While looking for new supplies, I found a range of cheaper alternatives for popular stationery.

Moleskine Planners/Notebooks - Ecosystem Recycled Paper Customised 
                                                      - Muji notebooks
                                                      - “Willow Stories” Decorated Notebooks
                                                      -  B5 Notebooks 
                                                      - Showroom Planner

Staedtler/Stabilo Pens - Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens
                                    - Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens
                                    - Star Diamond Coloured Gel Pen
                                    - Momoi Coloured Pen Set
                                    - Muji 0.5 Gel Ink Pen Set

Macbook Laptops/Ultrabooks  - ASUS ZENBOOK UX305 
                                                     - Aspire S7
                                                     - Dell XPS 13
                                                     - Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
                                                     - Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Stabilo HighlightersZebra Highlighter Mildliner
                                - “Cutesy Cutesy” Highligher Pen
                                - Class 302 Star Highlighter
                                - Bic Brite Liner Fluorescent Highlighter
                                - Papermate Highlighter Chisel Tip Fluorescent Colours

Feel free to add on if you have more alternatives/ideas

Real-Ass Makeup Problems

-bottom-lashes, you basic assholes. Getting mascara on them is like eating glass because it makes your smile look beautiful.

-almost putting on your dark red, long-last, rub-this-shit-off-with-gasoline on perfectly and then you smear it at the last minute.

-buying expensive foundation (that looks great in the store) and then realizing it makes you look like the freakin’ Yellow King

-contour? More like let me smear brownie mix on my face so I can look like a lunatic, because these ladies on Youtube are wizards? Have a different kind of bronzer? Am I doing this right?

-I’m sorry, I should be putting WHAT...WHERE?!

-I don’t get highligher! I just don’t get it!

-My makeup looks fantastic! Guess I’ll just forget and rub my eye now.

-oh man, this eyeliner on my right eye looks great. Good thing the other eye looks like somebody stabbed Taylor Momsen in the eye with a collection of Sharpies

-oh man, this eyeliner line looks really uneven, maybe if I just make it GIANT it will look better

-I give up on life, and it is because of my catastrophically horrible application of this eyeliner

-this foundation really looks great until I step into the light and realize I look like I am wearing a blemish-free SKIN MASK

-You mean to tell me we’ve been talking for 20 minutes about the fuckin weather and you left out how my teeth have more lipstick on them than the collar of a guy in a drama on ABC that is cheating on his wife?!?!

-This blush will make me look very flushed, if flushed means stuck in a sauna desert while slowly becoming an old lady.

-This powder will mattify my face, if mattify meant to look like a corpse, but definitely not in the fun Helena Bonham Carter way!

-This concealer makes me look not pimple-less, but rather like I have large flesh colored bumps on my face.

-This concealer does absolutely fucking nothing!

-Oh, I’m sorry, do you have spider legs glued to your eyelashes or is your mascara just happy to see me/is also total bullshit?

-OK is pink eyeshadow fashion forward or does it make me LOOK LIKE A DRUG MONSTER

-Yeah, I’d love to eat or do anything with my lips but sorry, I’m wearing lipstick, can’t

-Great, I love it, so glad it’s a million dollars

-Great, natural makeup looks so easy, glad I only need 32 products

-Great, I’m glad you made that smoky eye look so easy, now watch me do it and look like I am a child’s drawing of Kim Kardashian

-I am so tired and so drunk please don’t make me take this makeup off it takes eleven years

-I’m aware that I look great without makeup, but I LIKE wearing makeup you judgey fuck.