about Daryl and Jesus warrants some uber-declarative statement with multiple exclamation points? Not a good look, man.

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anonymous asked:

But does what Adam did, and you consider him better than the rest. Until now I don't see anything that puts him over the others, being the only lesbian representation Dorothy and Ruby. In one episode where they fell in love quickly as the wind. So how is Adam better?

Let’s take my list of people who I gave to counter my “Adam is the worst show runner in the world” anon and be explicit.

Adam doesn’t have a documented habit routinely fire people … hundreds of them over 27 years to avoid statutory raises (Dick Wolf).

Adam to our knowledge has never told an underweight actress to loose weight and fired her because she was “fat” (Dick Wolf) in fact he and his production gave Ginnifer Goodwin plenty of time to loose weight after her baby during season 4.  

Adam has never gone on message boards anonymously but not really to mock fans (Aaron Sorkin) or when banned from that message board used his critically acclaimed massively rated tv show to say this about an identifyable person:

Let me explain something to you. This is sort of my field. The people on these sites? They’re the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The muumuu wearing Parliament smoker? That’s Nurse Ratched. When Nurse Ratched is unhappy, the patients are unhappy. (x)

Adam has also never sent his junior female writers into LGBT spaces to actively lie about how they aren’t really killing off an LGBT character and then let that writer twist in the wind when it went south (Jason Rothenberg).

Adam has also never gone on to the fandoms largest forum to argue with women who were telling him that his episode about rape drugs was really a comedy and very funny and then wrote an followup episode titling it with the word the fans used to describe the first episode (Joseph Mallozzi).  

Adam has not cast his entire family to play parts (Peter Deluise).

Adam has not fired a lead actress when she raised issues about the show’s writing of women (the Stargate producers as a group).  Or recast that role with a younger woman.  Or forced another actress who had worked for him for ten years to do a year on one of his other shows when he knew she wanted to move on due to a contract loophole.  

Adam has never stopped speaking to his lead actor when he brought up that his use of personal pictures as promotional stills on his blog was a union violation that was stealing money out of actors pockets (Joseph Mallozzi).

Adam has never told his establish fanbase that they weren’t what his new show as aimed at because they were two old and two female and they wanted a different demographic but then blamed that fanbase for not watching when the show failed (Brad Wright).

Adam has never openly mocked other establish actors and encouraged his fans to do so because there was another show using the same century old source material (Steven Moffett and Mark Gatiss).  

Adam hasn’t fired an actress for becoming pregnant (Joss Whedon)

Adam hasn’t to my knowledge written an entire show about sentient sex dolls (Joss Whedon) or written iconic female superheroes out of the point of view of their stories.  Or described women who can’t have children as monsters.  

Adam has never described people who objected to the death of a bisexual character as nine hysterical women on the internet (Russell T. Davis).  And told them to go read poetry.

Adam has never had casting couch rumors about him nor has he ever called out an entire fandom on his smash hit highly rated television show (Ryan Murphy) nor openly played favorites with actors he found attractive nor actively driven off female producers just because he could.

Adam has never been an objective monster to female cast (Rick Berman) (x)

Those are all off the top of my head… anyone want to add more show runner horror stories?

This year, Disney premiered its first Latina princess: Elena Castillo Flores, better known as Elena of Avalor. She sings and plays guitar, she goes on adventures, rules her kingdom and has her own highly rated animated TV show.

The 16-year-old crown princess had been trapped in an amulet for 41 years (so technically, she’s 57 — which might make her one of Disney’s oldest princesses, but that’s another story). Her backstory begins when another animated Disney princess, Sofia the First, sets her free. Elena confronts the evil sorceress Shuriki, voiced by Jane Fonda, who killed her parents and took over the kingdom.

Elena avenges her parents, drives Shuriki out, and begins her reign over the port city of Avalor. “She is the first princess actively ruling her kingdom, and I think that’s new,” says Aimee Carrero, the Dominican-Puerto Rican actress who lends her voice to Elena. “So she has a day job. You know, there’s no Prince Charming, she’s her own hero. She’s learning that leadership is about sacrifice, and not about this sort of totalitarian control over the people she rules — and sort of resembles more of a president than princess. There’s never been a better time to tell this story.”

‘Elena Of Avalor’ Takes The Throne As Disney’s First Latina Princess

Image: Disney Channel

Re: Slow Building of Bellarke

In many of the recent interviews, I’ve heard Eliza say that she’d love to see Bellarke together. Perhaps via slow building of them. And that’s all good IF we get a season 3. Unfortunately, the ratings for The 100 haven’t been great in season 2 thus far. Fans are trying to do EVERYTHING to get the ratings up, of course. We’re doing our best. But television is unpredictable. CW is especially unpredictable. Sometimes, CW cancels shows quickly. At other times, it lets low rated shows stay on. So you just never know what to expect from this network. 

I’m honestly more than okay with waiting for Bellarke IF we know for sure that we will be getting at least a season 3. But what if the show does not get another season, then writers would have wasted such a phenomenal chemistry and storyline potential by dragging it out. The hearts of many Bellarke fans would be broken. 

I would assume the smart thing would be to do a possibly alternative ending to the season 2 finale or to at least give the fans a Bellarke KISS or at least SOMETHING in season 2. That way if we are not lucky enough to get another season despite our efforts, then we at least get Bellarke in some way. 

Thoughts on this? Keep in mind, slow building of pairings usually works on highly rated tv shows that have a span of quite a few years. 

Don’t get me wrong. I want for The 100 to SUCCEED. But you just never know. Shows get cancelled quite easily these days unfortunately. Fans are doing all that they can to spread the word now and get the buzz going. But who knows what will happen. And I’d hate for the show to end in season 2 without ever seeing Bellarke together. Or without ever seeing at least 1 kiss between them.