Hoe when you're not a hoe

So, there’s a lot y'all don’t know about me. Some things you’re just never gonna no. But let me let you in on this: I am shy as hell, awkward, and this is a post on how to hoe when you’re not a hoe.

Maybe you wanna experiment? Maybe you wanna be a hoe? Maybe you’re ready to hoe but too shy? Maybe you wanna look like a bad bitch? Or maybe you’re a hoe but you’re not but you are but you’re not- either way. I gotchu.

Confidence is key

Of course, the first one I add is on confidence you think. No, but seriously, confidence.

  •  If you don’t have conidence, fake it till you make it. If you pretend like you’re a bad bitch, you will eventually be a bad bitch.
  • Change your walk. yes, your walk. There’s a walk that will not only make you look like a bad bitch, but will make you feel like a bad bitch. Shoulders back, head high (? straight basically) and let your boobs lead the way. You want your arms swinging by your side casually and your hips doing it too, make it look casual. So don’t overdo it.
  • Tell yourself how much you love you every day.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. For me it’s a variety of things, but put me in skinny jeans, a tank top, adidas and let me put on some highlighter && I’ll be ready for anything.
  • Work  on yourself. Improve constantly. Instead of just being upset about your flaws, write them down and figure outhow to solve them. 

Ways to hoe

This all depends and such, but here you go. You may wanna be a sneaky hoe, a cute hoe, a obvious hoe. It doesn’t matter, these should help in some way.  So you can get that ish.

  • Learn the art of seduction. Seducing is a skill. If you want to seduce someone you should learn it. You can find tons of things online, everywhere. There’s sites with ways to seduce, give blow jobs, eat girls out…etc. Learn. Practice your expressions with random people (not forcing them into anything sexually, yall, just lots of eye contact…etc)  but do it in a way that you seem innocent. Gauge their reactions.
  • Sexting. Alright, this is for those that want to feel good sexually. This is for the one’s that are too shy to do anything up close and personal, but want to hoe. Or anyone, tbh. Sexting is a very common thing. If you want to sext, do your research. Don’t show your face…etc. You can always fake your confidence with sexting.
  • Hoeing that isn’t exactly hoeing. Maybe you like the aesthetic but don’t want dick. Maybe you want to wear racy things and flirt, but not fuck. I gotchu. Your goal is to wear something sexy. I mean sexy. Buy lingerie and wear it every chance you get. Mini skirts are your best friend. Flrit with body language, not just words.
  • Be your best. Be confident. If you want to wear makeup, do it. Girl ya highlighter is poppin.
  • Clubs & parties. Do I need to explain this one? Fuck who you want, boo!
  • The other options, are different. I won’t “recommend” them but I also won’t tell you not to do them. I’m not recommending them because of the struggle…etc. I’ve seen off of just this site alone. You could be an escort, a sugar baby, a stripper, a cam girl…etc But if you even consider this shit. Do your fucking research. Be of a legal age. Know what you’re doing before you go into it. And if you do go into it, have fun, baby.


I mean that. Don’t let ANYONE put you down for what you wear, do, or want to do. You do you. You wear what you want, do what you want, and take what you want. If they try to pull some bullshit, show them that you are a queen.

To look like a bad bitch:

Wear what makes you confident. But here’s some things I’ve just noticed as I see a lot of them or something.  In general:

  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Make sure your eyeliner & shadow is matching 
  • Highliiigghhhttt, highlight, highlight more highlight yes
  • Matte lips are common
  • So are glossy lips though
  • Chic/baddie/badass clothes
  • Coconut oil ur hair
  • Look at all the clear skin posts yall
  • Shave your legs
  • Smell good
  • Thigh high boot/heels are p common
  • Bbodycon happens a bit
  • But tbh wear what you wanna weat && love yourself

Please remember to be safe doing any of the things. Watch out for allergies when you read hoe tip posts, don’t follow everything you see, carry a self defense weapon, learn some self defense. Get it, boo.

the highlights of the nrk party:

- carl insisting henrik takes off the red coat
- drunk!tarjei and laila singing
- henrik telling tarjei to look into the camera
- tarjei and marlon holding hands while dancing
- ulrikke doing a split on stage
- the cast collectively dancing to fy faen
- the blooper where julie had to tell tarjei and henrik to stop kissing
- the cast cheering when iman came on stage
- siv calling tarjei her son-in-law
- drunk and happy cast having fun together

prove it. (m)


yoo kihyun | reader
rivals au & high school au / smut, fluff
word count:
when all kihyun can talk about is how good he is in bed, you decide to shut him up by telling him to put his money where he mouth is. fortunately, you both learn a few things along the way.  
author’s note:
i dedicate this to @wonhopes because she made me realize how much kihyun wrecks me. if it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s safe to say i’ve finally accepted it.

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If it wasn’t for the mere fact that Mrs. Fern told you who your partner was, you would’ve scoffed, maybe protested, or even blurted out a concise, “Fuck no.”

Out of all the people in the classroom, you’re stuck with him. Yoo Kihyun. The asshole with an ego bigger than Jeon Jungkook’s, and that was probably an understatement too. You can’t imagine the outcome of this, not that anyone can, but when you catch sight of his stare from across the room and a smirk spreads across his lips, you already glower at the possibilities.

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  • Blood sweat & Tear expectations Vs Reality version (Jin trying to kiss Suga).
  • The stage was well decorated with BTS photos of the last 4 years. 
  • They sang every live to perfection. No No No! let’s be clear: TO PERFECTION!  
  • Each roommates made a team and played games 
  • Rapmon and V ship’s name is R&V (cool), JM, JK and JH is 3Js (Smart) Suga and jin ship’s name is Sin (WHAT?),  
  • First round of games was: What am i to you? each roommates trying to to give the same answer to a question (The best was: What is the longest discussion u have with each other: Suga: 3 min. Jin (a savage): 3s
  • Second round: eyes nose lips: Each team pick a model and everyone draws him. The model later needs to guess which one is his roommate’s drawing and give it 1st place (Suga just wrote a V when asked to draw V -genius-, Jk  was able to guess Chimchim’s drawing -jikooooook-, Jin had a heart in his pocket -ofc- ), 
  • Rapmon and V sang 4 o’clock live and it was so emotional and superb
  • 3Js: The best 3 dancers of BTS collabed and killed it. The songs lyrics tho: Jk’s part “motherfuck********r” JM:“girl i wanna take you down” JH “ “do me good” Well let’s say it expressed well ARMYs inner feelings.
  • When we thought it can’t get any better. JIN showed to the world not only his forhead but also his RAPPING while Suga danced. Wait wait there is more. Suga will sing awake while Jin plays the piano *heart blown, mindblown, blown*.
  • Sin will win the best performance out of the three and thank ARMYs and Bang Pd while being extra crying fake tears.
  • Spine Breaker had a live performance and Jin’s choregraphy made it even better. 
  • Sin complimenting each other is goals: suga giving jin’s rap 3000 points.
  • Jikook making hearts and giving each other those usual looks they do
  • Jhope dying after suga tried to act cute “worldwide aegyo
  • Bts revealed their baby photos: They didn’t change, the boys still look the SAME
  • BTS singing their hit songs like babies, no literally: they acted and sang like babies.
  • BTS thanked ARMYs for these last 4 years and hoped to stay together for as long as possible, each member showed his appreciation and love (Also they had those cute red cheeks, it was cu-te)

It was Jughead’s birthday, a day that to most poeple would be full of celebration, laughter and a party to highlight another year of growth. But for Jughead his birthday wasn’t a day to create happy memories, it was a day that bore bad ones.

A surprise party thrown by you, Archie and Victoria didn’t receive the reaction you were hoping for. Sure, Jughead stayed to be polite and blew out the candles on his cake, but as soon as Cheryl invited herself and a mob of other students the low key party turned into a wild, drunken, chaotic mess.

For the entire night Jughead had been distant, along with giving off weird looks whenever you talked to Archie. So you took him aside into the Archie’s garade to see if he was okay.

“Jug, Cheryl crashing the party wasn’t planned”.

He huffed, “I’m not mad at Cheryl. I’m annoyed because you didn’t listen to me when I said I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday!”.

“I was just trying to help, Jughead”.

Fixing up his beanie, he seemed agitated, like he wanted to run out the door far away from this party…from you. “Let’s be honest Y/N, you used this party as an excuse to get get close to Archie”.

Taken aback by his accusation, a fresh set of tears welled up in your eyes. “Jughead, no! Why would you even-your my boyfriend”. Stepping closer to cup his cheeks in your hands, he grabbed them before you could.

“Until you’re sick of slumming it with me. Or until Archie changes his mind and he says he wants to be with you”.

The first tear fell, and that’s when Jughead’s expression softened. “Can’t you see Y/N, we’re so different. I’m a loser, a loner. You’re so beautiful, so perfect. Your better off with Archie instead of me, someone that’s a back up choice”.

Archie too had used that word - perfect, now it had fallen from Jughead’s lips. You hated it, loathed being described as perfect. No human was perfect, none whatsoever.

“Jug, listen to me when I say you’re in no way a back up. Yes, I had feelings for Archie, but those died a long time ago. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone else”. Reaching for his hand, this time he allowed you to make skin on skin contact.

“Including Archie?”.

Taking a step closer, you gently kissed him, pouring out all the emotion you had. “Yes, including him. Jughead Jones you’re the only guy for me and I hope I’m the only girl for you”.

He smiled for the first time since the party. “You are, god yes you are Y/N”. His face fell for a split second, “I’m sorry I doubted your feelings-”.

“You don’t have to apologize, I want you to be able to talk to me about these things. I’m here for you Jughead, always”.

Both of you didn’t return to the party, at least not right away. You cuddled with Jughead on the old couch in the garage, taking in the silence, before having to step out into the mayhem that was created by Cheryl.



-he said he, muta and simo were going to livestream later and watch Skam Crack videos
-he slurped noodles
-he listened to Kpop and hated it and it was hilarious
-he started singing Look at me! By xxxtentacion (“can’t keep my dick in my pants! Ay”)
-he said he knew Marlon since before Skam, Marlon is a childhood friend’s cousin
-he answered two of my questions, one was if he used to skateboard with Marlon and he said yes, the other was who is his favorite to work with on Skam and he kept saying “MY BOYYYYS! I LOVE MY BOYS”

Also his eyes are gorgeous in the sun 👀👀

georgiegirl70  asked:

Do you think there is any symbolism with the balloons? Not just the balloons, but who held them and their placement at various parts of the clip?

Hmmmm, I rewatched it but I don’t think who’s holding it means much other than to contrast the social party group with Sana and to allow for some direction play.

First, Elias brings the balloons and hands them to Vilde. I think it’s Vilde who’s been pressuring Sana into partying with her brother the most, wasn’t it? So it’s telling again of the relationship excluding Sana.

Then, in the train, the balloons visually amplify how much Sana is excluded from the group by adding colours to the group (vs Sana’s black and white) and having the balloons physically obscure her.

Then, they change purpose and, in the scene where she exchange looks with Yousef, reminds me of a fan placed strategically in front of a woman’s face in period dramas

while, simultaneously, the balloons lift up to reveal her face just as Yousef leaves the group to go talk to her. He sees her and so do we.

(I love this scene so much. The exchange of looks and smiles between Sana and Yousef with the balloons popping in and out of the frame is one of my favourite SKAM scene yet. It’s fucking lovely.)

And then, when they exit the train, I think it’s again to highlight the partying group against Sana.

So yeah. In themselves I’m not sure they symbolise much. But in terms of direction, they were used brilliantly.