It’s like one of my subscribers said to me at work “you wanna know my secret young man I said sure what’s the secret he’s like I’ve been married for 73 years you leave a note before you head out the door saying I love you do that everyday you’ll be alright dont even think about running the house either they make it "home” and the rules dont think so i dont suggest you get married I won’t charge you for this therapy session on the next one it’ll be by the hour" hahaha! #highlightofmyday #beautywasted #theolderthefunnier #truestory #realwomenshoutout

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On a day with dust, hail and snow-like apparitions, we could always use a pick-me-up!
And, I believe, our moonstone and rubellite ring does just the trick.


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Highlight of my day

While having a conversation with my boyfriend, and his mom, my boyfriend boldly and shamelessly says to me,

“I love you. I don’t know what you did or what you’re doing but whatever it is keep doing it because I’m happy.”

…all the while his mom was there hearing every single word. I love the fact that loving me isn’t a secret. ❤

A conversation with my friend at school
  • Austin:So, have you read the book I let you barrow like, fifty billion months ago?
  • Me:Aghh, I'm sorry dude, I keep forgetting!
  • Austin:I'm going to send you a text everyday, that will be from an unknown number, telling you "You better read the book or else. -A"
  • My thoughts after he said that:I don't think he understands that he just made a Pretty Little Liars reference.
  • I really hope he does do that though lolol.