From Mount Everest to the Scottish Highlands 

I am always at home in mountainous regions of the world. The isolation is like no peace you can possibly find anywhere else.

By Frederick Ardley - freddieardley.com


Driving from The Highlands to Oxfordshire - 550 miles

The drive from Loch Ness to Oxfordshire may have taken 11 hours yesterday, but it offered up this magnificent scenery through Glencoe.

Created with a Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG

Photographed by Frederick Ardley - www.freddieardley.com

Some say that Iceland has more waterfalls then people and sometimes I think that is correct. When traveling around the country you may come upon a beautiful waterfall the you even didn´t know existed and a few meters down the same river another one and so on

I love waterfalls and I´m always thrilled to see a new one I have not seen before like this one I came upon last summer when traveling the south highlands


GLEN COE - Scotland

There is a reason why I fell in love with Scotland and this landscape says it all. The stunning A82 winds through Glen Coe with the Buachaille Etive in the background.

Photographed with the trusty Sigma Imaging UK 24-70mm f/2.8 and Canon UK 5D Mark II.

Photographed by Frederick Ardley - freddieardley.com