World Championships 2015: The Ladies

As this season has progressed, everyone grew more and more certain that the gold medal winner at this year’s worlds would be a Russian. Who that Russian would be was a little more up in the air at first, but that too became virtually certain in the latter half of the season. It’s been something of a trend this season for the ladies’ results to be predictable and not as full of surprises (pleasant or otherwise) as the men’s, but we were rather surprised to find that this year’s worlds didn’t turn out quite exactly as we’d expected. Let’s take a look at how the ladies fared in their last big competition of the season.

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EXERCISE:  Analyzing the importance of strong, isolated highlights to create the impression of surface texture

Two (2) Week Exercise!

This exercise may seem juicy but this is a challenge to look at why each fruit gives the impression of a succulent produce. This 4 examples of fruit showcase how highlights can drastically alter and give some shine to the surface while being irregular to give the impression of texture. So it’s important to build up solid foundations and values, for these to look real and not resembling plastic, it will come down to how you place the highlights!


New video! This week we’re reunited with Oliver Blank, who shares his thoughts on the incredible response to his assignment and announces his plans for a podcast featuring the messages you left to the one who got away.

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