highlight 2014

the signs as the highlights of 2014

aries: ice bucket challenges

taurus: im in me mum’s car…. vroom vroom….. get out me car….. oh

gemini: starter packs

cancer: LOOM BANDS 

leo: kylie jenner’s lip evolution

virgo: ebola ????? 

libra: frozen x10

scorpio: chinese writing 

sagittarius: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY

capricorn: my clothes are black…..like my soul

aquarius: alex from target

pisces: the fault in our stars


My California Summer 2014

I flew from London to LA for 2 amazing months last summer and here are some of the highlights.

Watch the full web series HERE

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2014 LNSM Highlight: Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann ask us an intimate question. 


A look back at some highlights of 2014.

Cover for “Wolves” by Simon Ings, Gollancz

Cover for “Combustion Hour” by Yoon Ha Lee, Tor.com

Cover for “Doppel” by Lindsay Smith, Tor.com

Cover for “The Color of Paradox” by A.M. Dellamonica, Tor.com

“Tolkien’s Beowulf”, The New Yorker

“The Dragon at the End of the World”, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim poster

Cover for “Alien Zones: Roadside Picnic & Hard to Be A God” by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Science Fiction Book Club

Cover for “The Good Shabti” by Robert Sharp, Jurassic London

highlights of bangtan during 2014 MAMAs

bangtan in red

bangtan in  r e d 

this monstrosity 

and this unfortunately


this vcr

block b x bangtan collab stage

hoseok slaying everything

jimin slaying everyone gooDBYE

girls day reacting to jimin slaying everyone being relatable

this cute look

this iconic look

this cute moment (look @ bangtan cheering on their bb from the back tho)

and this one

kim “my grandma likes me chubby” taehyung

sexual tension x500 

how is bangtan going to top this