highland girls

“ A stranger here, reborn it seems
Awaking wonders deep in me
If nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained
So I must seize the day “

Did I ever mention I have a strong love for Viera? Sometimes I have to fantasia to live my bunny dreams once in a while…

So, here is my ‘Viera’ Red Mage…a girl can dream…

Introducing Ori!

Name: Orieldis Vann
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Race: Half Ala Mhigan, half Garlean
Nationality: Ala Mhigan

Occupation: Void Hunter
OOC Main Job: Paladin
Likes: Tropical rum drinks, seafood, drawing, puns
Dislikes: Garlemald, overly serious types, anyone who doesn’t like puns

Orieldis “Ori” Vann is a 23 year old Highlander girl from Ala Mhigo. She grew up entirely under the rule of the Garlean Empire, the child of an unloving union between her mother and a conquering Garlean soldier. At 18 years old, her mother passed away from illness, and Ori decided to flee Ala Mhigo and escape to Eorzea. While there she met and befriended a void hunter who introduced her to his order and she became one herself shortly thereafter.

After five years of adventuring across Eorzea, she returned to Ala Mhigo to liberate her homeland. With that endeavor successful, for the time being at least, she has returned to adventuring and void hunting, both in Eorzea and Othard. 


I’ve gotten many questions about it…

“Why him, a Highlander of all things? Such a brute, you do better with another Miqo’te.” 

Reality is, I don’t think I could do better. Where else will I find someone so strong, yet gentle? Intimidating, yet kind? So confident in himself, yet so reliant on me? That’s probably the funniest bit. He can beat monsters into submission with his bare hands, but the second I touch him he’s as harmless as a kitten.

So it doesn’t matter if anyone else understands. Only that as long as I live he’ll always have someone to hold and love, and I’ll always have him.