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Meet Kayla!

Who I Am:

Hey there! My name is Kayla Imrisek, and I am from Mukilteo, WA. It’s a small town about half an hour away from the great city of Seattle (Go Sounders!). I graduated from Western Washington University where I earned a degree in Human Services. One day, I hope to work at a non-profit organization as an event planner. I’m a big fan of boots, sweaters, and rain, so adjusting to the weather of the Sunshine State has been quite a challenge for me. However, I am beyond excited to have the amazing privilege of spending a few months on the east coast working with TWLOHA.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the first Spring Break Internship with TWLOHA when I was in high school, and was able to spend a week in Florida getting to know the organization. I then founded and ran a UChapter at Western Washington University and was in awe of how TWLOHA’s message of hope and second chances was changing the lives of those around me. I have always been a big believer in ideas like community and hope, and I have been lucky enough to be able to work with TWLOHA to help further these ideas in my community.

Stuff I Like:

I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd (also a proud Hufflepuff). Seriously, ask me anything about Harry Potter, and chances are I will know the answer. I also love highlighters, coffee, animals, Swedish Fish, and eggnog. I listen to all types of music except country (but mostly Beyoncé) and watch way more TV shows than I should. Breaking Bad and 30 Rock are two of my favorites. I love theatre and spent a lot of time in college stage-managing. I’m always up to go see a movie or a play, and love discussing them once they are over. My favorite movie right now is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but ask me again in a week, because it will probably change. I also harbor a dream of one day becoming a successful rapper if a career in the non-profit field doesn’t pan out. Keep an eye out for my EP.

Why I’m Here:

TWLOHA has been close to my heart since I first saw Jon Foreman wearing a title shirt at a Switchfoot concert in eighth grade. I read Renee’s story on Myspace and instantly connected with it. The idea that we could actively fight against the stigma around mental health stuck with me, and I wanted to do all I could to spread the mission of TWLOHA.

TWLOHA is big on the idea of community. Recently, I’ve been learning a lot more about what this looks like. While I’ve always had people around me who showed me love and support, it’s been difficult for me to be honest with them about things that I was going through. Vulnerability is scary, and for a long time it was something I was very bad at. TWLOHA taught me that honesty is essential for a healthy community, and my story is most definitely important. Because of this, I have been able to build healthier relationships around myself and start living the life I deserve to live. TWLOHA changed my life, and I hope to do the same for others.


Sophie Hunter entering the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon for Shakespeare Live! (April 23, 2016)

3 outfits for Sophie. Left stage door & went to street in a lovely cream suit. Here’s her going in before RSC Live. 

and (x)

Sophie is even more beautiful in real life, incredibly graceful. Seeing her and BC together makes me think they’re well suited even more. 

Katie had also this to say:

My highlight of the day was Sophie saying hello to me. She said hello. She spoke to me. Like, wow. She was so nice.

And this:

I was freaking out whilst people were like ‘who the hell was that’. She’s incredibly lovely and glides instead of walks.

Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” at the Walter Kerr Theater, Broadway - Full Recap

[This post may contain spoilers about the plot and the production of Ivo van Hove’s revival of “The Crucible” on Broadway. Currently in previews, opening 31st March. I saw the play’s evening performance on 10th March, second row.]

A pivotal, particularly devastating scene in Ivo van Hove’s revival of “The Crucible” comes when the young Mary Warren (Tavi Gevinson), servant girl to John (Ben Whishaw) and Elizabeth Proctor (Sophie Okonedo), succumbs to the multiple pressures being exerted on her and joins her “possessed” peers to accuse Proctor of being the Devil’s man. With Mary cracked, all hope for truth and justice is gone. The set comes apart. Things crash down from above. Light, wind and debris roars through the windows. You fear the Devil truly has come to Salem.

A huge flurry of purple feathers formed part of the debris that blew onto the set during the scene. When the play ended, my partner snagged one for me to keep as a memento. The feather has become oddly symbolic of the whole experience.

Since the start of 2016 I’ve been to see probably close to a dozen plays but “The Crucible” on Broadway was always going to be a huge highlight of my theatre-traipsing year.

What I didn’t expect was how keenly I would feel, afterwards, the melancholy ephemerality of seeing a play.

Think about it: theatre is one of the few remaining experiences of modern life that is, for the most part, completely fleeting. Mostly unrecorded, mostly experienced only once. Nothing makes you so acutely aware of your flimsy powers of observation and retention.

I had been looking forward to seeing Ben Whishaw as John Proctor since I bought the tickets in December. It would be my first time seeing my favourite (though more on that later) actor on stage, after I foolishly let “Bakkhai” pass me by last year. Then the evening came and went, in all its intensity, and promptly began seeping out of my head. Inflections, gestures, details of the set. The deeply affecting, harrowing final scene. All fizzing out and disappearing. For the next 24 hours I was a mental mess.

I’m scribbling this post now knowing it will not come anywhere close to being an adequate record of having been there. I’m going to try anyway. I’m going to chunk it out into sensible parts.

A long recap follows. I’ll add sections to it as I find time.

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