highlights from my photoshoot


Highlights from my fashionstuck!Gamzee photoshoot from yesterday! This was my first time wearing the full cosplay and I am really proud of the result :) Although sadly the adhesive on my fingernails didn’t worked like I planned so I had to forgo using them for the shoot :( Ah well. vulcanrebel is trying to finish her fashionstuck!Terezi cosplay so that we can have a photoset by 4/13, but she’s low on supplies so we’ll see.

This shoot was a last minute thing, so I kind of got makeup on my shirt :P My friend Carly took the photos because she is amazing (we actually had a double shoot thing - after she took these, we went to a park and I took pictures of her for a separate project.) We took these by the side of the road so we got a lot of people honking horns and yelling out their windows and etc.

I jUsT sOrT oF mOtHeRfUcKiNg HoNkEd BaCk. :o) HONK.