I had a chance to go to a highlighter party last night

At the Long St. District, but i didn’t.

WHHY DIDN’T I FREAKIN GO?! I’m so mad at myself now. My friend went without me and she said she had an amazing time. What is a highlighter party? A highlighter party is where you wear white and you can draw on your shirt with highlighters. Usually there are black lights involved too.

Gah I’m kicking my own ass now. I should have gone. I was just so tired last night. and I didn’t have a babysitter. I’m really glad she had a good time though, she really needed a fun night. ~Jealouuss~

Maybe next time. :)

Accidentally bought small CHILDREN shirts

And I don’t really have any other white shirts to wear tonight. It looks like a belly shirt. I KNOW I’m probably skinny enough to wear them…but I’ve never blatantly walked around with my belly out.

I’m a little bit modest. But I did just get my belly button pierced so it would be kind of nice to show it off.

What do you think? Should I just do it anyway?