05.09.2017     headed up north for a two week road trip around Scotland before I go up to Oxford. This morning I set out for the early morning train across the West Highlands from Fort William to Mallaig. If you recognise the viaduct it’s because this section of line was where they filmed most of the Hogwarts Express. 🌧️🌲🚃


Staffa and Fingal’s cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Photos taken last week, when we had the chance to spend a few hours on the island.

Staffa is an entirely volcanic island, probably best known for its unique geological features such as the many caves and the unique shape of the basalt columns which are also found in the Giant’s Causeway and Rathlin island in Northern Ireland and, closer by, on the island of Ulva. It consists of a basement of tuff, underneath colonnades of a black fine-grained Tertiary basalt, overlying which is a third layer of basaltic lava lacking a crystalline structure. By contrast, slow cooling of the second layer of basalt resulted in an extraordinary pattern of predominantly hexagonal columns which form the faces and walls of the principal caves.

Ófærufoss waterfall is an extremely beautiful waterfall in the river Nyrðri-Ófæra and falls into Eldgjá canton in two cascades

Access to the canyon is a bit difficult, and the area, located in the south-east highlands is only accessible from the middle of June until late September. But if waterfalls are on your list of things to do in Iceland you don´t want to miss this one


Scotland: Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle

- Eilean Donan Castle, Sligachan Bridge/Cullian Mountains, Mealt Falls/Kilt Rock, The Quiraing, Eilean Donan Castle, Glen Brittle/Fairy Pools, The Quiraing, Eilean Donan Castle/Loch Alsh, Sligachan Bridge/Cullian Mountains, Eilean Donan Castle/Loch Alsh

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Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon is a kind of hidden gem in the Icelandic landscape. 

This impressive canyon is not visited by many. Access to Markarfljótsgljúfur is either by a hiking trail or by a challenging and rough mountain road so it requires a well-equipped 4WD vehicle. But it´s very much worth the effort