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Lego Batman Movie is:

  • the greatest Batman movie of all time.
  • the greatest work of fan fiction of all time.
  • the batman movie i always wanted but never thought i would see
  • legit highlights EVERYTHING WRONG with the current adaptations of Batman.

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I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

Babs being paired up with Bruce isn’t disgusting because of how it ‘goes against DickBabs’ or how it’s bad for Dick, ‘who sees Bruce as a father figure, and would be hurt to know his girlfriend is dating his dad’.

It’s disgusting because of the way she’s being treated, how her character’s importance is only measured against the type of men in her life and her love interests.

It’s disgusting because she sees Bruce as a mentor and nothing else. 

It’s disgusting because DC continuously treat her as just a love interest for the Batfamily, someone who needs to be paired up with one of them for her character to matter.

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Can you draw... mmm... you know... HOMESTUCK?! :D

I barely know about Homestuck from what friends have talked to me. My sodiac sign is cancer, so Karkat is the first to come in my mind. It’s the first time i draw something about Homestuck and this is the best i did, hope you like it because i did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

BuckyNat:  The name of the Rose

Name of the Rose highlights everything that is good in the Buckynat relationship honestly.

First we’ve got them out on a date… which, BTW I didn’t include the panels here, but he’s not really comfortable here and she tells him why he’s over thinking and worrying needlessly about it.  And then we have this gem.  After she deals with a man who has been beating his wife and comes back to the table, he calls her on it.  He knows exactly what she was up to.

Minutes before she is attacked, she’s obviously on the way home judging by her phone call here.  He thinks enough of her to be waiting up even though he doesn’t know where she’s been or what she’s been up to (Smart man).  She handles the initial attack while on the phone with him and him none the wiser (Which I will show in a later post).  But he’s waiting on her and she’s on her way home.  To him.

After she’s attacked and undergone surgery, which BTW she was completely awake and alert for with no pain control (This is gonna pop up later, when I post about what a fucking bad ass Nat is), but he’s completely panicked about her and it takes both Logan and Tony to hold him back.  He’s also unamused by the situation itself and lashes out at both of them.

When she’s out of surgery, he is by her side.  She’s obviously told them she was awake for the whole thing because you can see Tony commenting on it.

So no one else has really been able to track her down, though the government, who sanctioned the attack on her BTW is looking, Bucky finds her.  She’s surprised, he tells her she shouldn’t be.  And she tells him he’s a good person.  He blows it off, as he usually does, but when he dos it points out she is the only one that understands all the reasons he’s not.

I’d also like to point out that he’s not the least bit judgmental here despite all the shit he’s been hearing.  He, at no point, has lost faith in her.

She convinces him she’s got it under control and they have some smoochies.  LOL But not before he calls her on the BS.  All the cops swarming around has something to do with her and he damn well knows it.  But doesn’t interfere because she wouldn’t appreciate it.

So we finally get to the crux of who is behind the situation and she handles it with her usual grace and aplomb.  Or does until he starts talking about Bucky.  At that point she looses her temper and pretty much launches on him.  

Meanwhile Bucky is actually there to arrest her at behest of the government, but it’s pretty much a carefully orchestrated plan to get what she wants.  (more on this in my Nat is a bad ass post that’s coming)

So Natasha gets what she wants and Logan and Bucky are there for the rescue… a bit late, but there.  (And honestly, the Old man, weak bladder line is one of my hands down favorite interactions between Logan and Nat).  And hey, she hasn’t seen him in a day or two, so if he wants to watch her get dressed, it’s cool.  (Neither one of them bats an eye when Logan smarts off either)

And even though she has cleared her name in the eyes of the government, she needs to take care of the asshat who set this whole thing up.  So, off she goes again and Bucky is a smart enough man to let her do what she needs to do.

And when things are coming to a close, she gets in touch with him and assures him she’ll be careful (She also told him she’d be home by the end of the week but this post is already long as hell by now)

So yeah, while they don’t share so many pages together in the book, what they have is quality for sure.  Unlike that hot mess Samnee put together on page that people are fawning all over.  Fucker stole his mini-me line as well BTW.

The Signs As 2016 Beauty Trends
  • Aries: the lob cut
  • Taurus: lipgloss
  • Gemini: korean beauty
  • Cancer: lip balm
  • Leo: highlighting everything
  • Virgo: natural hair
  • Libra: fake freckles
  • Scorpio: dark lipsticks
  • Sagittarius: graphic eyeliner
  • Capricorn: matte lipstick
  • Aquarius: ear makeup
  • Pisces: unicorn eyeliner