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Hi!! I love your blog! can you list some of your favorite dramione fics? Thank you!

hell yeah I can, dramione is my shit. friends come and go, but dramione is forever :’)

just a reminder that you can find some more dhr recs on my fic recs page. I’m really behind in updating it, though, so there are a few that are missing. (all of the fics I’m listing below are completed)

ok I’m gonna assume you’ve read the fallout and isolation before, but if you haven’t, check these two fics out first!! they are great for dramione skeptics and beginners

(btw most of these are hogwarts fics because I’m super into the whole sneaking around dark corridors, making out in abandoned classrooms thing)

hogwarts fics

  • what the room requires by alydia rackham: 6th year, Hermione is the one to find Draco in the bathroom, they get trapped in the RoR together
  • clean & marked by olivieblake: two of my faves, clean takes place in 6th year, and marked takes place during the war, there are so many plot twists in this series, it’s amazing, beautifully written, i love it
  • difficult by provocative-envy: one of my favorite fic writers ever, she is so so so talented, this is a basic hogwarts fic, I think it takes place 6th year but I don’t really remember but I do that remember I liked this
  • silencio by akashathekitty: so much drama in this one! 6th year (haha do you see a trend?) personally their relationship moved way to fast for me, but this is still really good
  • beautiful things can come from the dark by yesterdayschild4: despite the rape themes (it’s not D who rapes H), this fic is obnoxiously fluffy and I loved it
  • forget me by emara88: this fic is so underrated! hermione passes out at a ministry party in 2001, and while in a coma, she discovers her hidden past at hogwarts
  • delilah’s black book of poems by dark whisper: ONE OF MY FAVES!!! forbidden romance in this is so heart-wrenching!!! and “If you were mine” is one of the most iconic moments I have ever read
  • live again by sophie733: why is this not more popular?? basically everyone dies in the war, and D&H go back in time to fix it
  • presque toujours pur by shayalonnie: hermione is revealed to be pureblood, which changes basically everything, this fic is so interesting, though, post war hogwarts
  • finders by everythursday: hermione and draco have to work together to solve a mystery at hogwarts, this is heavy on the plot and the romance is more of a background story, post war hogwarts
  • virtus et ludicium by anjalimalfoy: to be honest, I don’t remember what this is about, but based on my abundance of highlighting in my books app, I must have liked it..? seventh year dramione
  • suppressed emotions by hoplesslydevoted.xx: someone is after hermione, and draco is given the task of protecting her. this fic is amazing, I loved how their relationship is so slow burn
  • and we all fall down by rumaan: this is sooo good. draco malfoy comes back to hogwarts halfway through the year after a stint in azkaban.

war fics

  • cruel & beautiful world by lena phoria: the writer recently published this story into a book (yayy), but I have an .epub saved if anyone wants me to email it to them, voldy!wins AU
  • turncoat by elizaye: if you’re looking for a fic similar to the fallout, this is it. draco switches sides and hermione is his confidant
  • we learned the sea by luckei1: this fic is amazing, it’s one of my faves. draco, harry, and hermione team up to take down lord voldemort
  • ugh I’m sorry, I wish I had more :/

post-war fics

  • broken by inadaze22: amazing, amazing, amazing. no one has seen hermione for years, when she returns to the wizarding society with no friends, she develops a close relationship with the slytherin squad
  • hunted by bex-chan: written by the genius of isolation, draco and hermione are forced to work together when their ex-classmates start dying
  • when the bell tolls by everythursday: four years after the war, there is a sudden rise in Dark Magic, and hermione needs azkaban prisoner draco to help stop it
  • lady of the lake by colubrina: a rare fic where hermione is more of the bad guy. hermione and draco overthrow the order and take over the ministry
  • parade of the sun by everythursday: hermione is researching a plant that has the power to change time, and draco wants to use it 
  • again, I apologize for not having more in this category

also maybe check out my own fic? (error in expectations) it’s WIP, and it takes place during what was supposed to be the golden trio’s 7th year

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Okay favorite andreil moments in the raven king ?

you didn’t specify how many moments so i went ham and looked through everything i highlighted in the book ghghjgjh

  1. neil figuring out why andrew killed tilda when no-one else could “andrew did care. that’s what went wrong” neil just understands andrew instinctively like rmr when he figured out how to get him off nicky in tfc he’d barely just met him
  2. the ringtone scene !! andrew playing himself with that gay ass song that ends up foreshadowing their entire relationship !!
  3. neil wanting to run after the banquet scene but then he remembers andrew’s key and his promise and it clears his head right away g od
  4. nicky talking to neil about what love means and neil thinks about how andrew sees so much of neil and doesn’t flinch in the face of him but then he snaps out of his reverie real quick like “but that didn’t count, because andrew was andrew, and this was definitely the last turn he needed his thoughts to take” LIKE !! BOY WHO ARE U FOOLING EXACTLY
  5. neil’s exy boner when he sees that andrew only missed 13 goals out of 150
  7. neil putting andrew’s hand to his scars to get him to trust him god that moment kills me
  8. matt’s jaw dropping to the floor when neil tells him andrew lets him drive his car
  9. when that vixen flirts with him and calls him interesting and neil’s like “wow andrew called me interesting i wonder what andrew will think of me when he comes back i miss andrew”
  10. even when riko is torturing him, neil’s trust in andrew’s promise to keep him safe is unwavering like i bet knowing he had andrew by his side helped him to cope when he was at evermore 

dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

+ click full view to see phillip’s freckles!


4.29 - As promised, I’d post my latest haul. I’ve been eyeing those Zebra Mildliners ever since I’ve seen them in studyblr. I thought I was a goner bc I haven’t found any resellers in my country.. or so I thought. It would take months if I ordered online. Anyway, those mildliners got me to craving to buy again and atlas! I found one that sells stationery stuff! After much contemplating what set to buy, I bought the cool set, but as soon as I got them, it made me want to buy the pastel set too! And since I was also into buying brush pens, I also ordered three! Then, 2-3 days later, photos of the warm set of mildliners made me want them also! Now I’m currently waiting for the shop to restock the warm set, and I’m officially broke. But you know what? THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER HAD. So don’t think twice on buying those mildliners!! 

Also, thanks studyfulltime’s photo bc she introduced me to EMBARK. I REALLY LOVE THEIR PHOTOGRAPHS. I COULD CRY

highlights of kook's v app live

- ¾ was just him eating seaweed with a chopstick and occasional kimchi - sang some songs with his heavenly voice 

  - played “Change" 


  - chim enters and kook starts playing Lie and imitating his dance 

 - chim is about to leave but kook makes him come back by BLASTING Lie

 - cue maknae line jamming out to Lie and Stigma 

 - JIKOOK 5 sec stare 

Hemingway is the way to go

Do you struggle writing clearly and concisely? Do your teachers complain of you rambling too much in essays or stories for class? This app may just be for you. 

The Hemingway App!

Basically this app highlights different parts of your assignment when it thinks it could do with a change. The colour yellow is section that is hard to read. The red section are sentences that are very hard to read. Purple are phrases that have a simplr alternative. Blue is for adverbs. Green is for the use of passive voice. 

Although I have only used this for creative writing, it could also be a blast for essay (just remember to use some of your own judgement about how you write not only the apps). 

Best part? The web based browser part of this is free. However there is a small cost for the downloadable desktop app. It is completely worth it. 

does anyone know how I can screen grab the video from vlive+ (for gifs). I downloaded the highlight episode in the app and vlive now made it impossible to record the screen through quicktime ugh or if the episode has been uploaded anywhere? I get it. it’s purchased content. fuck I bought it too. but there’s one part I want to gif hahahaha.