Official Communication Arts “award of excellence” badge for my portrait of Leonard Nimoy, photographed in April 2014 for the Wall Street Journal, assignment courtesy of photo editor Kat Malott. 

I think I said this in an earlier post, but it was really cool to meet and photograph him. I made him laugh a few times, which I counted as a great success since it was clear that he was in failing health. 


Basquiat often depicted notable works from art history, recasting them as subjects of his own interpretation. In this instance he condensed Gerard ter Borch’s painting, The Flea-Catcher (Boy with His Dog), to a few lines of text and a simple square. The absence of imagery in Basquiat’s painting plays against Ter Borch’s careful attention to detail at the same time that it implies Basquiat’s respect for the original.

You also see another Ter Borch work on view in our #BKMEuropean galleries.

Posted by Brooke Baldeschwiler