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justmags  asked:

When is international, "Hug a Lopp Day"?

The interstellar celebration, holiday, and dark time of remembrance known as “Hug-a-Lopp Day” has been discontinued after several accidental Lopp weddings were triggered inadvertently across the galaxy, causing the mysterious entity known as Dak-Buun to uncharacteristically go on a nuptial rampage and forge bonds of matrimony that were never planned or requested. Scanbot was not there, but scanbot once played back the audio files of these events, and scanbot can still hear the screams. User, be glad, very glad, that user was not there. For even now, no amount of memory wiping will erase mere secondary audio exposure to those events. If only Dak-Buun could annul these engrams as easily as the entity annulled all those weddings.

In addition, Hug-a-Lopp Day was traditionally celebrated on Lopptober 33rd.