highly disappointed no one has done this

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I really reallly reallllllllyyyyy didn't need that compilation of vmin in bed!! & anw about Jimin in Hello - i've seen many articles about Jin's variety sense (and rightly deserved cause he was so damn funny) but none on Jimin, and i lowkey felt abit disappointed. He doesn't have your usual variety sense, but I think he has many unique charms (his sincerity like you've mentioned, his sudden outbursts that totally defies his manggae look). He's the kind of boy who makes everyone look fondly at.

i’m sorry that one had to be done! but yeah! you shouldn’t feel disappointed tbh? jimin shines a lot in other areas and has articles written about him quite a lot, and this time it makes sense for jin to be praised so highly for his variety sense because he kind of stole the show? he is very funny and acts in a way that while unique, it is also in line with what people who like those shows look for traditionally. 

when jimin is with jin on tv, he usually acts kind of like the straight man for his jokes? and he’s more lowkey and less over the top. but he definitely has a lot of variety appeal on his own, like you said, it’s also why he is one of the members that always goes on these shows. jin, hobi and jimin are the golden trio :D used to be namjoon too but i assume he’s trying to spend his time on other things for the time being. 

but yes back to jimin, he is often paired with the others because he is so charming and a bit of a straight man, a seemingly soft-spoken calming force that can turn into a wild card at any moment and most importantly he is just incredibly likeable and a total stan attractor, so don’t worry and don’t feel disappointed! he got praised for speaking sweetly this time either way, i saw people writing a lot about the glasses thing especially

Well done MTV

Well done for cancelling possibly the most diverse show on television. Whilst other MTV content such as Teen Wolf and Scream feature LGBT+ characters they are all either secondary or supporting.

Faking it was so much more than ships. It has a trans actor playing a trans character, it highlighted intersex visibility in today’s society, it showed young people that it’s okay to be confused about your sexuality.

I’m highly disappointed in MTV for his move. I am sad because Faking It was honestly one show I really enjoyed, but I’m even sadder now that a show like this , a show the celebrates diversity no longer exists.