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Last month we spent an unforgettable week in Kazakhstan. This was our first time visiting Denis Ten’s home country. Denis was one of the first friends we made at our first Junior Grand Prix back in 2008.

While this was the third year of #DenisTenAndFriends, this was the first year our schedule allowed us to skate in the show. It took us 28 hours, but it was definitely worth it. Almaty is a stunning city and the crowd was so welcoming and enthusiastic. The production of the show was impressive and a highlight for us was skating to a live orchestra for the first time. We spent time with old friends and had the opportunity to get to know skaters we’ve always admired. Many special memories were made with wonderful people. Denis was a fantastic host and his “friends” left feeling more like family.

Like Denis says, Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country. We can’t wait to return.

We hope you enjoy this video highlighting our experience!
Maia and Alex


People can spend their money to create all of these studies about why black women are unattractive or other studies that dehumanize and dictate black women. But I have not seen one study that showcases the percentages of black women who experience racism opposed to anyone else in every country. How we experience misogyny and sexism differently than other races because we’re black and society thrives on anti-blackness. How black mothers are subject to discrimination systematically and socially which leads to poverty.There are no social experiments that highlight racialized double standards we experience opposed to anyone else. Our hardships are basically ignored and forgotten which is why people swear we don’t experience anything. No one is trying to see that we do.


Don’t miss your opportunity to join the 4th annual Botanicality Tumblr Spring Botanical Art Show. This tumblr original contest is the opportunity to expose amateur and professional artists working in contemporary visual arts to a wider digital audience. Our exhibition is a showcase meant to highlight the spring botanical experience in 2-D mediums. Submitted art should relate to the theme of the spring botanical experience.

Full details available here.

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Previous artists pictured above: @johnfrancispetersart, @sainibug and @jessrichardsonphotography 

Well, there goes the “apple juice” - what a TRAGEDY, right?  Jensen and Misha really seemed to love this photo op inspired by JibCon and were hella amused by it.  I was worried they would have no idea what we were talking about but apparently they totally knew what we were going for. Hugs and smiles all around after it was all over and it was probably the highlight of our con experience!