highly collectible chocolate frog cards

Among the rarer chocolate frog cards is Eleanor Ceridwen Podmore’s. One of history’s most protective mothers, she came home one day to find her husband, Harland, attempting to hide their triplets. It transpired that Harland, in an ill-advised attempt to liven up his babysitting duties and indulge his twin passions for transfiguration and Muggle iconography, had given the children wings. Wings he didn’t quite know how to remove.

Eleanor turned him into a sand lizard in a fit of maternal pique. She was fined forty-three galleons, but refused to restore him to his proper state. She kept him in a pen in the garden until the end of their days.

The children never lost the wings, but they did grow to be faster flyers than the average Quidditch player. Modern historians have concluded that the episode left the Podmores better off than they began, even counting Harland, given that in all his eighty-six years as a sand lizard he never once complained.