[190132] yysbeast  My friends who are busy preparing to meet everyone are very admirable and amazing. I was worried about the trouble for them traveling such long distance to say goodbye, so i said my goodbyes in advance. I earnestly pray that my friends will each spend their time happily. Like what I wrote in my letter, I will serve well and come back. I hope that everyone lives Healthily!


Gikwang commented: Let’s serve well without getting sick my friend, Yoseobah. I love you!!!  Eurachacha!!!!!😊❤️️👊😁👍

Junhyung commented: See you soon


I’ll count the 20 full moons until we meet again.
I hope you will have a great adventure and create a lot of memories.
Take care, stay strong and healthy, we’ll wait for you, for 584 days.
I love you and I’m so proud of you , Yang Yoseob


190124 yysbeast: It’s great and nice to see friends who is busy preparing to meet you. I had to say goodbye in advance because I was worried that I would be away for a long time. I pray that my friends will have a happy time in their own time. Just like the letter says, I’m going to have fun and come back well. Take care and stay healthy everyone!


[190124] Yoseob’s instagram Live before enlistment. (full) 😭

[190124] highlight_dw

Just by looking at his face, he seems like the same high school student whom I met for the first time, however, Yoseobie hyung is very mature. Of course, it’s not that difficult to meet again but it feels lonely that you wont be there to talk about minor jokes or important stories for time being. Like the song “Wind” which we sang together, hope you will go and come back in good health. I’ll be waiting for day when hyung’s voice will flow in the warm wind again.


radio shows that played jonghyun or shinee songs in tribute to him included (in no particular order): okdal’s mbc fm4u blue night radio, ahn young mi and choi wook’s mbc fm eh-heh radio, sandeul’s mbc fm4u starry night radio, nct’s sbs fm night night radio, yoseob’s mbc fm4u dreaming radio, ji seok jin’s mbc fm4u 2pm date radio, john park’s sbs fm music high, jung seung hwan’s music forest, ilhoon’s mbc radio idol radio, lee ji hyun’s mbc fm4u at the night’s window radio.