highly probably definitely false speculation but eh i'll pretend otherwise


Kun was a character himself, at 15. He was just like how he is now, but even worse! [laughs] He didn’t care about anything at all. You guys were talking, and then he asked, “And who are you?”  He did! At first, he looked at me, watched the rest of the guys talk to me—Garay and Formica were there, I knew them from Rosario—we were just talking about random stuff, and he just kept on looking at me. He kept listening, but it’s like at one point he couldn’t take it anymore and told me, “Hey, and who are you?” The guys wanted to eat him alive! “What do you mean? Don’t you know who he is?” and he answered, “No!” When they told him he said, “Oh, so you’re the guy from Barcelona!” That’s when he realized…[smiles]. And that’s how you guys started out. Yeah, we met first at the Sudamericano. He didn’t go then, but he was with us, and then he did go to the World Cup. We were roomed together the first day he arrived, and we still are up until now.