Ouch. Well the ‘I missed you’ was appreciated, because he missed her too, but what came after only added to the guilt already piling up on him. He deserved it, he supposed. Was she mad at him? He couldn’t completely tell, but something told him she was.

One hand rose to the Iron Cross at his neck, playing with it lightly out of nervous habit. His shoulders were slumped and when he spoke, his voice was much quieter than he had intended. “No, that’s not it.” At least she’d be able to tell from his tone that he wasn’t angry, or at least he hoped she would.

Eventually both hands when to his pockets and his head lifted slightly. Not enough to make eye contact but enough to stop hiding his face, exposing the frown that was being worn. “… I missed you too. A lot.”

In the middle of the night she snuck back into her house afraid that she would wake the young American, if she was sleeping. She had written a few letters to her while traveling and hoped that was able to help with Amelia's loneliness. 

Her last letter was what brought Liz back to their house. Afraid that Amelia was just going to be gone, she had demanded that she have some vacation time till after Christmas. She was going to give this girl some proper holidays and company.

With cat like grace she made her way up the stairs and slid into her room. Liz didn’t bother to slip into pajamas instead she slipped in bed next to Amelia hoping she didn’t wake her up. She knew Alfred was a heavy sleeper but wasn’t it same for his female counterpart?

Amelia, as her loneliness had grown so had her sleepless nights. As the pull and longing for her own home and time grew stronger she was slowly seeing less and less reason to remain in this time. If it hadn't been for Liz’s letters she would have thrown herself into any magical avenue open to her in a desperate bid to go home. Amelia had been restless this night and had been feigning sleep since she had heard the front door open, her breathing rapid.

When Liz slipped into the bed she turned her head slowly, her voice a frightened whisper. “Liz…?”